China Partnership

The China Partnership requests prayer for the church in Xiamen suffering persecution under new religious regulations. Pray for provision of a safe space and to operate without disruption as well as protection of the Christian schools. Pray for a Spirit-empowered church in Kunming to take the gospel to people from all walks of life, and for the Lord to deliver the city from the bondage of sexual sin. Pray for deliverance as drug trafficking and drug use are rampant and a deeply-rooted problem.

Chris & Debbie

Sunrise House is the new facility located just outside Budapest that Chris and Debbie Gibson have started for EPC workers needing intensive counseling and rest. Although they will continue to go to workers where they serve, they now have an easily accessible place for missionaries to come for care, counseling, and spiritual nurturing. They give thanks for those who helped make the Sunrise House a reality and ask prayer for sensitivity to when and where to direct their time and energy.

For more info on Chris & Debbie see page 45 of the prayer guide.

Sundanese – David Team

For the David Team of the Sundanese Christian Fellowship, “obstacles are not reason” and they ask prayer for the Team and their families to stay motivated to reach the people in PWKU to be discipled. Though there are many obstacles awaiting the Judah Team they want to see more people receive salvation. Pray for safety and encouragement for the field staff to reach more people in their service area and for the four teams taking the Gospel to this large Indonesian unreached people group.

Andy & Brooke

Pray for Andy as he travels this month to Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, and Hong Kong meeting with Campus Outreach International Directors for vision development and strategic planning, as well as relationship building and encouragement for staff. He will also visit several international options for expansion sites. Pray for God’s wisdom in leading, balance in ministry engagement, and focus in expanding the international work of CO.

For more info on Andy & Brooke see page 58 of the prayer guide.

Randy & Martha

Pray for Randy and Martha as they continue to draw internationals in the DC area into an introductory Bible series, and as they guide people interested in serving on the mission field. They request prayer for people of peace leading to movements of disciples for Jesus among the teams they coach in SE Asia. As they host their friend Rafida, pray her heart and that of her family will be drawn to Jesus.

For more info on Randy & Martha see page 30 of the prayer guide.

Herb & Heather

Residency and medical credential approval continue to be a major hurdle for Herb and the Annoor staff. Doctors and nurses must complete their professional accreditation before seeking residency which is complicated by the fact they come from many different countries. Pray for these faithful workers to be approved and for peaceful relationships among all the patients despite the different nationalities, cultures, and tribes represented in the wards.

For more info on Herb & Heather see page 8 of the prayer guide.

Norm & Ruth Ann

After a four-month sabbatical, Norm and Ruth Ann are looking to integrate what they experienced and learned into their ministry. She leaves today for Hungary and Bosnia for leadership training and visiting a field team. They are excited the Holiday Inn Express on the Pioneers campus will be opening this month providing needed housing for Pioneer events as well as creating a partnership for God’s glory and Kingdom purposes.

For more info on Norm & Ruth Ann see page 9 of the prayer guide.

Dave & Robin

This is Servant Group’s 25th year sending teams to Iraq and 17th serving at the schools they helped to start. This year most of the staff will start serving part-time at the schools and invest the rest of their time and energy into relationships with local neighbors, families and friends. They are excited for the opportunity to share more of life and faith with new neighbors. Pray for Dave and Robin as they balance their efforts between Iraq, Greece, and home ministry.

For more info on Dave & Robin see page 6 of the prayer guide.

Daryl & Marlene

Daryl and Marlene are grateful for the good visit they recently had with their support team and family in Washington. Pray as they process information and implement direction from the leadership recognizing the need for both organizational and strategic adjustments. They are grateful for volunteer help but need permanent people to meet upcoming growth as well as normal attrition needs.

For more info on Daryl & Marlene see page 27 of the prayer guide.

Michael & Caroline

Pray for Michael and Caroline as the family adjusts to his new work schedule. Pray he would have wisdom and reflect the Son as he interacts with his discouraged and overworked coworkers. Pray Elif and her husband would see the love of the Son expressed and that seeds planted when Sercan attended worship service with them would grow. Pray for healing for Caroline’s residual pain after a kidney infection.

For more info on Michael & Caroline see page 13 of the prayer guide.