George Tolias

George Tolias is planting a new church in Pagrati, a neighborhood in Athens with many university students. Emmanuel, the lead church planter, spends hours each week engaging with students and they have opened a center to hang out and interact with students. They are in discussions with CO International about hosting a 2-year team next year. Pray that outreach to students will lead to the establishment of a new faith community. Pray for George’s complete recovery from surgery to remove a benign tumor around his optic nerve.

For more info on George see page 9 of the prayer guide.

Roger & Abi

Roger and Abi are already preparing for the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. Through the GRACE2020 Campaign, they hope to see the city filled with an abundance of God’s grace. Next June they will host a conference in one of the Olympic venues to celebrate the games and talk about the gospel themes coming out. Pray that God will work through the Olympics for the growth of his kingdom in Japan. Pray for the Lowther family particularly Aidan (16) who changed schools this year.

For more info on Roger & Abi see page 75 of the prayer guide.

China Partnership

China Partnership asks prayer for the children at a Christian school in Xuzhou who were relocated to private homes due to government intervention. Pray for protection from the influence of an atheistic education and for the gospel to reach those in the marketplace, the elderly and the police and government officials. In Qingdao the church is under persecution, many house churches have been divided into smaller groups for worship, pray God will protect, sustain, and provide for pastors, ministry leaders, missionaries and seminary students.


Leonardo has finished the manuscript for his new book, pray it will be published soon. He spoke at a conference in Poland and recently released a video interview with Reid on the challenges of church planting in Rome and on developing healthy and long-term partnerships. Pray for another partnership of car sharing. A family in the church needed a car so Leonardo gave them his car and the two families now share its use, thus halving the cost for each family, reduced pollution, and another aspect of sharing life.

For more info on Leonardo see page 4 of the prayer guide.


Josh acknowledges that most of the faculty at the school where he teaches want to see Christ lifted high in all subjects/areas of life, making it a truly unique and strategic place for Kingdom work. Pray for the students to have deeper relationships with the Lord. Pray for the study of the Word with his community group of brothers and sisters each Thursday. Pray he will stay focused on others and Kingdom work, and that his church will continue to grow and see mature Christians built up.

For more info on Josh see page 33 of the prayer guide.

Herb & Heather

Grateful for receiving Annoor’s license as a hospital, Herb asks we pray for the staff as they try to bring about changes in all the departments to better serve the patients the Lord sends. The Jesus film is shown every day in the clinics, pray they can find a way to distribute this important tool of proclamation onto the phones and into the hands of people around them. There is still a significant need for long-term nurses, pray Aileen’s time in the US provides help in this area.

For more info on Herb & Heather see page 12 of the prayer guide.

Sundanese Fellowship

The Peter Team of the Sundanese Christian Fellowship asks prayer that God will send people who want to believe, and that those in the sub-districts of their service will see God’s power revealed and believe in Jesus. Pray fostering will have a positive impact on Hamid and Ahdan. The Paul Team is grateful for the prayer and support for their tribal ministry in Karawang and asks prayer that Gita will continue to be trained to evangelize her environment.

Norm & Ruth Ann

As Norm and Ruth Ann transition to England then France, pray they will stay deeply connected with the Lord, each other, and family. Pray for housing in Montpelier located near public transportation with room for office space for each of them, hospitality, and accessibility to neighbors. This will be the first time both have worked from home, pray for patience with themselves and each other in this new role and work structure.

For more info on Norm & Ruth Ann see page 55 of the prayer guide.

Andy & Brooke

Campus Outreach International is relaunching its legal and corporate structure to better serve church partners and COIN staff around the world. Andy is overwhelmed with all that needs to be done and asks prayer for patience under deadlines, humility in needing to learn, love when explaining things to fellow staff, and minimal disruptions for supporters and field staff. Pray for discernment and discipline for Brooke to find the best ways to spend her time now that she is not homeschooling Esther.

For more info on Andy & Brooke see page 54 of the prayer guide.

Paul & Violette

Paul and Violette Bridgman report that a group from their church, including the pastor, his wife, and deacons, went on a mission trip to a badly flooded town to help with volunteer work there. There was no church in the town but now it looks as if one will start soon. Pray for a church to rise from their labors, and that the special events planned by Paul and Violette’s church will be an outreach to local non-believers.

For more info on Paul & Violette see page 74 of the prayer guide.