Clarke & Khrystya

Clarke and Khrystya Norton give praise for successful fundraising for their church building. Pray for this new building which would provide much needed credibility and permanence for the church. They ask prayer for Petro (26) who says that his relationship with the Norton’s and the church has deeply impacted his life. Pray that the Lord will lead Petro and his fiancé to a complete understanding of the Truth, and a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. Pray that the Lord will pour out his Spirit on the Nortons, the church at Lviv, and on the nation of Ukraine.

Planting Gospel Seeds Together

As we focus on what God is doing around the world this weekend, and how we can learn about and join with our missionaries in planting the seeds of the Gospel, pray that God will touch our hearts in a new way to be involved by praying, giving, and maybe even going to places where there are those who need to know Jesus.

Don’t worry if you missed any of the events from this weekend. Most of them will be on our website!


Judy Mbugua reports that although the way they work has changed, the Ladies Homecare Spiritual Fellowship is continuing, the students at the Bethel School of Sewing are set to return in February to in person instruction, and the Orphans and Vulnerable Children ministry has regularly fed the children and families of the Kibera slum. Pray for great spiritual power for Judy as she teaches and preaches. Pray for the staff of HSF, that they will abide with Jesus, and that his Name will be lifted high.

REMINDER: Check the 2pc website for WM UnConference virtual events today!

Daryl & Marlene

Daryl and Marlene ask prayer for making decisions for the upcoming year. Daryl has opportunities to help with the Missions at the Airport programs, and other consultation and aviation maintenance involvement. Pray they will know how to move forward with correct goals and strategies while strong conflicting views exist at many levels regarding Covid implications, vaccines, and those trying to inappropriately manipulate people through fear.

REMINDER: The World Missions UnConference starts tonight!


Praise that this past Sunday, Jackie, the core team, and Davin, the Indonesian pastor-in-training, were able to host their first virtual Bahasa service of their new Indonesian church plant. Pray that God would use this new service to reach many in the city who have not yet heard the truth. Pray for the Lord to open up Indonesia so that Jackie can return soon.

For more info on Jackie see page 57 of the prayer guide.


Jeremiah Davis is headed to Zambia as a 2PC First Responder to be part of the Campus Outreach team there. He asks prayer to remain faithful to the call of being on mission, and that he would abide in Christ. Pray that the team would be dependent on the Lord through rejoicing, suffering, decision making, and developing as a team. Pray that the team in Zambia would bear much fruit, and that they would receive joy from the Lord.


Aaliyah asks prayer for her and the staff at Bingham Academy in Ethiopia, that the Lord would provide wisdom and creativity as they strive to share the gospel and be the light of Christ to their students and the unreached community around them. Pray for physical health and protection from Covid for the students, staff, church leaders and the vulnerable communities, and for emotional and mental health through the challenges.

REMINDER: Check the 2pc website for World Missions UnConference virtual events taking place throughout the week!

Raju & Catherine

Although they live in another city, Raju and Catherine are still active in ministry to the poor and marginalized in their country and are casting vision for a much-needed home health ministry. Pray that others would see the importance of going to homes to share medical help and the gospel. Pray also that their team would not be discouraged by the pandemic but use it as an opportunity for new ways to reach out to others.

For more info on Raju & Catherine see page 47 of the prayer guide.

Greg & Elizabeth

Although Greg and Elizabeth spent all January on lockdown due to Covid, they were able to take a language evaluation test and were encouraged by their score. Please pray for continued growth in language and cultural acquisition. Elizabeth is part of a team that provides yarn for refugees to earn income from crocheted blankets. Pray that this practical help will be a bridge for sharing the gospel in the refugee community.

For more info on Greg & Elizabeth see page 42 of the prayer guide.

Steve & Marion

Steve and Marian Spencer ask prayer as they seek to establish Genesis University S. Africa. The school needs an official site before the government will give them approval and accreditation. A pre-existing school campus is available. Pray for the Lord to raise up donors and supporters to establish and maintain the university. Genesis would be S. Africa’s first Christian liberal arts university. The Spencers have been stateside during Covid. Pray that the Lord will open the borders of S. Africa, and for patience as they wait to return.

For more info on Steve & Marion see page 88 of the prayer guide.