Brian & Terri

Brian & Terri rejoice that one more of the seven girls Terri disciples has come to Christ, bringing the total to six new believers. They ask prayer for protection and growth of new believers, evangelism on the KKU campus and community, and successful recruitment in March for the Thai Summer Project.

World Relief

World Relief is working in several difficult areas of Cambodia. Pray for restored health for some of the staff who are sick with typhoid, hepatitis B, malaria, and bad colds. Pray the cell churches will grow spiritually and continue to be the light in their community, and for the children who are unable to go to school because they need to help earn money for their families.

Daniel & Stefanie

Daniel and Stefanie are preparing to go to India to work with the Youngs. They will spend two years learning the language and culture, before leading an Engage 2025 team focusing on unreached Muslims. Pray for them as they raise support, and figure out their move taking their four daughters under six into consideration.

Jeff & Lynne

Jeff is grateful their website is nearing completion and they have an audio version of the NT and Psalms in the local language. Pray the mobile app will be finished and available to all so that millions of nationals can read/hear the Word of God in their own language. Pray for Jeff and Lynne as they lead a team that is about to double in size.

Bob & Janie

Bob and Janie Till rejoice over the 23 newly appointed missionaries with Greater Europe Mission. Pray for them and others raising financial and prayer support teams to get to the field. Bob asks prayer for the Christians in Ukraine to be strong and seek God’s wisdom as they work to hold on to reforms won several years ago.


Pray for Jake as he adjusts to preparing lesson plans two weeks in advance for his Communicative English class. He hopes the tools he has been using to learn language will be transferable to his students. Pray this will be a good experience and that he will find fellow Christians with whom to fellowship and doors of opportunity open for sharing the Gospel with students.

Ryan & Glenda

Ryan asks prayer for safety, an end to local and regional war; a long term teacher for Annoor’s kids; a new couple to come and work full time in the village; another doctor and nurse for the hospital; for dental hygienist, Mag, planning to come later this year; and continued language improvement for both him and Glenda.

Guille & Debbie

Guille Mackenzie is grateful that God is unifying culturally diverse people, improving his health, and seeing him through his D.Min. dissertation. The Taiwanese congregation is accepting the challenge to become a multicultural church in Buenos Aires, despite the discomforts this may bring. Pray God will continue to bless this congregation so that the vision and mission is stronger than the obstacles that may arise.