Daryl & Marlene

Daryl and Marlene Bussert have been busy with the many follow ups from the recent audit, administrative, budget, and aviation technical conference responsibilities but were able to schedule a trip to see and celebrate with their moms in Washington. Pray for planning the next audit trip to Indonesia later this year, and the one-plane operation in Australia.

For more info on Daryl & Marlene, see page 27 of the prayer guide.

Raju & Catherine

Raju and Catherine report that sixty boys and girls were taught the book of Philippians during the youth camp at Kachhwa. Pray for follow up conversations with these youth. Pray for Raju, Catherine, and the staff as they deal with ongoing heat and for the Church and ministry to grow more and more in love, and desire to strive to keep the unity of the faith especially dealing with so many house church units.

For more info on Raju & Catherine, see page 18 of the prayer guide.


Steffen Weil’s ministry in Potsdam is expanding as he has three trainees, is coach/mentor for three church plants, and is starting their first daughter church. Additionally he mentors two church planters and their families. As soon as they can secure space he plans to start a counseling ministry. Pray for these multiple ministry activities and for wisdom in oversight.

Nick & Amanda

Nick, Amanda and their kids are in the U.S. to attend presbytery meetings, meet with the new Engage 2025 home team and attend a family wedding. They are also excited that Amanda is pregnant and ask prayer for her and the baby’s health, specifically her blood pressure. They are encouraged to see how God has been leading their team in their work with Syrian refugees, and look forward to continuing the work when they return early Oct.

For more info on Nick & Amanda, see page 16 of the prayer guide.


Covenant City Church just celebrated it’s first anniversary and averages eighty plus people each Sunday. Twenty-eight are signed up for the next membership class. Jackie’s two English clubs connect her with people outside the church and she asks prayer for deeper connections with her students, wisdom for God’s guidance with time management, and for eyes to see those He has prepared for her.

For more info on Jackie, see page 26 of the prayer guide.

Heath & Angela

Heath, Angela and their girls return to Kenya tomorrow. Pray for Angela’s steady, but slow recovery from a fractured hip. Grace, a volunteer teacher committed to serve the next year at Tenwek, will be traveling with them. Pray for Heath as he takes on the role of program director for the surgical residency, for Angela’s transition to working part-time at the hospital, and for Grace and the girl’s adjustment to the new school year. Pray for stability in Kenya following the elections.

For more info on Heath & Angela, see page 69 of the prayer guide.


Pray for Lizzie and her fiancé, Steve Donley, as they explore Latvia Sept. 15-24th, to discern if God will call them to serve there after they are married. They will then travel to the Czech Republic for the Josiah Venture annual conference, the agency with whom Steve serves. Pray for clear direction from God regarding their future service, and for preparation for their November wedding.

For more info on Lizzie, see page 21 of the prayer guide.

Norm & Ruth Ann

Pray for Norm and Ruth Ann as he has begun helping Pioneers teams establish their ministry budgets. Pray for wisdom and strength for Norm as he interacts with the various teams and works with leadership to steward their resources. They have just welcomed 47 candidates who are exploring ministry with Pioneers. Pray for direction for each one to know where and with whom God would have them serve.

For more info on Norm & Ruth Ann, see page 11 of the prayer guide.

Tim & Tanya

Tim and Tanya had a busy summer filled with nine different camps and youth projects in their own country as well as a neighboring one. Pray for the relationships made at the camps and for follow-up with additional spiritual training. Pray for Tim and Tanya to grow together in their marriage as they minister together.

For more info on Tim & Tanya, see page 19 of the prayer guide.

Ukraine ST team

John and Marilyn Whittemore leave today for Ukraine to continue their outreach to young people in orphanages. While there they will visit five different orphanages following up with kids who participated in their summer camps. They will also help welcome new students to the trade school dormitory. Pray for effective ministry as they share the love of Jesus, and for safe travel, stamina and health. They return October 10th.