The European Training Centre is in the midst of its fall teaching module. Pray for the staff, students, and teachers and for a positive effect in the lives of all. So far 336 have been trained this year, from many different faiths and cultures. Pray as they recruit a national couple to become full time ETC staff. For Stephen, the most exciting thing is to see the lives of the students being transformed as they return to their respective countries and surroundings.


Brandon asks prayer for God’s grace in the upcoming transitions of five EPC families as they head to the field this fall. A couple of them are still having visa issues, so pray this will be resolved soon. Also pray for the current EPC World Outreach director as he hands over responsibility to the new director by mid-November.

Jason & Lisa

Jason and Lisa welcome new teammates, and ask prayer that the new team will gel quickly and adjust smoothly. Lisa has gotten very involved with a group of university students who volunteer at the orphanage. This has given Lisa opportunities to have significant conversations. Pray for both their dads as they continue recovery from surgery.


Pray for Ronnie Stevens as he teaches in Turkey and Serbia, and participates in a Conference in Budapest. Pray for strength, health, and safety as he travels, and that the Holy Spirit will provide fresh insights and wisdom as he teaches. Pray for the Search Committee of the Danube Int’l Church in Budapest as they begin the search for Ronnie’s successor, enabling him to continue to travel and teach without the responsibilities of a pastorate.

Andy & Brooke

Andy and Brooke are hosting a music band from Texas. Pray these performances are as welcomed as the spring tour was. Pray for Andy and Brooke whose sponsoring government agency has been directed to no longer provide sponsorship for foreign organizations. This will affect future visa processing. Pray Andy will be able to keep building on relationships with his second year students.

India St team

Sarah Sadlow leads the India Women’s Conference team of Carey Moore, Gaye Carter, Beth Fischer, Betty Eubank, Kate Foster, Mary Zimmerman, and Debbie Gibson, our missionary from Budapest. Rick Moore will be reviewing the work we support while Ron Sadlow and Chris Gibson teach Bible and Biblical Counseling to pastors, church planters, and Christian workers. Pray that hearts and minds would connect as they teach, train, and encourage these leaders.

Ukraine ST Trip

John Whittemore returns to Western Ukraine tomorrow to visit with children in four orphanages. While there, he will be working with new trade-school students who are sponsored by members of Second, and encouraging students with whom he has ministered over the years. Pray for scheduling, health, safety and wisdom as he relates to children of several ages bringing love and encouragement from the Lord. He returns Nov. 10.

Chris & Debbie

Chris and Debbie Gibson report that recently a family came to Budapest Garden house after fleeing their city as masked men with machine guns blocked the road. Pray for this family who has returned to Ukraine. Pray for national pastors and church planters who come for training, encouragement, and counseling. Pray for Chris as he leaves for India and Bosnia to train pastors and church leaders in the basics of pastoral counseling.

Chris & Debbie 12-13

Dan & Stefanie

Praise the dependent visas were granted and Dan, Stefanie and the girls were able to depart to South Central Asia. Pray for this family as they transition to a new country and culture. Pray they will be able to love each other well with ample grace as challenges arise, and for good health for all, especially their four little girls.

Dave & Robin

Dave reports the situation remains tense and unpredictable in N. Iraq, however, the SGI teams are there, and the CSM schools opened on schedule. Response to SGI’s plea for humanitarian aid yielded over $140,000 that is now being used to provide basic needs for some of the 1.5 million refugees. Please continue to pray for the safety and work of the teams and Christians, and that the schools will make a difference in the future of the country.