Rob & Tunde

Rob and Tunde Futo report their church plant, Sarokko church, has continued to experience growth even as they meet in a coffee shop centrally located near apartment buildings and transit. They love the coffee shop which is large enough to hold their congregation, but feel the Lord is leading them to step out in faith and seek a building of their own. They ask prayer as they begin to pray and think about their own building and the process of making it a reality.

For more info on Rob & Tunde see page 60 of the prayer guide.

Steve & Lizzie

Steve and Lizzie had an amazing time serving at their church’s camp. Many were the same students they had spent time with last summer and it was an opportunity to deepen those connections. Between camps they moved into a new home and ask prayer it doesn’t take long to feel settled. They hosted two summer interns for ten weeks. Pray for the new believers from their youth groups to get connected for discipleship, and for continued energy and language study.

For more info on Steve & Lizzie see page 6 of the prayer guide.


Robby reports that the Philemon Project’s partnership with Resurrection Church Beirut is enabling them to provide a place for new believers to grow in their faith. Pray as they desire to replicate the early childhood development and adult mentoring program in other areas of Lebanon. Four Muslim families have become Christians and are being discipled by the church and many of the children who finish the program receive scholarships into private or public schools. Pray for Robby, the 18 staff members and their efforts.

For more info on Robby & Joyce see page 69 of the prayer guide.

Thomas & Jennifer

Pray for Thomas and Jennifer to stay healthy so they can focus on the work God has called them to do. They ask prayer for wisdom as they work with their cross-cultural team which Jennifer leads. Thomas continues a weekly Bible study with Jacky and preaches at church, pray his preaching will mature the church in the Word. They a working toward handing over the church plant to Jordan and Bella when they are ready.

For more info on Thomas & Jennifer see page 77 of the prayer guide.


Under the leadership of Judy Mbugua, Homecare Spiritual Fellowship is seeing progress in all its programs. The Bethel Dressmaking students have begun a new semester, and some are identifying ministries they feel called to at their churches. They rejoice that 200 children in the Orphaned and Vulnerable Children (OVC) program were able to participate in a week of camp and 9 of their sponsored children are in university. Pray for women in the Fadhili program who are unwell.

For more info on Judy see page 43 of the prayer guide.


Josh is grateful his language has improved, and that he knew the culture well enough to help his fellow new teachers from all over the world adjust to living in Jakarta. He is teaching math in a Christian school and asks prayer for a healthy, productive start to the school year and to continue to build deep relationships. Pray for one student with whom he can invest extra time and energy.

For more info on Josh see page 33 of the prayer guide.

Stephen & Belinda

Pray for Stephen and Belinda who moved to a new home in the U.S. and are preparing to return to the ETC for a conference on “Mentoring”, Sept. 16-24. Pray the Lord will prepare the hearts of the MBB’s attending and strengthen them as they return to areas where Christ is not honored, and life is trying. Pray for assistance for Belinda as she oversees the operations, meals, and hospitality and that God will be glorified in all that is said and done.

For more info on Stephen & Belinda see page 72 of the prayer guide.

Tim & Tanya

Pray for Tim and Tanya as they adjust to being parents to daughter, Astrid, born on July 26. Pray as they develop a new ministry in Almaty and explore long term options of either serving in Almaty, or perhaps returning to Bishkek. Pray for Tanya to receive the proper documents to visit the US and meet Tim’s family sometime in the coming year. Pray for their new ministry patterns, both as parents and as residents of Almaty, and that young people and those with special needs might meet Jesus through them.

For more info on Tim & Tanya see page 21 of the prayer guide.

Herb & Heather

Praise that Annoor received approval from the Ministry of Health. Herb asks we pray they will be able to get exemptions from two regulations, which would have an adverse effect on the hospital and their ability to remain a volunteer organization. Pray for the best path forward for reopening the clinic in Ras an Naqab and for opportunities to stay connected to patients in that area.

For more info on Herb & Heather see page 12 of the prayer guide.

The Youngs

The Youngs have returned home from a trip to Vietnam connecting with a group of churches and looking into partnering opportunities. They ask prayer for twins, born to Munna and Pushpa, one of whom had some health issues. Pray their witness to their grieving neighbor will open doors to share the Gospel. They are grateful that Heidi, who is from Mexico, has joined their team and possibly opened doors for equipping other cross-cultural workers through teaching opportunities.

For more info on The Youngs see page 20 of the prayer guide.