Faith and Seme share that married life is busy! They ask prayer for the Lord to give them patience and understanding toward one another as they get used to each other and that they will have a strong foundation in the Lord and be able to find him amidst their busy schedules. Pray for them to have wisdom as they lead and guide this young church and for Faith as she will be applying for a work visa through Seme’s church.

For more info on Faith see page 78 of the prayer guide.

Dean & Kyria

About three weeks ago, Dean and Kyria were finally able to return to their apartment in the capital city. They are two weeks into their level 2 language class and feeling encouraged. Continue to pray for their progress. They have extended their visas through this month. Pray for wisdom and patience for them and their visa sponsors navigating these ambiguous times. Pray that their visas will be extended with ease.

For more info on Dean & Kyria see page 49 of the prayer guide.

Indonesia Partnership

Pray for the Indonesia Partnership, meeting Oct 12-13, to strategically support and empower the 6 PARI teams working in West Java. These teams continue to try to meet people and follow up with former contacts even during the pandemic. Pray that many people who currently follow the majority religion will turn with saving faith to Jesus.

Andy & Brooke

Andy and Brooke report that the LEAD U team, with almost a dozen fully funded staff who can’t leave because the borders of their service countries are closed, are meeting students at two local colleges, starting Bible studies in their apartment complexes, taking seminary classes, and learning how to build a team. Pray for the team’s growth during this time as they are reminded again and again that ministry does not start when they get to where they think they ought to be, but instead right now in the decisions made in the everyday challenges of life.

For more info on Andy & Brooke see page 25 of the prayer guide.


One weakness in Italian evangelicalism is the lack of a “culture of discipleship” and attempts to import discipleship programs have failed because they do not consider the cultural, historical, and spiritual context of Italy. Leonardo reports the latest issue of IFED’s theological journal has six essays on discipleship all written from and for the Italian context. This issue asks the hard questions about discipleship in Christian life, in context of the local church, and with awareness of deeply impactful cultural obstacles to being a disciple and making disciples. Pray this will generate much interest among their readership.

For more info on Leonardo see page 7 of the prayer guide.

Roger & Abi

Roger and Abi give praise that last month their church was finally able to meet in a Christian center, the only place they could find to rent where they would be allowed to sing. A room which usually seats 70 was opened to 20 people. They kept windows open for airflow, masks on, and social distanced. While praying silently, Roger could hear singing from worship services of other churches being broadcast from other floors of the building, a reminder of God’s faithfulness to uphold and build his church there and around the world. Pray for many to come to know Him during this time.

For more info on Roger & Abi see page 27 of the prayer guide.


We give thanks with Aileen, who celebrated her 90th birthday last month, for what the Lord has done among the Bedouin people of Jordan. For 65 years she has labored alongside the Lord as He seeks and finds those who are lost, and represented Jesus among those who need physical and spiritual healing. Pray for the Lord to send fluent Arabic speaking volunteers to serve at the Ras An Naqab clinic and in the homes and tents of the Bedouin in southern Jordan.

For more info on Aileen see page 37 of the prayer guide.

John & Dawn

While John and Dawn are deeply missing Asia these days, they have watched in awe and tearful wonder as He continues to meet all their needs and the needs of their family, colleagues, and friends back in Asia. They admit this pandemic has allowed them to regularly connect with their leaders, teams, and ministry partners in a way they would not have been able to do otherwise. Pray for wisdom, patience, and perseverance as they wait on His timing for their return to Asia.

For more info on John & Dawn see page 60 of the prayer guide.

David & Aliece

Even though persecution is ramping up in E. Asia, David and Aliece share that because of COVID neighbors are more open to discuss life issues, and many young communists who lost faith in the government because of their treatment of the public during the crisis, are now seeking the church for guidance and hope. Pray for wisdom and guidance on how to minister to them and lead them. Pray for David, Aliece and their kids as they relocated to Taiwan last month. Pray for quick acclimation and adjustment to a new home, city, and school.

For more info on David & Aliece see page 26 of the prayer guide.

Brian & Terri

Brian and Terri are pleased to report that teams have been able to share the Gospel more frequently than almost ever before. The instability and insecurity Thais feel during this time is opening doors for the message of the Gospel to fill their lives. One goal is to indigenize the ministry in each location so Thai believers can see the Lord bear fruit through their lives. Pray for men and women to come to Christ with their indigenous staff and key students so they will be encouraged that the Lord can use them and multiply their lives for Christ.

For more info on Brian & Terri see page 61 of the prayer guide.