Robby & Joyce

Praise that Rainbow Kids Daycare, started to provide much needed support for the children of migrant workers and refugees in Lebanon, is a reality. Currently there are 36 children at Rainbow Kids. Robby and Joyce’s goal is to minister physically and spiritually to these children and their parents. Pray that God will bless their efforts.

Joe & Austia

Joe and Austia are grateful for their new language helper who wanted to help them after listening to them at a local restaurant. They have an increased desire to pray, and ask we pray for their boldness to proclaim the gospel to cousin friends. Pray they will be faithful to start praying for 52 of the largest cities in the country and welcome anyone to join them.

Valery & Janna

Valery Morozov has traveled as far as the Arctic Circle presenting Wycliffe’s work to various churches. He and Janna visited workers serving in the Caucasus region where they plan to assist in 20 new Bible translation projects by the year 2020. Pray as they prepare people for ministry, build relationships, answer questions, make decisions, and encourage Wycliffe workers.

Steffen Weil (Potsdam)

Pray for Steffen as he leads the Mittendrin church plant in Potsdam. The team is growing and more and more people are calling Mittendrin their church and beginning to be involved. This month they are moving to a bigger space and starting a third service. The coffee house ministry has a diverse agenda with new team members coming to worship services.

Daryl & Marlene

Pray for Daryl and Marlene Bussert as they make travel plans for the year to Indonesia, Peru, Washington state, and Washington, D.C. Pray for wisdom as they incorporate major changes to computer programs and platforms to make JAARS more effective, efficient, and a better support tool for Bible translation and spreading the Gospel to remote areas.

Mitchell & Lisa

Mitchell, Lisa and Lauren Moore will travel to Indonesia to learn about the country where they will be serving, connect with their partners, and locate a possible place to live before returning on Feb.5. Pray the experience will be a good one, especially for Lauren, the eldest of their four children. Pray for new friendships to be made with those they will work with at the university and hospital.

Paul & Violette

ESL and English Bible classes are avenues for Paul and Violette Bridgman to share the gospel with their Japanese neighbors. They ask we pray for true “hearers” of the Word who will come to faith. Violette’s back pain has reoccurred after a year of being pain-free. Pray for wisdom to know the best way to address this problem.

John M.

John M. is grateful for the progress and relationships made in the SE Asia mariculture project. The team has been working closely with the university marine sciences department and local fishery, with the possibility of a second hatchery on another island. Pray for wisdom, patience and open doors in the coming months and for John’s family while he is away.

Patience & Katie

Patience Whitten pleads with us to pray for the country of Bulgaria, where she and Katie Kimbro are ministering. Extreme corruption, protests, and impossible public transportation, make serving there a nightmare, yet learning English is the dream and aspiration of many Bulgarians. Pray for the church, that the leaders will have wisdom and discernment to encourage and guide their flock.