Randy & Martha

Randy and Martha are holding important training events for four families preparing to leave for the field over the next year and a half. Pray for these families as they address important issues and prepare their hearts for service. Pray for wisdom as they help mediate J & P through a difficult relationship with their former leadership. Due to all their traveling and schedules, Randy and Martha ask prayer for their family’s eating and sleeping habits to get back to normal.

For more info on Randy & Martha see page 84 of the prayer guide.


The Senior School Spiritual Retreat provided an opportunity for Josh to build relationships with four students. His goal is to have lunch with V, A, D & O once a week for the entire school year and asks prayer for their salvation. He had some solid sanctifying conversations with CCC members. Pray CCC will continue to grow and see mature Christians built up. Though Josh still doesn’t feel at home in Jakarta, pray the Lord would be his true home.

For more info on Josh see page 33 of the prayer guide.



As we give thanks for our own blessings, let us also give thanks for our faithful missionaries who have answered the call to take God’s love and gospel to those who have not heard. Pray for encouragement for them as they seek to know and follow His lead, which often means giving up themselves and family at great cost. Pray for each by name.


Over the years, Aileen has found herself becoming the caregiver of babies whose mothers could not care for them. The first one she named Noorah, a derivative of Annoor, which means “light”. She named them all some version of light, praying they would be light in a world filled with darkness. Pray for the medical ministry, the reopening of Ras an Nagab clinic, and for the mobile dental team as they seek new villages to visit. Pray God will continue to bless the medical outreach and those who show His love as they meet medical needs.

For more info on Aileen see page 11 of the prayer guide.

Norm & Ruth Ann

Norm and Ruth Ann are grateful for a house that fits their needs and budget, and for good interaction with their teams – Europe Regional for her and Arab World Media for him. Pray for him as he travels for meetings on church planting among Muslim peoples, and bringing together coordinators of on-the-ground follow up of those who have connected with the team online. Pray for grace as Norm and Ruth Ann settle into their new roles and ministries.

For more info on Norm & Ruth Ann see page 55 of the prayer guide.


Homecare Spiritual Fellowship led by Judy Mbugua has been engaged in praying for families, teaching life skills, and doing evangelism for more than forty years. Pray for a clear focus as they expand their various projects, and for safety and security in Kenya. Pray for the sponsored students to secure spots in good government-run secondary schools, and universities. Pray for blessings upon the teachers and children who attend the Bible clubs in Kibera.

For more info on Judy see page 43 of the prayer guide.

Chris & Debbie

For over 15 years Chris and Debbie have served with EPC/WO providing pastoral care for missionaries and their families from around the world. Headquartered in Budapest, their Sunrise House is a central hub from which they address issues pertaining to ministry, marriage, relational and team struggles, parenting, fear, culture shock, spiritual attack, etc. Pray for strength, wisdom, discernment, and for God to guide each interaction they have with those who serve Him.

For more info on Chris & Debbie see page 61 of the prayer guide.


Jackie asks prayer for their first Women’s Conference to help build community among the women of CCC. She is grateful for her new home and the opportunity it provides to host friends from the community, girls from Bible Study, and dinner with friends. Pray for wisdom and discernment in new outreach opportunities as she seeks to build relationships with the majority community. Pray she uses her time wisely to encourage and build up the women entrusted to her leadership.

For more info on Jackie see page 32 of the prayer guide.

Paul & Violette

Paul and Violette Bridgman are grateful their new pastor and his wife were able to have a much-deserved vacation before the arrival of their first child. Pray for church giving to keep pace with their expenses. Pray for the recent kids’ outreach that more children and their families will want to become part of the church. Pray for entire families so that the Christian faith can be passed on to the children as well as family fellowship strengthened by unity.

For more info on Paul & Violette see page 74 of the prayer guide.

Craig & Stacy

Craig and Stacy Pohl are involved in a new evangelistic home group ministry called Oikos. Eight Oikos groups meet weekly in homes. Pray the Lord will use each group to spread the Gospel. Karis and Aimee transferred to a new online Christian high school. The new self-paced classes require some adjustment, pray they will find joy and fruitfulness in their studies and that their lives would increasingly reflect the Lord.

For more info on Craig & Stacy see page 48 of the prayer guide.