Jeff J.

After a year and a half, Jeff J has the New Testament website up and running. They are working on study apps which will give millions of Mlys access to the Word. Pray for protection for Jeff, the man helping him and his audio equipment. Pray for a place to meet and a full time director for the language school they hope to open by December.

Patience Whitten

Patience Whitten senses the Bulgarian people are still recovering from the emotional effects of communism since they find it difficult to trust anyone. However, once trust is built, they remain fast and loyal friends. Pray she will be able to build trust with individuals in the English club and camp, and share the gospel with them.

George & Anne

George and Anne Harper are back in Manila after teaching in East Java where they saw first hand what it is like to live in a Muslim majority country.  Pray for stamina, as their responsibilities now include administrative duties, supervising graduate students, and editing articles for theology journals. Pray for Anne’s health as she still has to spend time in a comfortable chair with a heating pad.  


Marcelo Robles and daughter Vicky have moved to the Palermo area of Buenos Aires to work with the new church plant. The social ministry has begun a small medical clinic in one of the shanty towns with volunteer doctors, and a team is joining efforts with Kyle Zimmerman’s vocational carpentry school. Pray for the Couples Retreat Sept. 27 & 28, and for the teams the Lord is bringing together in these ministries.

The Youngs

The Youngs are grateful for a vacation in Kenya visiting her relatives but are glad to be back home. They see growth and development in the church plant with more regular attendees and a lay leadership being formed.  Pray for continued church growth and development of this new lay leadership.  Also  pray for new teammates in the US to join them soon, and for the group of women in Sultanganj to be able to join MEDIC.

Cliff & Judy

Cliff and Judy welcomed grandson Gunnar Edvenson, born to daughter Carrie and husband Greg, to their family. Cliff plans to continue as Deputy Director of REI, but will now be freed up to take on several strategic/creative projects. He asks prayer for new Medical Program Coordinator Ron. Pray that Cliff can be a good mentor/coach to Ron as he learns the ropes and gets connected with key people.

Larry Brown

Larry Brown is grateful God put him at African Bible College in Malawi and is glad to be home with his dog Jennie and housekeeper/cook after a year’s home leave. Pray as he and Carey settle into the school routine and culture there.

Joe & Austia

Joe and Austia ask prayer for spiritual conversations with their language helper Mrs. Amira, as they spend time with her and her family. Pray that more early retirees from their presbytery will join the vision trip next year, and for their team to continue to have good follow-up with neighbors and friends.