Heath & Angela

Heath and Angela are rejoicing that approval for the Tenwek OB/GYN residency program has been granted. Pray as they work out the many details of residency housing, faculty, etc. Additionally, a new general surgery residency at a nearby hospital was also approved. All the staff are Tenwek graduates and Heath will be offering advice and encouragement to these young colleagues. Pray for these ministries and Heath and Angela’s leadership in these vital roles.

For more info on Heath & Angela see page 41 of the prayer guide.

Juan & Maria

In his responsibility with the Presbytery, Juan Patt has been involved in helping establish a five-year strategic plan to move forward the Presbytery’s school ministry. Pray for the effectiveness of this planning and for Juan’s oversight and leadership of the two churches he pastors in Belize.

For more info on Juan & Maria see page 47 of the prayer guide.


Pray for Nicole as she continues to raise her support team. She plans to return to her native Indonesia on August 4 under the auspices of Pioneers and pick up the mantle of work alongside that of her father’s ministry. Pray the ministry work she did in the U.S. can translate to another culture as she adjusts to the country she left many years ago and renews fluency in the language. Pray for encouragement, renewed and new friendships, all the logistics of getting settled in a new country and culture.

For more info on Nicole see page 35 of the prayer guide.


John’s mariculture work focuses on bringing economic life to struggling coastal communities, marine life to over-fished waters, and spiritual life to those who have never had a Gospel witness. His team has cooperative agreements with four villages set up so that each family in the village derives some economic benefit from the project. They expect to double the staff and bring on two more national church planters. Pray for the staff, ongoing safety, open doors, and hearts open to the Gospel.

For more info on John see page 36 of the prayer guide.


The ministry for Breccia Di Roma takes Leonardo to various countries from Croatia, to Spain, to Poland, and various places in Italy debating Roman theologians, teaching, lecturing about the evangelical Gospel. The Reformation walks offered to Roman schools drew more than 400 students this year and the Il Soggiomo offers a friendly space to 40-50 refugees twice a week. Pray for the team’s various outreaches to scholars, leaders, refugees and youth.

For more info on Leonardo see page 4 of the prayer guide.

Andy & Brooke

Andy reports the church is expanding in Africa, the continent is young, and the church is aging which is why CO is concentrating on sending laborers and leaders desperately needed in the church. Now missionaries are being sent to Zambia with the support of the S. African church. Additionally, CO is helping revitalize in New Zealand, Thailand, China and the Philippines. Pray for Andy and Campus Outreach Intl. as they recruit, equip, and send young missionaries to these places.

For more info on Andy & Brooke see page 54 in the prayer guide.


Pray as the staff at Annoor makes changes requested by the Ministry of Health and prepare for a follow up visit. Pray patients who went home for Ramadan will return to complete their treatment. Several needy patients from the Rukban refugee camp on the northern border of Jordan have been under their care, pray for wisdom and an open door to reach those who are living in that very isolated and dangerous situation.

Jeff & Lynne

Jeff and Lynne are praying for the “Mly Super Bloom” for many Mly to come to Christ, and for more follow up meetings with local people interested in Jesus. Lynne and a few other ladies participated in a training event called “Flourish” designed to help women discover their worth before God and how they can better thrive in all areas of their lives. Four ladies have been trained and are ready to use this tool with their neighbors. Pray for its impact among the local community.

For more info on Jeff & Lynne see page 86 of the prayer guide.

Greg & Elizabeth

Greg and Elizabeth have finished Phase 1 of the language/cultural acquisition method they are using. As they begin Phase 2, pray the method of pictures and acting out daily activities helps to cement the language in their minds. Pray for their language nurturer and that they would not get discouraged when learning is slower than expected. Also pray as they meet with leaders about how to best be involved where they are for the long term.

For more info on Greg & Elizabeth see page 67 of the prayer guide.

Norm & Ruth Ann

Recently Norm and Ruth Ann had opportunities to prepare for their new ministries. The EuroConnect Regional conference enabled Ruth Ann to connect with some team members in Europe that she will work with in her new role as Member Care Coordinator. And Norm learned from the director of Arab World Media that since last year’s Ramadan 288 known individual Muslim men and women have given their lives to Christ through AWM. Pray for Norm and Ruth Ann as they prepare to move and take on these new ministries.

For more info on Norm & Ruth Ann see page 55 of the prayer guide.