Dean & Kyria

Dean and Kyria enjoyed their time in the country living with their host family and immersing themselves in the language and local culture. They ask prayer for God’s leading and creativity as they research and imagine some long-term visa possibilities. Dean has some construction experience and they are wondering if opening a construction company in the future might be a good long-term opportunity that would allow them to work there in minority languages and establish a fellowship.

For more info on Dean & Kyria see page 49 of the prayer guide.

Brian & Joanne

Brian and the CMU team were blown away that 60+ students showed up for the Welcome Back event in July. Pray for the Lord to raise up a new generation of believers that will testify in the future that the challenges of COVID brought the best generation of Thai laborers for Christ yet! Terri is grateful she was able to spend time with and encourage the CO Udorn team. Pray for Carrie Lewis to be able to join their team – she is waiting on approval from authorities to return to Thailand.

For more info on Brian & Terri see page 61 of the prayer guide.


God has a way of using our health to show us we are exhausted, and a break is needed. That was the case for Steffen as he suffered health issues forcing him to step back from his responsibilities at Mittendrin. With good medical care, he is doing better and preached for the first time since Nov. 2019. He and wife Nata are thankful for God’s grace visible in their weakness. Pray for wisdom in the division of forces and the priorities of the various tasks, for clarity on some issues that are in their head and heart, and for the Mittendrin team and the many people in their city who do not yet know Jesus.


Leslie was inspired and encouraged by the annual GEM (digital) conference “Breath – Restoring Life”. One of the things she learned is that there are 30 appointed staff in the USA, who have all the funds they need to move to Europe – but are being held back by COVID. Please pray for these staff, that they will listen to the Lord as they are waiting to come, that the Lord would bless this time, and prepare Leslie for the arrival of those coming to Germany.

For more info on Leslie see page 15 of the prayer guide.


As Allison waits to move to South Africa, pray she would wait well – with expectation and joy – trusting in God’s good timing while also still investing here in Memphis. Pray for the many CO campus ministries across the nation and world (including Memphis and South Africa) trying to figure out how to do more virtual ministry with the resources at hand – pray for creativity, wisdom, favor, and perseverance as they explore innovative ideas and opportunities.

For more info on Allison see page 86 of the prayer guide.


Larry shares it has been a challenge as ABC lost several key personnel who chose to go home when Covid hit, their president is stuck in the US and unable to return at present, and students had to finish the school year online. This next school year, Larry will be teaching at both ABC College and ABC Academy and will have over 300 students. His son Carey, a HS Senior, will one of his students. Pray for Larry as he juggles teaching three classes at the college and one at the academy in addition to preaching opportunities. Pray for Carey as he will make decisions on a college.

For more info on Larry see page 79 of the prayer guide.


Robby shares that amidst the pandemic and on the heels of tragedy in Lebanon, came great joy as Joyce and he rejoiced at the wedding of their daughter Lydia and their new son-in-law Darius. Pray for this young couple as they begin married life together. Robby reports the GROW team is busy serving the community, giving out meals and providing support to heal the psychological wounds. By God’s grace, their work helps change people into active survivors rather than passive victims—all to the glory of God. Continue to pray for the GROW team and the people of Beirut.

For more info on Robby see page 39 of the prayer guide.


DeAnna has seen God’s abundant blessings as she completes her support team in preparation to leave for Zambia at the end of this year. Psalm 31 has been especially helpful as she experiences inconsistent emotions, and unpredictable and disappointing circumstances. Pray for this season of waiting and transition as her heart longs for a place of security, overflow, and abundance, and to go where He has called her to serve.

For more info on DeAnna see page 80 of the prayer guide.

Clarke & Khrystya

God continues his work despite lockdowns and quarantines as Clarke shares the story of “D” , a youth in their ministry who shared the bible reading plan that Clarke gave him with his mother and sister. His sister, who was shy and did not want to pray, is now praying in her own words with excitement! Pray that God would give Clarke and Khrystya great wisdom so that He may be exalted and that God would cleanse his church through this season so that his people would humbly submit to his purposes and ongoing work.

For more info on Clarke & Khrystya see page 18 of the prayer guide.

Jon & Mo

The Lord continues to faithfully lead Jon and Mo toward moving to Indonesia despite Covid and all the unknowns that accompany it. The next step is to begin their visa applications so they will be in line when Indonesia resumes issuing visas. Pray for this process and for wisdom and discernment about when to leave and to surrender to God all the things they cannot control. Pray for the Lord to prepare their hearts for the people of Indonesia and that they would have faith to see beyond the obstacles that seem to hinder their ministry.

For more info on Jon & Mo see page 66 of the prayer guide.