Argentina ST Team

A team of young adults led by Michael Davis and Philip James will serve with Marcelo Robles and Kyle and Claudia Zimmerman in their work at LaMision Church in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Pray for eyes to see the needs and how they can help in the life and ministry of the church and its existing program. Pray for their work with the Zimmerman’s in the shanty town slums. They return July 8.

Steve & Marion

Steve and Marion Spencer are grateful the rainy season brought some relief to the famine in Malawi. Over their twenty plus years there they have witnessed African Bible College bring spiritual relief through training hundreds who are now serving in positions of authority, leadership, and service around the globe. They express gratitude that two of their sons and their wives have been approved to work at ABC Malawi and ask for prayer for safety and health of their family.

For more info on Steve & Marion, see page 72 of the prayer guide.

Austin Smith

Austin Smith is quite busy at Belo Horizonte with special events geared to develop relationships and draw students to Christ. Pray for the Spirit to move creatively as Austin considers ways to deepen relationships and conversations and for the staff team to have energy for all these endeavors.

For more info on Austin, see page 64 of the prayer guide.

Paul & Violette

Paul and Violette Bridgman ask prayer for pastor Katayama to be healed from cancer and return as pastor, though they are grateful to help during his absence. Pray for evangelistic contacts to be made with individuals Paul meets in his volunteer work at the school, and for the salvation of their English class students. Pray church attendees who have not publically professed their faith will do so and be baptized.

For more info on Paul & Violette, see page 49 of the prayer guide.


Nick & Amanda

Nick and Amanda were grateful to have dinner with the Arab families of the wives in her Bible Study. The medical need of one lady in the Bible Study enabled them to intervene with help which resulted in her restoration to God and the church.  Pray for continued opportunities with families and that the conversations can go deeper. Soccer continues to be an outlet for Nick to interact with men resulting in a few home visits as well.

For more info on Nick  & Amanda, see page 16 of the prayer guide.

Andy & Brooke

For the third summer in a row Andy and Brooke are sending a team of 15 E. Asian students to work with refugees in the Middle East. They are also in the final phase of training the first team of long-term national teachers to live and work in the Middle East. Starting this summer Andy & Brooke will shift their work to another organization which trains and mobilizes university students in 10 different countries for overseas service. Pray for the summer teams and for Andy and Brooke’s transition.

For more info on Andy & Brooke, see page 51 of the prayer guide.

Randy & Martha

Randy recently spoke to international students, some Malay, at a college event in the U.S, that led to more spiritual conversations with attendees. Pray for the team in Malaysia working through a church planting training series with one of the Malaysian churches to have good practicum outings in prayer and outreach in the community. Randy and Martha are grateful for daughter Rachel’s accomplishments and that she has been accepted into a new university in the fall.

For more info on Randy & Martha, see page 30 of the prayer guide.

Belize ST Team / Juan Patt

Josh Yates will lead a team of five families to work with Juan Patt and Prince of Peace church to put on a VBS and in the afternoons do some light construction work. Pray for the team as they minister to the little ones, for team unity and physical stamina. Juan hopes to expand his ministry to help a church in another town while they search for a pastor. Pray for his time management and for Maria’s recurring problem with migraines.

For more info on Juan & Maria, see page 61 of the prayer guide.

Berlin ST Team

In cooperation with the Kreuzberg Project, Gerry Peak is taking a team to Berlin to gain first-hand knowledge about the refugee crisis and how churches and Christians can get involved. The team will learn about our mission partner “The Refugio” which ministers to refugees and brings hope and shalom to people in crisis and leads people to Christ. Pray for the team and those with whom they come in contact, that God would be glorified through their encounter. They return June 30.

Ukraine ST Team

John and Marilyn Whittemore head to Ukraine for two summer camps – one for orphans and disadvantaged children ages 10-14 and another for older disadvantaged kids and graduates of the orphanages. A team of seven adults and three children from Campus Outreach Thailand will join them again this year. Pray for hearts to be open to learn of Jesus as they play and study together. Pray for safe travel, stamina, and health of the team.