George & Anne

George and Anne Harper ask prayer for daughter Meg’s lecture recital tomorrow night to go well so she can receive her doctorate from the Eastman School of Music. Pray George’s attendance at the Philippine Assoc. of Bible and Theological Schools, with 400 educational institution members, results in applications to Asia Graduate School of Theology. Also pray for volunteer copy editors for several students. George & Anne Harper

Nick & Amanda

The unscheduled departure of their team leader provided an unexpected benefit for Nick and Amanda. They are able to live in her apartment which provides an amazing place for their girls to play outside. Pray for the girls as they attend new schools, and for the whole family to make friends quickly in their Middle East city.

Jason & Lisa

Jason and Lisa are grateful their family members in the US are recuperating well from various surgeries. Pray their family and team in E Asia will soon enjoy good health, especially teammate Brian. In addition to a full teaching schedule, they have visiting teammates and a lot of travel for meetings, prior to coming to the US in mid December for home leave. Pray for all the logistics involved.

Brian & Terri

Pray for Brian & Terri F. and his team as they get to know and create friendships with hundreds of freshmen at KKU in order to share Christ with them. Pray for the campus staff to have spiritual wisdom and understanding in evangelizing these students. Brian has just returned from a trip to the US to participate in the Campus Outreach Global Directors meeting. Pray the meeting will result in more laborers being launched around the world.

Ryan & Glenda

Ryan and Glenda are grateful normal schedules have returned with school and regular activities. Pray for God’s movement among them and their patients as they love and share with them, and for safety, with the radical movement so close by. Pray for a long term teacher for Annoor’s kids and another nurse and administrator for the hospital.

Rob & Tunde

Pray for Rob and Tunde Futo, as they transition to a new ministry in Hungary. Pray God will bring healing to the relationships they are leaving, and fruit and growth into new relationships. Pray for God to provide comfort and peace to them and for their two girls during this time. Rob & Tunde Futo 2014

In spite of disappointment and betrayals, Dave and Joyce continue their work among the indigenous people. Pray the Lord will work in Mekda’s heart, the native who stole equipment and money from them. Dave is thankful for the 15 natives who committed to help produce a portion of the OT for the Bauzi people. Pray for Dave and Joyce as they work on translations of the Word. dave-joyce


Jake is beginning his second year of teaching in E Asia and asks for wisdom and sensitivity to teach two curriculums. Pray for God to use Jake in the lives of his students to open their eyes to the Gospel. Also pray for wisdom in his relationship with another teacher he met at the agency’s conference in February, especially in light of her recent visit.

Dan & Stefanie

Pray for Dan and Stefanie who just arrived in their new South Asia home with four little girls under age six. In spite of the hurdles along the way, they are anxious to begin their work. Pray for their adjustment, protection, health, set up of a home, and as they begin to build relationships and learn more about the micro-loan program.

Ruslan & Zhanna

Pray for Zhanna Velilayev, as she delivers twins in a few days. Pray for the babies and mother’s health, and for their two sons to accept and be happy with two new sisters. She and Ruslan are grateful to have a larger apartment to accommodate their growing family. Pray for the special needs ministry staff and volunteers to effectively run the ministry during her maternity leave. Ruslan & Zhanna