Andy & Brooke

Andy, Brooke, and Esther were in ten different countries in 30 days before participating in the orientation of new ELIC teachers in the US. They report that great things happened, miracles occurred, merciful protection was experienced, and thirteen Asian students participated in something innovative and exciting. Pray for the family as they return to their post and routine and settle back into their ministry in E Asia.


Pray for Lizzie Liddell as she spends much of her time and effort to raise support in preparation for joining an EPC team in South Central Asia. Pray she will connect with churches and individuals who will become part of her prayer and financial support team, a new task for this newly commissioned EPC missionary.

Ronnie & Jane

Ronnie reports the new Russian law is designed to make it harder for missionaries and the current visa enables Jane and him to stay until Oct. 31 when they will have to leave again to get their visas renewed then fly back to Moscow for another six weeks. Pray for Ronnie as he has a new strategy to get a visa which would allow them to stay longer than three months at a time. Also pray for his extensive travel schedule, preaching at various locales and speaking at a staff conference.

David & Aliece

David and Aliece and their children spent a month in Belgium in cross cultural ministries training where they acquired tools that will aid them in their ministry. Pray Aliece will be healthy with baby Z due in late October. David is in E Asia speaking at a church retreat, at the E. Asia Assoc. of Reformed Theological Seminaries, and teaching a week-long intensive course in his seminary. Pray for strength, wisdom, and guidance, and for being able to complete their support raising.


Pray for Amy Zimmerman who will have a seven week language study in Italy in preparation for future ministry there. Pray for leaving the PT work she loves and for opportunities to share her faith during language study. Pray she will have time to get to know the work there and prepare for her marriage in January to Jonathan already serving in Italy.

the Prices

The country where the Price’s live is not the same country they moved to several months ago. They are grateful for the Lord’s protection and for being able to have a much needed week of respite, debriefing, and prayer in a neighboring country. Pray for the Father’s special protection while tensions are high in their city and for the transition of eleven new teammates coming in the next few months. They continue to search for a car, pray they will be able to find one soon. Due to visa requirements they will be in the states in October.


Pray for Tezar as his new church, Covenant City Church begins its second full month of Sunday services. Pray that new people will hear the gospel, that those attending the church will be incorporated into community groups, and that leaders will emerge to connect with the many contacts of this new church in Jakarta.

Norm & Ruth Ann

Norm and Ruth Ann report that Pioneers has a number of teams ministering in France, some in the area of terrorist attacks. Such events can cause many to question their religious beliefs, pray the Lord will provoke Muslims across France to seek Him. Pray these teams will be able to minister to an increasingly fearful France and that France would turn to the Lord and be filled with a peace that surpasses understanding.


Pray for Rachel C. as she begins her year- long service in Asia, for the transition to go well, and for unity among the nine team members. Pray for prepared hearts among the college students they will work with, and that the team will love the East Asian people well. Pray Rachel’s focus will be on the Lord and His plan for her life.

Bob & Janie

Bob T. asks prayer for Amir’s protection.  His conversion and actual identity was published putting him in real danger. Although choosing to follow Christ can be a dangerous decision for a Muslim refugee, who can face pressure, animosity, and even physical attack, decisions continue to be made. Praise the Lord for 14 new Iranian believers who were baptized and for a good transition for the two new couples from Germany beginning long term ministry.