Ruslan & Zhanna

Pray for Ruslan and Zhanna as they deal with recurring terrorist threats in their country while carrying on their ministry. Pray the visits from the two teams from Second gave some sense of calm and encouragement to them regarding ministry there, and that they will rest in the Lord and enjoy and utilize the new home they recently acquired.


Mitchell & Lisa

Pray for Mitchell Moore as he seeks to organize and train ministry leadership teams in each department of his university. Pray for the new pastor of the new church he helped start in Menado, and for the team that is considering starting a new church on another island of Indonesia.


Bill & Lauren

Bill and Lauren Finnell and their children have moved to Boadilla del Monte to join three couples with TEAM who already live and minister there. The move to a more urban area will allow them to take a more active role in reaching Spaniards with the Gospel. Pray for Abby enrolled in public school and immersed in Spanish in an unfamiliar setting with entirely new people. Pray for the entire family as they adjust to this new environment.



Pray for Laura Neal who has been appointed by TEAM to teach the children of missionaries at Annoor.  Pray for her support and prayer team, for preparations for this assignment, and for the logistics of getting there. Pray for the entire staff at Annoor: for safety, wisdom, energy, and prioritizing demands on their time and abilities as they seek to heal body and soul of those coming for treatment of TB.

John & Dawn

John and Dawn returned to Asia as empty nesters, but with much ministry ahead. They are participating in a leadership development week in Thailand with some of their leaders from various parts of the world, as well as preparing a module to help facilitate their teams in mainland SE Asia in late October. John is grateful that Dawn is now able to join him on most of these trips and asks prayer they will pursue only the Lord’s agenda during this busy season.

Guille & Debbie

Guille and Debbie Mackenzie are excited to see the Lord empowering pastors and leaders to accept His challenge to continue planting and revitalizing churches to impact Buenos Aires for the kingdom of God. The recent conference in Palermo set the stage for this. In addition they continue to be involved with the multi-cultural church which has services in Spanish, Taiwanese, and Chinese. Pray for Guille, his health, family, and ministry.


Following an August break, Steffen Weil of Mittendrin Church in Potsdam, returns with new energy, a new team, and a new passion. He has a new co-pastor, intern, and a family of five from the US coming as long-term missionaries. On the flip side, two members of his support group have moved to Magdeburg to start a new church. Pray for Steffen and Nata as they give direction and leadership to the growth of the Potsdam church.

Dave & Robin

Dave and Robin are grateful for the SGI teams serving in the Middle East. The new ministry in Athens has meant shuffling a lot of people back and forth to serve there and has been pretty wonderful. Four new staff leave for Iraq to join the one of the three CSM schools in that area. Continue to pray for wisdom as they delegate resources and staff, and for protection of those involved in serving in the turbulent areas of the world.


Pray for Jackie B. as she leaves today for Jakarta. Pray her apartment will serve as a good launching pad for ministry and for her adjustment to all the new and sometimes confusing methods of dealing with life in another culture. Pray for peace and joy as she begins to become part of the fellowship of the new Covenant City Church and can quickly find her place for sharing Christ’s love and grace to women she meets.

Joseph & Mandi

Joseph and Mandi and their two young sons are living in the 6th worst air-polluted city in the world according to WHO. Mandi has been doing well in her Hindi language course and they are adjusting to a new apartment. The MEDIC program that Joseph oversees has experienced some culturally related problems. Pray the veiled threats and closed doors in the community where they work will be softened by the Lord and that they can continue to help meet needs there. Pray as they work through issues in their church, and for God’s wisdom and moving in the congregation.