Juan and Maria

Juan and Maria Patt ask prayer for good health, strength and that they will trust in God’s provision and protection, as violence has escalated in their city. Pray for the members and families of their church to live in unity and commitment to Christ.

Davy and Pey

Pray for open doors for networking as Davy supervises two local staff whose vision is to encourage and equip local pastors. Davy and Pey are hosting a small Bible study in their home; a mix of singles, older married couples, newlyweds, long time believers and new believers. Pray the group will grow in their faith and in their ability to share that faith.

Katie and Patience

Pray for members Katie Kimbro and Patience Whitten as they prepare to become “First Responders”, going to Bulgaria for an 11 month assignment. Pray for the logistics, and for the Lord’s leading in their hearts as they prepare to leave in May.

Brian and Terri

Brian Firpo shares that many heard the Gospel for the first time over Christmas; either in small group settings or large group meetings. Pray for God to use His Word to draw many to Himself over the next few months and for the Firpo family as they seek the Lord in many major life decisions.


Marcelo has moved to Palermo to be near the new church plant. Pray for him and his daughter to settle into their new environment and school. Pray for a strong core group so they can begin worship services at Palermo, and for a pastor to be focused at La Mision so the church can continue to grow in number and ministry.


Stephen is so grateful God answered their prayer for a bookkeeper for the ministry. Pray for the Training Center to continue to grow and meet the many needs of those who come and for effectiveness of the mentors to strengthen and encourage those new to the faith.

Chris & Kirsten

Chris and Kirsten ask prayer for their small Bible study, particularly the two women who are “on the road” in coming to faith. Pray for their church to be able to install a much needed parking lot, for Chris’ travel plans, and for his mom as she goes through radiation treatment for cancer.

The Youngs

The Youngs are grateful for new team members Joseph and Mandi. Pray for growth at the two indigenous churches in their city, for wisdom in how to proceed in the Mslm area of their city, and for discernment on which events to accept and reject as God opens doors through school events.


Brian P. reports one of the student groups in their M.E country has 2 weekly Bible studies up and running with 75 students, almost all non Christian. Pray God will work in the student’s hearts to show Himself to them and to draw them into His kingdom.