Robby & Joyce

Pray for Robby and Joyce as they begin a year of home leave in the US and send their last child, Lydia, to college in Nashville to study Theatre Performance. Pray for their projects back in the Middle East: The Philemon Project to continue to care for vulnerable migrants and refugees, and the Preschool to continue to grow and share God’s love with the children.


Praise for the 336 students the European Training Centre has trained during the year and the positive effect the training has had on their lives and ministry. ETC’s goal is multiplication of Jesus-focused communities primarily to individuals and communities whose cultural heritage is Muslim. As classes begin in September, pray for the planning process, for teachers and students to get their visas, and for a national couple to come and work full-time.

Paul & Violette

Pray for the salvation of Japanese souls, especially the English class students who attend church but have not made a profession of faith, and for encouragement for believers struggling with physical and emotional issues. Pray that Paul and Violette’s upcoming trip to visit her parents in the US will be a refreshing, memorable time, and also allows them to visit friends and attend events.

Tim & Huilan

Tim and Huilan (“Hwaylon”) are grateful for time spent with her family, and with her grandmother who is in hospice care for colon cancer. Praise that Tim, Huilan and their kids have new visas for a year. Pray for Tim who has three international trips in September, and begins a new role in the fall teaching at a local college.


Leonardo De Chrico is excited to see God work through Bianca, who heard the Gospel while taking driving lessons, became a believer, was baptized, and is now part of Breccia Di Roma. Pray for Leonardo and Valeria as they reach out through word and deed to those who need to hear in Eastern Europe.

Mike & Stephanie

Pray for Mike and Stephanie as they sell their home in TN and make their move to the Middle East more permanent. Mike will teach and mentor students from Arab countries through the local seminary. Pray for the LEARN Project that extends quality theological education via the internet. Stephanie will work as an educational consultant serving the Syrian refugee community.

Cliff & Judy

Pray for Cliff and Judy Fenlason as they transition into The Navigators “New Encore Group” designed for senior staff. This allows them to take their life experiences and pass them on to the next generation of leaders. They feel coaching and mentoring the next generation is probably the most important thing they can do over the next couple of years.Cliff & Judy 11-2012


Enoch and co-worker Peter had a very good training trip to E Asia where they found one city experiencing a revived weekly prayer meeting. Sound preaching and gospel transformation are key to personal renewal, healthy growth, and church planting. Pray those involved in the training sessions were strengthened by Enoch and Peter’s guidance.

Chris & Debbie

Pray that Chris and Debbie Gibson can enjoy some rest and relaxation in the US after welcoming over 275 missionaries, families and staff to the Budapest Garden House in July, and helping families and individuals from many different countries with issues of burnout, depression, anxiety, spiritual warfare, and team conflict.Chris & Debbie 12-13


Pray for Karen Taylor to be refreshed and renewed while she is on home leave, and to reconnect with friends and supporters before she returns to Cambodia to teach. It is estimated that 50% of the population is younger than 22 years of age, so teaching can have a tremendous impact on the country’s future.