Steve & Lizzie

Steve and Lizzie are confident the move to the new church plant in Targoviste will allow them to find meaningful ways to meet youth and young adults and connect them to the church. They would like to start an English Conversation Club at two of the local high schools where the pastor’s wife teaches French. They are learning what Steve’s health issues are and how to reach long-term health for him. Pray for these changes.

For more info on Steve & Lizzie see page 9 of the prayer guide.


Josh gives thanks for the growth of CCC church and the Indonesian speaking community groups and asks prayer for the group leadership. Pray for his language acquisition and for his immersion into language study over the spring break. Pray the move to a new living place will benefit his neighbors, and for deepening relationships with students, especially the five students (V, D, O, F, A) the Lord has placed in his life.

For more info on Josh see page 55 of the prayer guide.

Hans & Carolein

Hans and Carolein report that Intercultural Church Plants (ICP) is celebrating its fifteenth anniversary. At the ICP Network Day, they discussed persecution, temptation, and confusion pastors and pioneers face in establishing intercultural churches. An e-book with ten ideas to make the worship service more intercultural has been prepared by training workshop participants. Pray for Hans and Carolein as they lead these efforts.

For more info on Hans & Carolein see page 10 of the prayer guide.

Heath & Angela

Heath and Angela praise God for funding for the surgical residency program at Tenwek and the ongoing success of their graduates as they bring Him glory through service in Kenya and East Africa. Pray for the residents in this five-year program to strive toward full maturity and skill as Christian surgeons. Pray for wisdom as they navigate difficult decisions and dynamics within the hospital and community. Pray for Heath and Angela to have wisdom seeking to help their daughters grow toward Christ and for Rees as she is home from boarding school due to the virus.

For more info on Heath & Angela see page 83 of the prayer guide.

Jeff & Lynne

Pray for three projects Jeff currently has going: awaiting permits for the radio station, the translation work for the FB chatbot project, and launching the prayer app for mobile phones. They are currently on home leave in the U.S. and their kids are attending school. But they ask prayer for space to open up in the international school in their country of service so they can enroll their five kids there for the school year starting in August.

For more info on Jeff & Lynne see page 63 of the prayer guide.


DeAnna continues to give thanks for the students saved at the spring retreat and asks prayer they will grow in their understanding of the Gospel. During this transition time of raising support, taking seminary class, and finishing responsibilities with CO Memphis, pray she will trust God fully to meet all her needs as she moves toward launching to Zambia this fall. Pray as they identify the team that will join her.

For more info on DeAnna see page 80 of the prayer guide.

David & Aliece

David and Aliece continue their ministry from the U.S., even though it involves a 12-hour time difference. This means he is teaching seminary courses, preaching sermons and even teaching Sunday school from 8 PM- 2 AM. The need for professional counseling has greatly increased during this crisis. Aliece continues to provide counseling training to pastors/leaders/counselors on the same time schedule as David. Pray for them as they adjust their life to this up-side-down schedule while maintaining family and health.

For more info on David & Aliece see page 26 of the prayer guide.

Herb & Heather

Annoor is in lockdown, but covid-19 free. Herb & Heather are thankful that his residency was rejected, otherwise, they would be in the U.S. instead of helping the team at Annoor during this crucial time. Continue to pray for the refugee family living in the desert with six children, two with Cystic Fibrosis. One of the children died and the rest of the children have come in for testing and evaluation of their health. Pray for this family and pray for the patients at the hospital to receive spiritual health as they await medical care.

For more info on Herb & Heather see page 40 of the prayer guide.

The Youngs

The Youngs, like many other missionaries, have found their plans changed by the coronavirus. They were able to evacuate their folks from an Asian country, but then had to help them deal with local families and friends left behind, as well as uncertainty when the country would reopen. They ask prayer that God will raise up workers to come to their part of the world to be involved in Kingdom work. Pray for Heidi who wants to come from Mexico and has a job lined up, but her visa has been rejected twice.

For more info on The Youngs see page 53 of the prayer guide.

Randy & Martha

Randy and Martha continue their review assessments for prospective overseas field workers and ask prayer for those heading to the field. Two couples launched in January, one family is hoping to head to the ME after their 3-month pre-field internship, and 3 couples are in the final phase of assignments. There are many complicated issues in transitioning to the field including raising support, transitioning out of prior jobs, family dynamics, etc. Pray for God’s wisdom in each of these areas.

For more info on Randy & Martha see page 62 of the prayer guide.