Roger & Abi

Roger and Abi and their four sons look forward to the Olympic torch entering Japan next month. As it is carried by thousands of people across the nation, pray that through GRACE2020’s efforts, the fire of the Holy Spirit will move through every region of Japan. Pray God will work through the energy and excitement of the Olympics to reveal the light of the gospel. Roger’s first book “The Broken Leaf: Meditations on Art, Life, and Faith in Japan” is now out, pray it will be used for God’s glory.

For more info on Roger & Abi see page 27 of the NEW prayer guide.

David & Lisa

It is difficult for David and Lisa to go where the ethnic people they minister to live, but it is amazing how God continues to bring these people into their lives. Lisa asks prayer regarding an invitation to attend a birth in the hill tribe village next month that would mean she would be away for about 4 weeks. Pray for visa renewal and for their landlord’s heart to soften or for God to provide a better living situation for them. They continue to pray for provision of Bella’s medical and schooling needs.

For more info on David & Lisa see page 30 fo the NEW prayer guide.

Bob & Janie

One of the hardest things Bob and Janie experienced while ministering at the refugee camp in Greece was the number of unaccompanied children at the camp. There are over 4,800 in Greece and 250 at the camp they visited. They ask prayer for protection for the unaccompanied children, and that Jesus would bring them true peace. Pray for refugees to have safe living conditions and for those coming to know the Lord to grow deeper in their faith.

For more info on Bob & Janie see page 19 of the NEW prayer guide.

Kyle & Claudia

Kyle and Claudia are pleased with the progress the youth are making in the carpentry classes making folding tables for the Merlo congregation and gifts for donors to the community center. Puertas del Sur, the social service arm of LaMision, has a new director and has been providing music classes, soccer class and a parent workshop, which Claudia taught. Pray for them as they pursue how to come along side families in this new ministry.

For more info on Kyle & Claudia see page 76 of the NEW prayer guide.


Pray the Lord will help Nicole continue to develop key relationships with locals both inside and outside the church. Pray she will be diligent in language studies and find opportunities to practice her language outside of class. She is grateful for the smooth adjustment back to Indonesia and for the Lord’s provision of all her physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

For more info on Nicole see page 59 of the NEW prayer guide.

Thomas & Jennifer

Pray for Thomas and Jennifer as they meet regularly with Jordan and Bella, their associate pastor. Pray that Jordan and Bella will be prepared to shepherd the church in the future. Pray the Lord will guide them in how to invest their time, to new people to evangelize, and use them to guide the church toward stable independence. Jennifer is planning the OMF Taiwan church planting conference in March, pray for ideas on how to more effectively plant churches.

For more info on Thomas & Jennifer see page 28 of the NEW prayer guide.

WM Conference

As we have learned this weekend, “This is my Father’s world”. Through our interaction with missionaries, events, and Dr. Um’s teaching, pray for the Spirit to guide each of us to be part of His world outreach through going, giving or praying. Pray God will call many to short-term and long-term service and equip them to accept this call. Pray our church will be blessed as we bless others with gospel preaching, teaching and serving around the world.

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WM Conference

Take every opportunity to get to know the missionaries who are with us for the Missions Conference. As you encounter them at meals, at cottage meetings and in CCs, find out about their lives and needs and how we can support them in prayer and love. For some it is their first conference at Second so make them feel very welcomed and loved.

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Chris & Jen

This weekend our children are learning about Greece in the Kid Mission event through the aid of our newest missionaries Chris and Jen who will be moving to Athens this fall. Pray for them and for their children (8, 6, & 2) as they balance challenges with adventure and leave their friends and family. Pray for the logistics that such a move entails and for joy in anticipation of beginning a new CO ministry among university students in Greece.

Look for more info on Chris & Jen in the new prayer guide coming out this Sunday!

E. Asia Partnership

E. Asia Partnership hosted a pastor’s forum 400+ Chinese church leaders, a preaching clinic for 100+ Chinese pastors and two church planting retreats. They published their first print book, prayed for Chinese churches in nine different cities and hosted prayer events for the house church in China in churches around the world. Pray for this dedicated team as they continue to provide training and support for leaders and churches in China.