Ajith Fernando blessed our congregation during the Missions Conference. Pray he will find the proper balance between counseling, foreign travel and time with his wife. Pray he can find a suitable time and place for study and writing a book.

The Youngs

The Young’s are working on differentiating ministry and business within the MEDIC program, and looking to pass this knowledge to the local team. They pray for full reconciliation and understanding for the nationals helping with the program, and that God will bring good people to be involved with this ministry. Pray their driver will grow in his walk with Jesus.


Dan and Catherine Burns will visit Karen Taylor and our World Relief partners in Cambodia this week. Pray the World Relief staff will be equipped to further advance the ministry as they work through organizational and relational challenges, and that Karen will find refreshment and relaxation during her summer break from teaching.

Paul & Violette

Paul and Violette Bridgman give praise that her back pain has improved allowing her to participate in a pastors’ wives fellowship. Pray for Sakuragaoka Church to be a reproducing church – pray for Paul and church leaders. Pray for the English class students and those who attend church but have not made a profession of faith.

Nick & Amanda

Pray Nick and Amanda’s mentor Brian will get his resident permit allowing them to depart for the Middle East. If Brian doesn’t get it, then Nick & Amanda will have to look at another country for language learning. Pray for peace for Nick and Amanda during this time of transition, and for their girls who are feeling insecure.

David & Lisa

Where David and Lisa serve in Asia the newborn mortality rate is 20%. More than twenty attended their childbirth classes. Pray for their work among this people group. Personally, they rejoice for their children: daughter Eva’s recent marriage; Jon and Jenn’s second daughter; and Aric and Rachel expecting their second child in June.


Raju Abraham asks prayer for the new staff/administration at Kachhwa and their transition, and for more women’s Bible teachers. Pray for their country’s elections scheduled for May; that they won’t adversely affect Christians, and the ability to share the Gospel in word and deed.

Greg & Ginger

Greg and Ginger praise God for the hopes of another baby after having recently lost one. Because Ginger is in the high risk category, she and the boys have returned to the US.  Greg will join them in mid-May.  Pray for the health of the baby and for Ginger, as well as their boys to adjust to their new surroundings.