John & Dawn

John and Dawn have traveled to some very difficult areas and heard firsthand the effects of war on individuals. God is transforming hearts in amazing ways through His church in critical parts of the world. They ask for special grace and wisdom as they lay the groundwork for the next season of ministry and rejoice at the way the Lord is raising up teams from around the world. They ask prayer that nothing would ever cause them to pull back from His call on their lives.

Thomas & Jennifer

Thomas and Jennifer are praying fervently for a trained teacher to educate the missionary kids in their area in English. The teacher would be a salaried position for Morrison Academy in Taiwan that is trying to start a satellite school there. They will return to Taiwan in early June and are praying a teacher will come forth enabling them to devote all their time and energy to building up the church as attendance has dropped dramatically in their absence.

Rob & Tunde

Rob Futo is grateful the Lord has brought some wonderful men into the new church and asks prayer that He will shape them into church leaders. Pray for musicians and people to help lead the worship, for growth in the youth group and that many young people would become friends and want to reach their classmates for Christ. The soil in Hungary is very hard and reaching the youth with hope is key.

Tezar & Tatiana

Pray for Tezar and Tatiana Putra as they launch a new ministry of discipleship based on counseling groups. Pray that Tatiana will be able to implement the curriculum she wrote and that Tezar will continue to have the stamina to lead the young church.

David & Lisa

Graduation plays a big role in David and Lisa’s family as son Josh is graduating from college and David’s hooding and graduation is in early June. They are grateful he was able to complete his dissertation in spite of his vision problem which was diagnosed as a rare disease with no known effective treatment. Pray for healing. Pray the Tibetans who came to study with them will continue to visit and maintain friendship giving them opportunity to share the Good News.

Dave & Joyce

Dave and Joyce are grateful for the things accomplished among the Papua people. Dave taught and trained 51 Bauzi men and women to teach other Bauzis to read and write, and has translated 80% of the Old Testament. Joyce worked with people in the highland towns and a weeklong workshop on HIV/AIDS, with the intent of training local church leaders who will be able to teach the material to others. Pray their remaining months in Indonesia will be fruitful and particularly for continuation of the literacy ministry.

Tim & Tanya

Pray for Tim and Tanya, that God will bless their first months of marriage and teach them how to minister together as a couple. As Tanya is from Kazakhstan and they serve in Kyrgyzstan, pray that God will provide the visa platform that will allow them to serve in Kyrgyzstan long term.

Randy & Martha

Randy and Martha ask prayer for the release of three national believers abducted for their work in the gospel and for their families. Pray the Word will be spread through media and internet sites and for the 2-3 web projects underway. Ask for favor in Randy’s role on the regional leadership team, and for the Lord to encourage the 20 plus team leaders and their teams as they labor for the gospel. Pray Joel and Rachel will be encouraged and grow in their academic programs.

For more on Randy & Martha, see page 30 of the prayer guide.

Juan & Maria

It is Juan Patt’s hope to encourage the Prince of Peace Church to reach out not only in Corozal but also to the neighboring village of Calcutta. It is only 10 minutes away with a church building begun by a pastor who has since left. The sanctuary is mostly complete and there is a school nearby they hope will help them to reach the community through organizing VBS and sports activities. Pray for Juan as he encourages his own congregation to reach out to this languishing one in Calcutta.

For more on Juan & Maria, see page 61 of the prayer guide.

Joseph & Mandi

Joseph and Mandi and their children have been plagued with health issues since they arrived back in their country of service. Joseph has lingering health issues from the chikungunya virus that he contracted in November and recently had multiple hospital visits for a related problem. He is grateful to Ravi for taking on the responsibility of closing MEDIC and that most of the resistance has been overcome. Pray for the ongoing team efforts.

For more on Joseph & Mandi, see page 20 of the prayer guide.