Tezar & Tatiana

Pray for Tezar as he continues to develop Covenant City Church in Indonesia. Pray that the new members, believers, and community groups would be established and strengthened in their faith. Pray for unity among the leadership team and for a strong Christian family witness from Tezar and Tatiana.

Bill & Bobbie

Bill Boggess is focusing on Guyancourt Church helping get the numbers to a “critical mass” size as he looks toward retirement in a couple of years. Pray for a long-term leader for the church and for results from Bill’s recruiting trip earlier in the year. They need more workers in France and Europe in view of the influx of refugees. Pray for Bill and Bobbie as they seek a suitable meeting place for the church and for individuals and families needing spiritual decisions and growth.

Bill & Bobbie 2011


Pray for Stephen K as he works with long term staff and short term teams serving refugees in Germany. Pray for those from a Muslim background, that God would make His love and compassion known to them in a personal and powerful way and would draw them to faith in Jesus.

Steve & Marion

Steve Spencer at African Bible College is writing a new Master’s of Education Administration curriculum, but has a bigger vison in mind. For some time he has been working on establishing a Christian University in S. Africa and has launched a prayer team of 500 Christians to pray for the project. Pray for wisdom and discernment as they build relationships with churches, government, and a possible financial partner in the country.

Stephen & Marion Spencer 2015


Because of political turbulence, the government has significantly increased the security around Annoor and has expressed concern for the Christian foundation on which the hospital operates. Pray for wisdom for the staff as they navigate these new complexities in their relationship with the authorities. The out-patient clinics have been very busy in spite of the added security, however, pray for more in-patients as that number is at its lowest point in several years.


Pray for Amy Zimmerman as progresses in her language studies in Italy and adjusts to life there. Pray for fellow class mates, three women from Bulgaria, Austria and Ukraine, who do not know the Lord. She is grateful that one of her roommates is an American missionary with whom she can share, and for the patience of fiancé Jonathan as he helps her navigate a new culture. Pray God will grow them in their relationship together as they prepare for marriage and ministry in Italy.


As we give thanks for the bounty our Father has blessed us with, may we remember to thank Him for these faithful missionaries who bless people with the Good News in dark and difficult places and bring a bountiful harvest into His Kingdom.

Rob Futo

Pray for Rob Futo and his new church plant, that averages around 80 people each Sunday. Pray for the new staff member to be able to faithfully serve this new church as he considers being prepared to launch a new church several years down the road. Pray for wisdom and discernment as they work through issues confronting a new body of believers, that God will provide unity and harmony on all fronts.

Rob & Tunde Futo 10-15 smaller

Juan Patt

Juan Patt reports that Maria is still commuting into the city to teach, and asks prayer for God to open a space for her closer to home. Pray for the Lord to use Prince of Peace to mature and reach out to those who need the gospel, and provide living testimonies of the transformation Christ is doing in them. Juan is teaching at Cornerstone until December and asks prayer for renewed strength and vitality.

Juan & Maria 8-14

Dave & Robin

Dave and Robin ask prayer for new team members as they settle into new homes and navigate life in a foreign country, and love, guide, and teach CSM students. Pray for the process of repairing and rebuilding a school in one of the areas that has been taken back from rebels and for teacher housing and classroom supplies. Servant Group is planning a short-term trip to Iraq in the spring to run a sports camp for refugee children and are looking for people interested in being part of the team.