Brian & Joanne

While the pandemic has brought much loss, Brian and Joanne are also seeing much fruit as some of their church members are sharing what they are learning via zoom with those in their home country. Pray for their members who had to return to their home countries but do so with a vision for church planting and sharing the gospel! Also pray for Covenant church as they are now allowed to meet in person, distanced and masked for 30 minutes each week. Pray for Brian as he mentors their two pastoral interns Jason and Mario.

For more info on Brian & Joanne see page 43 of the prayer guide.

Daryl & Marlene

Daryl and Marlene give praise that the Aviation technical conference went as well as could be expected in the zoom format. And although there were not any after hour informational meetings, they feel blessed that technology allowed them to complete the essentials. They ask prayer that appropriate actions will be taken as the result of the items brought up at ATC this year. Some processes need to be updated to meet the demands and changes of the world today.

For more info on Daryl & Marlene see page 58 of the prayer guide.

Jeff & Lynne

An answer to prayer, Jeff and Lynne report that due to Covid and government restrictions, the Intl. school now has room for Evan, Jenna, and Darren to attend there. Calvin and Jayden’s grades are still full; pray room will open-up for them next semester. Jeff’s team has partnered with a national leader who has connections for getting permissions for the radio station. Pray the Lord would bless their media efforts, that they would be able to employ a Media to Disciple Making Movements strategy, and for local ‘laborers’ to fill key positions.

For more info on Jeff & Lynne see page 63 of the prayer guide.

Kyle & Claudia

With Covid cases rising in Argentina, Kyle, Claudia and the kids continue in quarantine and schooling online. The virus hit their small group in Fatima hard. One of their members, Pety, passed away a few weeks ago. They were filled with gratitude knowing he came to faith in their small group. Pray for the other group members who have been sick and are recovering slowly. Praise Ruben has accepted the Lord while in jail and asked for books and materials to lead a Bible study there. They have been praying for him for years. Pray this Bible study will bring many more to faith.

For more info on Kyle & Claudia see page 76 of the prayer guide.

Jeff & Katie

Katie was explaining to daughter Emerie that they are starting a church so that others can know God. Emerie said “not everyone knows God? Well, I know about God because God tells me about God.” What an amazing truth that we so often forget. We know about God because He reveals himself to us through both beautiful and hard things, through nature and people. Jeff and Katie ask prayer for access to campus, more connections with students online, for the new intern working with their church plant, and for deeper conversations in playgroup.

For more info on Jeff & Katie see page 32 of the prayer guide.

Gaby Morales

Gaby reports that Shalom Church has been streaming worship every Sunday since March. In Sept, the government approved a re-opening of church activities and they are planning a possible return to in-person worship in December depending on the virus situation. Blas Pascal Christian School ended last year online and started this year in the same way. Although all classes are virtual, pray for new students for this academic year and for the rest of the students to remain at the School.

For more info on Gaby see page 72 of the prayer guide.

Greg & Elizabeth

Greg and Elizabeth are feeling the pressures of being in the Middle East with COVID restrictions, being new parents far from family, learning a new language and culture, and fitting everything into weekly schedules. They are confident of their call and rest in the knowledge that God knows them and walks with them. They had begun walks in their neighborhood, but the lockdown ended those, and language learning is now back online. Pray for encouragement, and for creative ways to stay connected with friends and neighbors. Praise Greg’s knee is responding well to physical therapy.

For more info on Greg & Elizabeth see page 42 of the prayer guide.


While she waits for departure, DeAnna has spent much of her time over the last few months raising support, taking seminary classes, and shepherding staff women. She feels blessed to have had many unique opportunities to (virtually) engage with the next generation of leaders. Pray she will invest this God given time in her relationship with Him and others, and for the LEAD team, Alicia, Jeremiah, Chase to be encouraged in their walks with Christ, and for God to provide all of their spiritual, physical and emotional needs.

For more info on DeAnna see page 80 of the prayer guide.


Although still in the U.S., Jackie senses God is doing something incredible in Indonesia! They are seeing people coming to faith, leaning into community (virtually), and new leaders being developed. The Indonesian language group continues to grow and CCC has one evening service a month in Indonesian. These, along with the four women’s Bible studies, are the first step toward a new church plant. Pray the developing leaders will continue to grow and for wisdom as they begin this new ministry. People in Jakarta are still unable to meet in person, so Jackie is joining virtually. Pray that God would grant her creativity and perspective as she waits on His timing to return.

For more info on Jackie see page 57 of the prayer guide.


Praise God that only three of the Kachhwa hospital staff have tested positive for Covid and with very mild symptoms. The hospital is not allowed to treat Covid patients, so they are referred to one of the govt hospitals in nearby cities. With very little testing going on in the villages it is impossible to tell how much or how quickly the virus is spreading. The hospital was able to give food parcels to over 1,400 families in the area who were the hardest hit. Please continue to lift-up the hospital and its staff that it will continue to be a beacon of Gospel light in these dark days.