Greg & Ginger

Greg and Ginger ask prayer for readjustment back to life in E Asia following home leave in the US. Pray God will remove any anxiety from little Jude as he is back among children and adults who look and talk differently from him. Pray for joy and contentment for Ginger as she figures out education for their boys. Pray for Greg and the seminary raising up leaders and training pastors.

Brandon & Liz

Brandon will be with the US based EPC/World Outreach team on a retreat February 18-21. Pray for good team building time and for clear direction, discernment and Spirit-leading for the team. Pray for Liz and the kids who will remain in Memphis.

Dave & Joyce

When Dave and Joyce spent Christmas with the Bauzis in their village, it was a joy to see the children parading through the village carrying candles and singing songs created from the scripture Dave translated for them.  Pray for Joyce who is healing from torn ligaments in her right leg, for the process of securing visas to be resolved, and for permission to continue their work.dave-joyce

Brian & Terri

Brian F. asks prayer for 85 more students to become Christians this year. He is excited to see the impact of Thai believers, as witnessed when Moo spoke on campus. Moo became a Christian through Campus Outreach 10 years ago. Pray for Nida and Fern, Terri’s disciples who are joining the CO staff.

Dave / SGI

Pray for Servant Group as they continue to help the refugees in N. Iraq. Praise the school for 1,000 Yazidi refugee children, just outside of Dohuk, is scheduled to open soon. Dave asks prayer for wisdom in the many decisions; for the team, their national partners, and the complex logistics in making this all work.

Brian & Cary

Pray that Brian, Cary and their family will walk wholeheartedly with Jesus. Pray for wisdom as Brian leads his Operations team, that God will empower them to move forward with new strategies to reach the unreached. Also pray for clear direction for the family’s summer plans.


Leslie asks prayer for her husband’s upcoming job interview and for the family as they are separated while Leslie and her daughter are in the US. She asks prayer for her work with GEM missionaries in Germany and for wisdom and guidance as she enables them to serve where God has called them.

Joseph & Mandi

As Joseph and Mandi plan for their home leave this month, they ask prayer for a minivan or station wagon to use from February to September. Pray for Mandi, who is expecting their second child in July. Pray for their team back in South Central Asia and for the work of MEDIC. The team is grateful to have Deepak join them as a MEDIC loan officer.

Bob & Janie

Bob Till is in Frankfurt to connect with ministries reaching out to refugees who have come to Europe and asks prayer for wisdom and boldness in planning and outreach. Praise people from 40 different countries joined the 31 day challenge to pray for Syrian refugees and 2,000 followed daily requests through e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Continue to pray many will accept the freedom in Christ and respond to His love.Bob & Janie Till