Ukraine Summer camps

John and Marilyn Whittemore along with their grandson McKee are in Ukraine assisting with two camps for orphans. The first camp is for younger kids and the second one which runs through July 30 is for older youth. Pray for the new leadership in the camps, for team unity and to effectively share the love of Jesus with the children so that many would come to know Him. Pray for safety in travel and for the camps to have a strong impact for Jesus.

Sundanese Fellowship

The four teams of Sundanese Christian Fellowship continue outreach to the Sunda, the largest Indonesian unreached people group, through dogged persistence. Kardi, the church planter of the David Team, asks prayer for Soleh’s faith to remain despite the influence of the surrounding environment. Bimo, church planter for the Judah Team, asks prayer for the discipleship process for Abi and Anto and for the house church in midst of development.

George Tolias

George Tolias, leader of the Greek Evangelical Church in Glyfada, requests prayer for the spiritual needs of refugees in the At Home Project. Pray the BluPrint business ministry with 6 projects in progress would be a good witness for Christ as these entrepreneurs bring their business ideas to life. Pray the interns in the Timothy Project would have clear callings from the Lord for their future ministries and for the couples in the church to be rooted in the gospel as they raise their families.

For more info on George see page 9 of the prayer guide.

Brian & Joanne

While Covenant Hope Church still meets with other evangelical churches in the space assigned by the government, they have been having prayer meetings with about fifty attending. When Brian P asked those attending if any of them were having evangelical Bible studies with colleagues, 10-12 responded they were. Pray for these who have been built up in the faith, can identify a Godly church and desire to be an instrument of God as they return to their home country.

For more info on Brian & Joanne see page 14 of the prayer guide.

Paul & Violette

Pray for comfort for Paul and Violette Bridgman in the death of her mother. They were grateful to be able to attend her memorial service and spend time with Violette’s terminally ill younger sister. Three years after surgery, Paul is finally off the pain medication and is feeling much better. Pray for them and the Japanese leadership of the Sakuragaoka Church to be effective in reaching kids and older adults for Christ as these two groups are more open and less busy.

For more info on Paul & Violette see page 74 of the prayer guide.

Malawi ST team

Today a team from Second travels to Malawi to minister with World Relief. Don Riley, Jerry Roberts, Joel & Beth Kaye, Joel & Hollie Gillihan, and Dan & Catherine Burns will be training pastors and church leaders as well as doing a marriage conference and working with youth leaders. Pray for the logistics of the trip, translations to be successful, and love and faith to be evident to all involved as they desire to build up the church and people in the area before departing July 22.

Budapest Youth team

Mary Raine Ivy and Kevin McQuillen lead a team of 10 senior high students to Budapest to partner with the Paulus Movement where they will run an English conversation camp for junior and senior high students. The team will be teaching conversational English and playing sports and games, all to build relationships with Hungarian students. Pray they will also build team relationships and grow in the faith as they share and to return home July 24 more mature in their commitment.

Paul & Nora

Paul informs us that more churches in their E. Asia city have been closed in past weeks. Dozens of police came to their church requesting people to register with the police. When they refused, guards were sent to stay at the church door while there were people inside. Pray for these dear followers to stay strong amidst these disruptions. They have elected and ordained more elders in their mission churches and ask prayer for Paul’s family and the family of faith during this difficult time.

For more info on Paul & Nora see page 28 of the prayer guide.

Chris & Debbie

On their recent trip to Ethiopia, Chris and Debbie heard great news of Orthodox priests coming to Christ and understanding for the first time God’s marvelous grace. They were able to visit and encourage three sets of WO missionaries living and working in the ME and be with a missionary having surgery by one of three doctors in the world able to perform such surgery. Pray for God’s wisdom as they care for our workers around the world.

For more info on Chris & Debbie see page 61 of the prayer guide.

Tim & Huilan

Even though Tim is Academic Dean of a seminary, president of an association for house church seminaries, and Regional Director for his agency, government influence means most of his work must be conducted remotely. Pray for encouragement as he travels to Taiwan for various board meetings and sets up other training sites. Thankfully Huilan’s job is also mostly online. Pray for guidance as they try to develop new ministries in other E. Asia locations.

For more info on Tim & Huilan see page 26 of the prayer guide.