Tim B.

Pray for Tim B. as he finishes up his first year in Kyrgyzstan. Pray for his friend, Ali, whose Mslm father kicked him out of the house when he shared about his new faith in Christ. Pray that Tim would be an encouragement to youth to choose to follow Christ.

Dan & Stefanie

Dan and Stefanie ask prayer that the Lord will begin to build a sustainable business to empower women making jewelry and artwork in the Kahani cooperative. Pray Dan and Stefanie will be able to complete everything that needs to be done within the next month before leaving for the States, and that they will be able to share Christ with the coop ladies so that seeds of the Gospel begin to take root. Pray that through their witness at the Hindu wedding of their driver and friend Suraj, he and his family will come to know the Lord.

Rob & Tunde

Rob & Tunde Futo continue to work in their church plant and are pursuing joining the IPC denomination. Rob is working on developing a membership class, and working through what the requirements should be. Tunde is working on 150 songs for their church, but would prefer more people time and would love to lead a choir again. Pray for Godly wisdom and strength and for their church plant to continue to grow.

Rob & Tunde Futo 10-15 smaller

CO E. Asia team

Chase and Brittany along with 12 others from Campus Outreach depart today for E. Asia where they will spend time building relationships on campuses with the hopes of sharing the good news of Christ with students. They will also be helping students practice English and learning about the culture of the area before returning June 27. Pray that many of our students will get a vision for mission opportunities that may develop into future ministry.


Theo Visser is training and coaching inter-cultural church planters through his ICP network. He recently finished a conference in Germany, and has a vision for directing such a ministry throughout Europe. Leef!’s new location has been helpful for developing new contacts. Pray for Theo as he builds leaders in Leef! and expands his work of equipping and envisioning intercultural church planters from the Netherlands to a broader European network.

CO Thailand team

Jon and Mo lead a team of 20 as they depart tomorrow for Thailand to serve alongside long term Campus Outreach staff in an effort to build relationships with Thai students and share the good news of Christ. The main avenue to accomplish their objectives will be the English camp at the university and a five week summer camp. Pray for both of these opportunities to provide chances to meet new students and live along side them before returning on July 4.

Andy & Brooke

After an eight month sabbatical Andy and Brooke are returning to their E Asian city and looking for a new apartment with a good landlord, 24 hour hot water and a bathtub. They are launching a new training program this month and desire prayer for all that entails. They will be traveling in different directions as a family and ask prayer for protection, wisdom, and fruitfulness for each of them and that they will remain consistent and intimate with the Lord in the midst of transition.

Kyle & Claudia

Kyle and Claudia Zimmerman ask prayer for the Children’s Early Childhood Center in Bajo Flores, one of the poorest areas of Buenos Aires. Claudia meets with a women’s group and Kyle a men’s group in Palermo and they have a group in Fatima. Pray for renewed vision and insight for each of these groups. Changes are coming in the community center where Kyle has taught carpentry classes, pray the new direction will allow Kyle to continue to teach and be a presence for his students. Pray the Lord will open new doors for other classes as well.

Kyle & Claudia 2014

Bob Till

Pray for security as well as boldness and opportunities for Bob Till in the Middle East and for those ministries giving hope to Syrian refugees. Pray for their safety, provisions needed to continue their work and for prepared hearts and responsiveness among the refugees.

Bob & Janie Till

Mitchell & Lisa

Mitchell is grateful for a smooth transition into a new role at the University and that Lisa may have a vocational role with the foundation’s work in Papua. Pray for wisdom and Holy Spirit power for Mitchell’s leadership as VP, Pastor, and Chaplain at UPH and that he would be able to envision students for ministry on and beyond their campus. Pray for the kids as they finish their second year of school at SPH and for Lisa trying to do online classes as she prepares to begin her new role.

Mitchell & Lisa 2015