Easter Prayer

Christ is risen! Pray for those who have gone out in His name to share this gospel throughout the world. Pray especially for those who face opposition from other religions and governments that place restrictions on God’s Word. Pray that today they will draw very close to the One who cares for them.

Jeff & Lynne

Jeff and Lynne ask prayer for increased opportunities to share the gospel in the workplace and in after-work activities. Pray they will have grace to lead their growing multi-national/generational team as they work toward a church planting movement among the Mly people. Praise that Jeff was able to secure a three year visa.

The Youngs

Pray for the Youngs to be engaged in ministry among the Mslms in SE Asia. There is a potential to partner with a guy already doing social work in one of the poorest areas, giving the Youngs a presence there. Pray for the micro-finance work of MEDIC that has to expand. Joseph and Mandi’s presence is a great help in this expansion.

Josh & Elizabeth

Although Josh and Elizabeth will complete their formal language training soon, they will continue learning Spanish for the next two years in Peru. Pray they will not get frustrated but continue to diligently practice and study. Pray they will be able to engage the people of the community with boldness and courage in spite of their language deficiency.

George & Anne

Three of George Harper’s students and advisees will receive degrees from the Asia Graduate School of Theology soon, and return home to help train hundreds, even thousands, of students preparing to serve the church. Pray for these students to be used by God for His purposes. Pray for Anne’s stamina and health as she continues to have abdominal issues.

Prague Church

Pray for Sasa Flek, a church planter Second supports in Prague. Their public worship draws 60-70 each Sunday. They are training a group of new believers who will be baptized at Easter. Pray for more couples, children, Kids Club servers, musicians, and for the elders and Sasa as they plan a church-planting conference in April.


Jake and his team are now at their mission post in E Asia and busy with language study. Jake feels he is at the literacy level of a 4 year old in the culture where they live. Pray for encouragement, productivity, great balance of strengths and creativity as well as a little fun for the whole team.

Larry Brown

Pray for Larry Brown as he and Carey adjust to reverse culture shock on home leave in Mississippi. Pray for Cary, enrolled in Park Place Christian Academy, to improve academically, make and enjoy new friendships, and see the importance of educational endeavors as well as athletic ones.

Brian & Terri

Brian & Terri were encouraged to hear a non believing college student say they would rather spend time learning about Jesus at the Thai Summer Project (TSP) than go to America for the summer. Pray for final recruiting for TSP, and for many non-believers they have evangelized this past year to come spend the week learning.