Sasha Flek

Sasha Flek shares that the Prague church is growing in its new downtown location with more room to accommodate growth and allow them to have a children’s program on Sunday mornings. His core group is much more solid and has a plan for discipling people. Pray for the growth of this church, more disciples, and new families.

Joe & Austia

Following their short stay in the US, Joe and Austia were grateful for God’s provision of new language helpers, Aizan and Fitri. Pray these relationships will lead to open doors for the Gospel just as relationships with previous language helpers have opened doors for friendship and prayer. Pray that through Joe and Austia’s prayer support these individuals will come to know the Great Physician.

Roger & Abi

Pray the artist parties Roger and Abi Lowther have in their Tokyo living room continue as a great way to meet artists and build community in the art world. Pray for God’s provision for a ministry space to rent, and wisdom and energy to prioritize and manage their many ministry demands, and for their kids’ emotional and spiritual health as they live in an area without Christian neighbors or classmates.Lowther Family 2013


Johnson Twinomujuni of Uganda Bible Institute asks prayer for himself and the staff to have energy and wisdom as they train and nurture leaders who will lead His flock with wisdom and understanding. They will graduate a fourth class in June, pray for the arrangements, and that the Lord would continue to provide as this ministry grows.

Johnson Twinomujuni


Karen Taylor has settled back into Cambodia teaching Academic Writing and Public Speaking to juniors and basic English to RULE teachers and staff. She is also working with the Student Center, where students hangout, putting together a study about reading the Bible for meaning and application. Pray these teaching opportunities and other relationships to develop.

Andras Kazar

The Paulus Movement of Budapest has begun a city center church plant that meets every other week. Andras Kazar preaches in both churches for now. Another couple from the mother church has moved to a nearby town and praying about starting a satellite church there. Pray for God to raise up leaders to help establish these churches and seekers to fill them.

Merry Christmas!

Christmas! Today marks the reason our missionaries are away from loved ones doing what God has called them to do, proclaim Jesus to the world. Pray as they observe this day with many from other cultures. Pray for their families, separated by distance, for peace and comfort during this special season.

Dave & Joyce

Having spent 30+ years with the Bauzi tribe in Papua developing a written language, teaching them to read, and translating portions of the Bible for them, Dave and Joyce continue to find ways to share the Gospel and improve their life. Pray for Joyce training community leaders about HIV-AIDS, and for the rebuilding of the multipurpose building to provide a local place for elementary school children to attend school instead of traveling elsewhere.dave-joyce

The Youngs

MEDIC is doing well yet cultural practices have revealed the need to make some adjustment and prepare a new job description for the Executive Director. The Youngs and their team have been doing some strategic planning and covet our prayers. They are trying to implement a new training program for outreach but are having difficulty fitting this into team members’ busy schedules, pray for guidance.

Josh & Elizabeth

Josh and Elizabeth Johnson are expanding the Sinergia loan program, and opportunities for women to learn new skills or tools to use in their businesses. Elizabeth taught the group to make and ice cupcakes to sell. They marvel how God is bringing the Sinergia team together and desire to be worthy examples of the gospel to their clients. Soccer matches have become a wonderful tool for ministry, pray God will guide them to further this ministry.JoshElizabeth.122417