Kazakhstan ST Team

Pray for Dan Burns, John Good, Jack Ziegenhorn and Max Ziegenhorn as they travel to Kazakhstan to work with Ruslan & Zhanna and Young Life Central Asia doing ESL classes and spending a week doing a YL Camp for college students. Pray for receptive hearts as most of these young people have no knowledge or relationship with Christianity. Pray for our team to have energy, sensitivity, and good communications across language barriers before returning home on Aug.6.

Chris & Debbie

Chris and Debbie Gibson have been speaking and teaching at conferences in Ireland, Greece, and the U.S. Pray for personal time with the Lord, that they may be filled and richly prepared for ministry to missionaries in need. Pray as next month they move into an apartment in Budapest with space for missionaries to stay when needing intensive counseling. They ask we pray that those they are ministering to will have fruitful results for God’s Kingdom and that many will come to faith in Jesus.

For more info on Chris & Debbie see page 45 of the prayer guide.


GEM is setting up “focus cities”, providing several missionaries an intense time of training and coaching together before being sent out to other areas. Pray for Leslie as she considers what her part will be in this new initiative beginning in Germany. Pray for her family: for God’s grace, healthy rhythms, wisdom as parents and greater love at home and in their community. Pray for the family she is coaching in Cologne for encouragement in language learning and their son’s schooling situation.

For more info on Leslie see page 48 of the prayer guide.

John & Dawn

John and Dawn rejoice that their two oldest sons and families are now in Thailand ready to serve the Lord there. Pray for them as they transition into another language and culture working to untangle and rightly interpret a completely new and complex world view. Pray for John as he gives leadership, encouragement, and guidance to his sons as well as Pioneer teams in the area.

For more info on John & Dawn see page 28 of the prayer guide.

Dave & Robin

Dave and Robin have been leading efforts to serve their Kurdish friends locally as well as those displaced in their homeland. They continue to send teams to serve in Greece and help partners with resettling and integrating refugees. In Katerini the enrichment workshops have been well received as youth education and outreach is one of the greatest areas of need. They are sending a team to conduct workshops again in Art, Music, and Sports. Pray for these teams and partners in Greece.

For more info on Dave & Robin see page 6 of the prayer guide.

Malawi ST Team

A team from Second is traveling to Malawi to minister with World Relief there. Rob Crump, Don Riley, John & Britton Laughlin, Chad & Lindley Jackson, and Dan & Catherine Burns will be training pastors and church leaders,doing a marriage conference and working with youth leaders. Pray for logistics, for translations to be successful, and love and faith to be evident to all involved as they desire to build up the churches and people of the area. They will return on the 22nd.


The Tuesday night women’s Bible study at the church has been a real blessing and joy to Jackie as they studied the book of Exodus. Pray for her perseverance in language study as she learns the people’s heart language. Pray for her involvement in the kid’s programs at church and that the new members would grow in wisdom and truth and encourage one another in godliness as they come together each week in worship.

For more info on Jackie see page 26 of the prayer guide.

Brian & Joanne

Brian and Joanne ask prayer that the church will find favor with the government authorities and allow them to move their gathering place back to the part of town they are desiring to reach. Pray for Samantha and Steve, young members of their church, to find freedom in their home environment and grow in faith and hopefully share with their families. Pray the Lord will protect and strengthen them and deepen their roots in Him.

For more info on Brian & Joanne see page 12 of the prayer guide.

Herb & Heather

Herb and Heather share a pressing need at Annoor. The team serving in the Ras An Naqab clinic and the village it serves has been experiencing a crime wave. Pray for the Annoor security manager as he implements security upgrades for the team as they seek to bring the Good News to that impoverished region of Jordan. Pray for a full time Jordanian assistant to handle all the government regulations for operating legally and without delay regarding permits, visas, etc.

For more info on Herb & Heather see page 8 of the prayer guide.

Scott & Tina

Pray for Scott and Tina Lawrence’s short home leave to be refreshing and provide a chance to connect with supporters, family, and friends in need. Scott has been teaching and doing planning to bring medical teams to Ethiopia while Tina and James have checked out colleges prior to his senior year. Pray for growth of their eye care ministry as they seek to reach out to underserved communities even as they give thanks that volume at the clinic has nearly doubled in the last year.

For more info on Scott & Tina see page 76 of the prayer guide.