Although staying in Jordan after language training was not Haley’s original plan it has worked out well. Life at Annoor has been good and she enjoys the people with whom she is working. She is extremely grateful for the Lord’s provision of health and safety. She hopes to come home for a brief stay whenever travel allows but returning to Jordan might present a problem. Current protective measures against Covid will determine her agenda and trajectory. Pray for her plans and all the logistics that may be involved.

For more info on Haley see page 44 of the prayer guide.

Steve & Lizzie

Steve and Lizzie are spending a month in the US hoping to figure out the medical issue that has been plaguing him and affecting their ability to minister as they hoped. Pray the medical team here can clearly diagnose the problem with a plan toward healing so they can return to Romania and serve at full capacity. This has been a frustrating season for them, pray for peace for each of them and that travel arrangements go smoothly. Pray for their entire Romanian team who have had to reimagine summer activities.

For more info on Steve & Lizzie see page 9 of the prayer guide.

Paul & Violette

Praise for the successful cataract surgery on Violette’s left eye July 29 as she anticipates having the right eye surgery August 26. Pray for Paul and Violette’s ongoing health needs as they prepare for retirement next year. They pray the current crisis will make Japanese hearts more receptive to the Gospel and that as evangelistic meetings begin again God will protect everyone from any kind of infection. Church attendance is almost back to normal, pray for Mrs. T, a Church deacon having health issues making her fearful of attending.

For more info on Paul & Violette see page 24 of the prayer guide.