Mike & Stephanie

Pray for Mike and Stephanie as they have completed their term in the Middle East and are back in the U.S. to contemplate where the Lord would have them serve next. Pray for wisdom and discernment as they take a sabbatical and spend time visiting family waiting God’s direction and guidance.

For more info on Mike & Stephanie see page 81 of the prayer guide.

China Partnership

One of Second’s strategic partners, China Partnership, asks prayer for spiritual renewal for all the participants at the recent Pastor Forum and that renewal will filter to their churches and communities. They also ask that we stand with the churches of Wenzhou particularly the one whose pastor has been absent dealing with back problems. Pray for good leaders to guide the church in his absence.

Jonathan & Sharon

After much prayer Jonathan and Sharon have decided to move to Dehradun, 6 hours north of Delhi, next year. They desire to strengthen the church, hand it over to good leadership, and leave well. Jonathan has been training several units of the WHO’s large polio department in different regions as they seek to eradicate polio in India. He has been taking 15 students through the DAI servant leadership course. Pray for his leadership efforts and for Sharon’s Khushbu Project to continue to do well.

For more info on Jonathan & Sharon see page 17 of the prayer guide.

Guille & Debbie

Guille MacKenzie reports the incubator program with Mision Beta is making great progress. Some are pastors of small churches desiring to be developed and to plant new churches, most of them are planting churches. The cold winter and difficult economic situation motivated the Nuevo Avivamiento Church to start a new mercy ministry helping the homeless of Buenos Aires, pray the team will bless those they reach.

For more info on Guille & Debbie see page 67 of the prayer guide.

Chris & Debbie

Chris and Debbie Gibson are moving back to Budapest and establishing Sunrise House where they will focus on helping EPC missionaries in need. Pray for all the logistics of getting Sunrise House furnished and operational, and for decisions regarding their home in the U.S. As they put down roots again in Budapest, pray the Gibsons will feel settled quickly and that Sunrise House will provide a place of respite and rejuvenation for missionaries in need.

For more info on Chris & Debbie see page 45 of the prayer guide.

David & Aliece

David and Aliece have been very busy as he has been preaching at local churches, translating and attending conferences, teaching intensive theological seminars and coordinating the Westminster Theological conference next month. Pray for safe travel for all the leaders and that God will bring the Way, Truth, and Life of Reformed Theology to the local church leaders. Pray for Aliece as she balances the demands of family and her counseling ministry and for the kids to find friends in the neighborhood.

For more info on David & Aliece see page 59 of the prayer guide.


Gibson Nkanauena reports that the WR staff in Malawi have engaged in the supervision, monitoring, and reporting for four church networks in the Kasakul region, and that 150 church leaders participated in the monitoring visits. Praise the team was able to implement all the activities planned for the quarter, for good health of the staff, for safety and protection from road accidents. Pray for the training seminars planned for the next 3 months.

For more info on Gibson see page 79 of the prayer guide.

Paul & Violette

Paul and Violette Bridgman ask prayer for one of their believers, Mayumi, whose mother is gravely ill. Pray she can explain the Gospel to her mother and that her mother could bear the pain and have peace. Pray for Mayumi as she grieves and that she will be able to return to church soon. Lastly, pray for Paul and Violette as they minister to Mayumi and her family during this time.

For more info on Paul & Violette see page 57 of the prayer guide.

Bob & Janie

Bob and Janie ask prayer for the families who lost loved ones and friends in the large fires close to Athens, and for the city as they start the painful process of rebuilding that area. Pray that many will find hope in the Gospel. Bob and Janie are grateful that O’s family has been able to join him in Germany and ask prayer for the children as they deal with traumatic past experiences in Syria.

For more info on Bob & Janie see page 54 of the prayer guide.

Herb & Heather

Herb and Heather are thankful for the new employee representing Annoor before the government and the progress made in renewing residency permits. Pray for Herb as he addresses some leadership issues at the hospital, for wisdom and for the Spirit to work in the hearts of the team. Pray for Herb and others as they help a friend who turned from darkness to Light, whose family lives far away and has cut him off. Pray for this friend as he struggles to support himself in a tribal culture without family endorsement.

For more info on Herb & Heather see page 8 of the prayer guide.