Paul & Violette

Paul and Violette restarted the English classes and ask prayer for protection from a second wave of the virus or fears of such. They were able to utilize the Jesus film DVD in Japanese for kids coming to the kids’ outreach. They ask prayer for their mission which has lost some of their new missionaries because of sin or conflict. Pray for them as retirement is drawing closer, and for wisdom in preparations.

For more info on Paul & Violette see page 24 of the prayer guide.

Hans & Carolein

Hans and Carolein report that ICP network (Intercultural Church Plants) celebrated its 15th anniversary with a special broadcast online. They shared a range of new online training courses, announced an anniversary magazine, and updated the new Songs2Serve website. The celebration included dance, drama, music, prayer, sermon, drawing and singing under the theme “Jesus, King of all nations”. Pray for the growth of ICP and for the spread of the gospel through their network.

For more info on Hans & Carolein see page 10 of the prayer guide.


As people throughout the world continue to deal with preventing the spread of COVID-19, pray for the rural areas of the Ntchisi district in Malawi to use the information they have received to prevent its spread. Gibson asks prayer that the church members would not be afraid but would be encouraged by the Lord during this period of uncertainty and minister to others in word and deed.

For more info on Gibson see page 87 of the prayer guide.

Stephen & Belinda

Pray for Belinda who is having extensive back surgery today. Pray for wisdom and care from the surgeons and doctors, and for Stephen as he alters his ministry plans to help her during her recovery. Pray he can continue internet/online oversight of the training center and those involved with mentoring and ministering to MBBs. Pray for Belinda’s recovery to be quick and that the surgery is successful in relieving her pain.

For more info on Stephen & Belinda see page 14 of the prayer guide.


Josh is grateful for the unity of their church despite being separated and prays this continues to be a blessing to others. Pray he will become fluent in Bahasa while in lockdown, for the men’s Bible study to grow in the knowledge of Jesus, and for their community group to practice what they preach. He is officially the lead math teacher communicating with the leadership team, overseeing curriculum for grades 7-12, developing a stellar math department, and teaching various math classes for grades 8-12. Their goal is to be “in class” and not online at the start of the school year – pray for this and Josh’s new responsibilities.

For more info on Josh see page 55 of the prayer guide.


Heath & Angela

Heath and Angela, Rees and Mary Taylor have returned to the US after serving at Tenwek since 2014. They will continue to serve as missionaries with WGM until October allowing them to complete some transitional work. In their six years of service they developed the general surgery residency program, have 13 surgeons serving at Tenwek, and Angela laid the groundwork for the OB/GYN residency slated to begin in January 2021. They are grateful the assistant program director will take over the administrative duties Heath leaves behind. Pray as the family readjusts to being in the U.S. and looking forward to what God has in store for them.

For more info on Heath & Angela see page 83 of the prayer guide.


Nicole is excited to be helping her father Michael with administrative work for the men’s seminar “Reformed Men”, a 10 session seminar with 140 men exploring God’s calling to be shepherd leaders in their home, business, and churches by learning from the life of David. Pray for the seminar to re-form them into the kind of men who can fulfill God’s vision for them. Pray for Third Culture Kids who are struggling with their cultural identity to be led to place their identity ultimately in Christ.

For more info on Nicole see page 59 of the prayer guide.

Daryl & Marlene

Daryl asks prayer for JAARS leadership decisions concerning the pre-field orientation training that has been adjusted to online but requires actual flight training and checkouts in the mountains of NC. Pray for fellow missions’ aviation organization MAF’s team and family of pilot who perished in an accident in a Kodiak cargo aircraft in Indonesia. Pray for Daryl’s new project that requires much communication to locations worldwide over the next several months.

For more info on Daryl & Marlene see page 58 of the prayer guide.

Tim & Tanya

Praise Tanya was granted a visa! They arrived back in the U.S. yesterday. They are excited for Tanya and daughter Astrid to meet Tim’s family, friends, and supporters. Pray for some peace and rest, and a special time with family.

For more info on Tim & Tanya see page 51 of the prayer guide.


John is grateful for progress made at the hatchery before the shutdown. They had the hatchery operational, two new villages available, and ready to hire another national church planter. They were also negotiating with a large international seafood company that would cover all the mari-culture stock produced this year. All that came to a screeching halt with the pandemic. Just last week they were able to place a team back onsite and are hoping to restart the hatchery. Pray for wise decisions and opportunity to share their faith and hope.

For more info on John see page 65 of the prayer guide.