Gaby Morales

Gaby Morales divides his time between administrator of the Shalom Church and managing director at the Bias Pascal Christian School in Merida. One of his chief responsibilities is arranging for the numerous visiting teams that come from the US each year. He is grateful for the blessings received during the summer months and for the prayers and economic support. Pray for a two-year missionary to fill the school’s need for English teachers for 10th, 11th, and 12th grades.

For more info on Gaby see page 46 o the prayer guide.


Judy Mbugua’s Homecare Spiritual Fellowship continues to flourish in its ministry. There are 36 students in the Bethel dressmaking class determined to learn and change their economic status. They opened one more Bible club in Kibera making the total seven. Of the 30 women with HIV/AIDS at Fadhili, God continues to sustain them and bring smiles and laughter. Pray for the students at Bethel, the OVC camps, and for members of Fadhili who are unwell.

For more info on Judy see page 43 of the prayer guide.


Laura is grateful for the steady improvement in her language program which ended in May and asks prayer for transitioning to another language method which gets her more involved in life and serving in the city where she lives. Pray that God will prepare the hearts of the people He wants her to talk with, giving her the words and removing any fear or timidity. Pray for a good housing situation and wisdom and direction for the future.

For more info on Laura see page 13 of the prayer guide.

Sundanese ministry teams

Within the Sundanese ministry pray with the Peter Team for the city of Subang that many who long for the gospel will not be hindered by time and circumstances. Pray for the health of the Paul Team members as they serve God and strive to meet their targets. They are in the process of discipling Ari, pray his faith and willingness to preach will grow, and for his health and that of his family.

Steve & Marion

Steve reports that Genesis University has been granted non-profit status. Pray for approval from the Dept. of Social Development and for someone in to assist in the accreditation process. Pray for Steve and Marion as they work to obtain visas, seek a suitable place to live in Johannesburg, purchase two vehicles, and find suitable schooling options for their three youngest children, all with the anticipation of moving there in August.

For more info on Steve & Marion see page 44 of the prayer guide.

Lenden & Gemma

Lenden and Gemma ask prayer as they transition into being team leaders. The Third Mill education program is up and running and they have two leaders who are promoting the material throughout the country. Pray for Gemma’s friends that God would draw them and establish a fellowship in their area. Pray for Lenden and Gemma regarding Aubrey and Jazzy’s schooling situation and give thanks that his dad’s two scans for cancer were clean.

For more info on Lenden & Gemma see page 23 of the prayer guide.

China Partnership

China Partnership asks for focused prayer on the city of Chengdu, that God will build His church among the 16 million people there and that the gospel will take root among the students in the thirty plus universities and colleges. Pray for the residents forced to relocate due to ongoing urbanization projects. Pray God will continue to revive, bless, and build the church even under heavy persecution.

Dave & Joyce

Dave is grateful that Rudi has returned. He now has both Yormi and Rudi working on translations, getting them ready for back translating, and submission to the consultant to check. The audio version of the Bauzi New Testament is ready, pray a Faith Comes by Hearing staff member will be able to train Rudi and Yormi to use the proclaimer listening device, so they can return to their Bauzi villages and train leaders in the use of the proclaimer.

For more info on Dave & Joyce see page 81 of the prayer guide.

Belize ST Team

Pray for the family team from Second that leaves today for Belize. The team made up of Garrett, Courtney, Sam, Coco, and Rett Davis; Cody Turner; Michael, Jill, Mae, Whitt, Bruce and John Stockburger; John, Britton, Jack, Elizabeth, and Miles Laughlin; Doug, Merrill, Anne Wilkes, Virginia, and Henry Skipworth will be doing VBS and construction on the pastor’s residence so Juan and Maria Patt can move in. They return on June 29th.


As Haley’s language ability has grown she has been able to step into the lives of the people around her. Pray for women who carry the burden to provide for their family in a culture that is male dominated – that they would be met by the profound love of Christ in a world where they are overlooked and abused. Pray the spiritual retreat Haley attended gave her a fresh vision and hope enabling her to walk with greater spiritual confidence.

For more info on Haley see page 71 of the prayer guide.