Mike & Stephanie

Pray God will lead Mike and Stephanie to the right investment of their time and for the launch of the LEARN leadership program. Pray for them as they integrate into a Lebanese church. Pray for their daughter Emily who will be spending the summer in Mozambique.


Pray Aileen can hand over the leadership of Annoor to Herb Klassen. Pray for the Lord to give Aileen joy, peace, and refreshment of body and soul. As Herb and wife Heather prepare to return to the Middle East, pray for their kids to adjust to schools in Vermont. Pray for wisdom and grace for the board and those involved with transition in Mafraq.

Katie & Patience

Pray for Patience Whitten and Katie Kimbro as they prepare to leave for Bulgaria in May, where they will serve as mid-term missionaries. Pray for language learning, support raising, intimacy with the Lord, teachable hearts and flexibility, and to finish strong before departing.

Craig & Stacy

Praise that Craig and Stacy Pohl are getting settled in Chile. Pray they will depend on God to guide, protect, shape and prepare them for life and ministry there. Grace and Peace Church members have enthusiastically responded to Craig’s preaching series and new Bible study. Pray for Stacy as she resumes home schooling Karis and Aimee Grace, as well as her own seminary studies on line.

Raju & Catherine

Raju was in town recently and shared of the great need for the gospel in India and how the Kachhwa ministry has begun 90 biblically based elementary schools with 4,000 students in villages in the area. Pray the Lord will give strength and vision to Raju and Catherine in all they are called to do in building God’s kingdom through holistic ministry.

Brandon & Liz

Pray for Brandon and Liz as they balance family and ministry with four young children under the age of six, and for wisdom in deciding on schooling for Sam. In their new EPC role, pray they will utilize their time and gifts wisely, and effectively assist others preparing for ministry abroad.

Dave & Joyce

Now that the Bauzi people have the New Testament in their own language, pray they will use it. Pray Dave will know how to give technical help to his trained Bauzi helper who continues with translations while Dave and Joyce are in the US. Pray for Joyce’s Indonesian team to continue to help others in literacy efforts.

Rob & Tunde

Rob and Tundi Futo request prayer that they will clearly hear God’s voice about their next role/opportunities in their church, and respond obediently. Pray for a restful and productive home leave and good family time for the next 4 months in the US.

Thomas & Jennifer

Thomas and Jennifer ask us to pray for the couple running their ministry while they are in the US.  Pray the couple would want to join their ministry full time. Pray Thomas and Jennifer will be able to find housing in the heart of the neighborhood when they return the end of May.

The Youngs

The Youngs have begun work in a largely M*slim, poor, crime ridden area of their city and things are moving ahead in their partnership with a local N.G.O already working there. Pray as they look for ways to partner with this N.G.O. Praise that Joseph and Mandi have their home set up, and are in language study. Pray Joseph will be able to give some time to helping in the MEDIC office.