Scott & Tina

In his quest to bring sight to the people of Ethiopia and neighboring countries, Scott Lawrence is grateful for opportunities to hire one or two more doctors for the medical work. Pray for restored health for Tina and James as they are the last of the family to fully recover from recent illness. They also ask prayer for new elementary and secondary teachers at their sons’ school Bingham Academy.

For more info on Scott & Tina see page 42 of the prayer guide.

Jeff & Lynne

While Jeff and Lynne and their five children have been on home leave for several months, their teammates have been traveling to remote parts of their host country to pray for and share the gospel with Mly people as they try to go to the 25 zones where there is no ongoing witness for Jesus. Pray Jeff will be able to get a different type of visa allowing them to continue to work where they have been for many years.

For more info on Jeff & Lynne see page 86 of the prayer guide.

The China Partnership

The China Partnership requests prayer for the protection of church leaders and pastors especially Pastor Ivan who has a challenging job pastoring a new church, and for Pastor Paul whose church has been under attack by local authorities. Pray for the churches to grow in their ability to love and build up their leaders as they stand strong together against opposition.

Mike & Stephanie

Mike and Stephanie are excited that he has a new position with World Outreach as the ITEN Specialist for Missional Theology and Practice. His time will be divided between teaching online or at theological institutions, mentoring nationals, writing and publishing, and assisting the ITEN leadership team. He and Stephanie will be based in the Pacific Northwest. Pray for their adjustment to a new home and Mike’s new job.

For more info on Mike & Stephanie see page 16 of the prayer guide.

Sundanese Fellowship

Pray for the Sundanese Christian Fellowship teams in Indonesia as they work to bring the Gospel to the people of that area. The Paul Team has succeeded in forming 3 house churches led by local congregations and plans another this year. Pray the Love to Read program and the Rainbow Club will foster faith among children. The Judah Team gives thanks for the number of people baptized, the six house churches added, and discipleship training of local leaders.


Pray for Laura as she continues her language studies in Jordan in preparation for serving among Arabic speaking people. Pray the interaction with others in the program will be beneficial in many ways and that she can build real friendships leading to opportunities to share the good news with those around her. Pray for encouragement and good health.

For more info on Laura see page 13 of the prayer guide.

Kyle & Claudia

Kyle and Claudia are grateful to see the resurgence of youth coming back to the churches they work with. Forty five percent inflation has cut into support for community centers in the shanty town, however Kyle is looking forward to a project funded by an Asian foundation who offered a former warehouse building for teaching and workshop needs. Pray for Kyle as he builds a staff and formulates plans for this project. Pray for safety especially in anticipation of upcoming elections this year.

For more info on Kyle & Claudia see page 51 of the prayer guide.

Thomas & Jennifer

Thomas and Jennifer entered the Chinese New Year reflecting on what has been accomplished over the last year. They were grateful to realize their congregation has tripled in size over the course of the year with 30-40 regular attenders. There have been more baptisms and church members are willing to serve and lead. They give thanks for all the Lord has done even as they faced medical issues and ask prayer for God’s continued provision.

For more info on Thomas & Jennifer see page 77 of the prayer guide.

Jeff & Katie

Jeff and Katie are back in Japan after visiting family in the U.S. over the holidays. He is continuing his language learning with private tutoring focused on listening and conversation. Pray for this and the ability to communicate clearly to their Japanese friends and neighbors. Also pray for them as they seek God’s leading in their family’s ministry and their place in building up the church there.

For more info on Jeff & Katie see page 76 of the prayer guide.


Pray for Jackie as she adjusts to reverse culture shock transitioning back to the U.S. for a few months after 2 ½ years in Jakarta. Pray for rest, and that she can convey the needs and opportunities in Jakarta at the many speaking opportunities she will have. Pray for wisdom to know the right ways to maintain communication with the girls she has been ministering to and to communicate value and love to them even while away.

For more info on Jackie see page 32 of the prayer guide.