Norm & Ruth Ann

Pray for Pioneers workers who have been actively involved in helping with the refugee situation in Europe. Norm and Ruth Ann Leduc just welcomed 43 recruits who are leaving for service in the next few months. Pray for the Lord’s provision and prepared hearts. The annual budget has been presented to the Board and Norm asks we pray they will be good stewards of the resources and opportunities the Lord gives.


Pray for Larry Brown to have wisdom to love and raise his son Carey, a very outgoing, athletic thirteen year-old.  As Larry teaches at African Bible College, pray he will be able to balance those responsibilities with his duties as a single father at this critical time in Carey’ s life. Pray Carey will gain in faith and wisdom as he grows in stature.

Larry & Carey 7-14

Andras Kazar

Andras Kazar indicates that summer camps are always a great catalyst for their ministry, enabling them to meet many new people and deepen their relationship with contacts from the past year. Following the Bible School, the leadership team spent two days in training to consider what spiritual leadership is. Pray God will draw them to Himself and that they will take advantage of the opportunities He has placed before them.

The Prices

After a lengthy delay, The Prices’ have received their visas/work permit to teach in a Middle Eastern country. He is already busy teaching classes and she is enrolled in language classes. They are enthusiastic and feel they are where they belong. Pray for their continued adjustment and for a healthy work/home balance as next semester he will start language classes and a possible increased teaching load.


In observing Thanksgiving today, what better way to give thanks to God than to thank Him for the servants who carry His love and Good News around the world. Many serve in places where the Gospel is not welcomed. Pray for them to stand strong in the faith and give thanks to the One who provides their strength, protection, and provision.

Tezar & Tatiana

Pray for Tezar and Tatiana, as Tezar builds a core team to start a new church in Indonesia in the latter part of 2016. Pray for Tatiana, who is expecting in February, for good health for her and the baby. This is Tezar’s home country so pray it will soon feel like Tatiana’s as well as she learns the language and culture, and establishes friendships.

The Youngs

The Youngs ask prayer for Joseph and his family to secure the proper documentation to return to the field very soon. Presently they have over 300 women in the MEDIC program, many of whom live in large Muslim slum areas. Pray for expansion of the program and that it opens doors for the Gospel. Pray for the 13 local guys, primarily pastors and lay leaders, to be equipped for fruitful outreach through the life-on-life mentoring program.

Heath & Angela

Heath and Angela are grateful for the growing relationships with Kenyan friends and for Rees and Mary Taylor’s adjustment. Pray for Angela to have wisdom in balancing ministry at home and the hospital, and for patience and joy in her role as homeschooling teacher/mom. Pray God will develop hearts for mission in the surgical residents, and for the medical trainees to sense God’s presence while at Tenwek Hospital and gain a greater sense of how to use their lives for His Kingdom.

Heath & Angela Many 8-14

Craig & Stacy

Pray for the new mentoring group Craig and Stacy Pohl are leading in their home, that God will use them to strengthen and encourage this group of servant-leaders in their walk with Him, marriages, and ministry. Pray for wisdom for new opportunities at their church and in how to truly serve, equip, and lead well. Stacy and Aimee continue to struggle with asthma and allergy issues, pray for knowledgeable doctors to treat/cure these health issues.

Craig & Stacy Pohl 2015

Nick & Amanda

For Nick and Amanda, Ellie and Hazel this first year has been full of ups and downs as they immersed themselves in Arabic language learning and the culture where they live. They are grateful for meeting friends from all over the world. Pray for them as they look forward to their second year in this location and that it will begin to be more like home, even though they miss family, neighbors, friends in Memphis, grass and trees.