Thomas & Jennifer

As Thomas and Jennifer continue their home leave, pray for new prayer partners, new financial support, and funding for the Zhongpu Gospel Center. Pray they can find time for refreshment and relaxation which is a challenge with two young children.


Raju has added two new staff to the Kachhwa team. Natiaie has taken over the schools and teacher training program and Jonah is the new Project Director for church planting and vocational training. Pray for these new staff members to adjust quickly to their roles.

Indonesia Vision Trip

Pray for Sandy Willson and Dan Burns as they travel to Indonesia to explore how Second can be involved in church planting efforts in and around Jakarta. Pray for the contacts they will make, for relationships to begin to develop, and confirmation if God would like Second to be involved in this area. They return on 3/28.

David & Lisa

Pray the prayers offered during the Tibetan New Year brought light into the lives of the local warrior people who need to know the love and salvation of Jesus Christ. David and Lisa request prayer for the organization of a training time for Tibetan believers in April, that many can come, be blessed and refreshed.


Tim M. and his wife ask prayer that the next semester at WCCTS theological seminary will go smoothly. Pray for the local churches as they seek to expand and plant more urban churches. Pray also for the church planting resource center that Tim hopes to open in April.

Rob & Tunde Futo

Pray for Tundi Futo as doctors try to determine the cause of her recent abdominal problem. She and Rob are grateful to have a physician in the family who can advise them as they work through the problem. Praise for God’s provision in the physical and spiritual areas of their lives.

Daryl & Marlene

Pray for wisdom, logistics, and planning as Daryl rearranges meetings to make an unexpected accident investigation trip to Indonesia. Pray for an accident free year for JAARS worldwide aviation operations, and for the logistics for the aviation safety audit scheduled for April in Cameroon.

John W. – Ukraine ST Trip

John Whittemore leaves today for Ukraine where he will spend time visiting four orphanages, mentoring boys in the Trade School Dorm, and meeting with older teens formerly in the orphanages and /or participants at the camps. Pray for wisdom, health, and safety for John, and for preparations he will make for the April dental team.