Roger & Abi

According to Roger and Abi Lowther, Grace City Church Tokyo is doing well. Last year they celebrated 11 baptisms and expanded to two worship services. Pray for God’s protection of this growing church and for many new baptisms in 2017. There has been much discussion about the movie “Silence” with a Christian news agency publishing a national review of the event. Pray for more opportunities such as this to talk about the gospel in Japan.


The university project Steve Spencer has been working on now has a name, Genesis University. However, they must get approval from the South African government which does not allow private institutions to use the word university. Pray they will be allowed to use this name or that the Lord will provide a better way forward. Pray for the right piece of property in Johannesburg and partners to support them.


The Philemon Project, will be replicated and now called GROW Early Learning Center providing wholistic Christian care for at-risk families through safe, high quality, early childhood development for 1- 4 year olds and an adult mentoring program for their parents/caregivers. Robby will continue as Executive Director dividing his time between DC and Beirut. Pray for this ministry as it moves out to serve more of the very needy in the area.

Lizzie & Haley

Pray for two of our newest appointees as they are completing cross-culture training, raising support, and preparing to leave for the field. Pray that Lizzie will get her visa and for her parents to have calm hearts about her going. Haley asks prayer that her preparation time will be fruitful, that she can get into language school as planned, and have a friend for mutual encouragement. Pray that all goes well for these two brave, committed messengers of the Lord.

Brian & Terri

Brian and Terri find leading from a distance a real challenge while they are in the US.  Pray for Terri who is doing online training, and for their children to settle in and benefit from their time here. They are praying CO Intl. will grow new teams in the manner of SLIM (sustainable/labor producing/indigenous/multiplying movement) which is the method they have been employing in Thailand. Also pray for good decisions now and for the future.

Thomas & Jennifer

Thomas and Jennifer are concerned for their children’s education once they return to Taiwan and pray that a teacher will come forth who can teach them and the 10 kids in the area who also need a teacher. Tyler’s speech therapy has gone well. Pray they can find a way to continue therapy there. Pray their teammates can grow the church, not just maintain it, in their absence.

Nick & Amanda

Nick and Amanda continue progress in language, ministry, and team life.  Amanda is doing a weekly Bible study with four women from the refugee church service and asks prayer that their husbands will come to the service. Nick and his teammate are playing soccer with men from the church in order to develop relationships and grow the circle of influence. Gus has been diagnosed with asthma, pray as they deal with breathing treatments. Also, pray for their tutor whose 18 year old son died in a car accident.

Ryan & Glenda

Ryan had an amazing time serving the poor for a week in the Southern region, and expresses gratitude that all the equipment for the Mobile Dental Clinic has been fully funded and purchased. He and Glenda have been able to engineer a few more social interactions for the kids and ask continued prayer for their schooling and socialization needs. Pray Glenda’s visitation with inpatient women will be eternally fruitful and for open hearts in the village “B”.

For more on Ryan & Glenda, see page 4 of the prayer guide.


Praise that Jackie B attended three days of training on a new method for sharing the Good News and was able to follow the lectures without a translator. There are deepening relationships with the girls she regularly disciples at Covenant City Church. Pray for wisdom as she grows in her role at Covenant City and develops a leadership team for women’s ministry. Pray for discernment in prioritizing God’s work as there are many opportunities, like friendships with girls in the English club, many of whom are from the majority religion of the city.

For more on Jackie, see page 26 of the prayer guide.

Jonathan & Amy

Jonathan and Amy Prudhomme return to Italy early next month as a newly married couple. Pray they will love each other well, adjust quickly to a new city and culture, transition easily to church planting, and for Amy’s language learning. Pray as they navigate cultural issues within the church that they will be wise and exhibit brotherly love.

For more on Jonathan & Amy, see page 45 of the prayer guide.