Randy & Martha

Randy and Martha enjoyed a brief home leave to check out university options for Joel and Rachel who will be graduating in June, 2016. Pray for wisdom in that decision.  Also pray the Lord will guide them through the upcoming visa regulation changes which make business platforms more difficult to maintain, and for a safe place where Muslims can read the Word and not find judgment or pressure from friends and family who oppose the Gospel.


Karen Taylor has returned to Cambodia and asks prayer for making connections with new team members, starting strong with two new curricula for teaching in the new academic year, and a fresh mind for learning the Khmer language, an extremely difficult language for her. In addition to the teaching responsibilities, she will be administrative liaison between the university and ELIC.

The Youngs

Now that they are regional leaders for UMW in Asia, the Youngs are identifying places and needs within their geographic territory and are looking for individuals interested in joining the work. Workers are needed to do outreach to Tibetans in China, India, and Nepal.  In India a teacher for early elementary and pre-school age expat kids, people to work with youth (Hindu and Muslim), and micro-finance field workers. Pray God will put it upon the hearts of His children to fill these needs.


For the first time ever, African Bible College had a summer session and Larry taught World History to 12 students, in addition to participating in a one-day medical clinic at an orphanage, and preaching at the Maula Prison. Larry asks prayer for his busy fall semester teaching classes in each level, a graduate level course and being responsible for the seniors weekly community outreach.  He asks prayer for Malawi as they are predicting famine in October because of this year’s erratic rainy season.

Larry & Carey 7-14

Rob & Tunde

Pray that in the midst of the refugee crisis, Rob Futo can focus on the church planting group which has just completed the study of 1Timothy. The Leadership team for the church plant continues to meet weekly and hope to have the church operating in early October. Pray they will be unified in worship music style, with a wonderful youth program to provide children opportunities for fellowship, and humble leadership as they begin to plan the details of the church.

Rob & Tunde Futo 10-14


Pray for Juan Patt as he relinquishes his duties as principal at Conception Presbyterian School to become the full time pastor of Prince of Peace Church where he has been ministering part time for the past four years. Pray the Lord will guide the transition and supply all their needs as a family.

Juan & Maria 8-14

Bill & Lauren

Bill and Lauren have finished their first month of language school and ask prayer for how far they have to go to be fluent. To help with this they now have a language tutor. They have purchased a car and completed the process for residency in Spain which they began before leaving the States. The visit from Lauren’s parents really boosted their morale as have the prayers and communication from home.

Bill & Lauren 12-14


Pray for Kachhwa Transformational Ministries which Raju Abraham heads, and the Emmanuel Hospital System with whom they partner as they work to develop an understanding that will keep them moving forward together. Pray there will be an amicable agreement on both sides and that Kachhwa Transformational Ministries will continue in its holistic ministry with the Gospel as its paramount thrust.