Daniel & Stefanie

Pray for Daniel and Stefanie as they make a pre-field visit to their country and make final preparations to depart for ministry in S. Asia in September.  Pray for completion of raising support, the sale of their home, long term visas, a month long training program, resolution of Stefanie’s health issues, and saying goodbye to the people they love.

Andy & Brooke

Andy and Brooke ask prayer for unity and strong, trusting relationships for their growing team. In addition to teaching English majors at the university, Andy will have a team of business professionals coming for a Leadership Forum. This is a big step in seeing a deeper impact within the commerce and business communities.

Judy Mbugua

Judy Mbugua asks prayer that they can increase the number of sponsored children to 350 and build 20 more rooms at the Karen Retreat Center, for the 12 girls graduating from the Bethel Dressmaking School to start their own businesses and another 20 to be trained by year-end, and for Homecare Spiritual Fellowship to be able to continue their radio and television ministry.


Ministry in the city churches which Second supports continue to expand and grow in Europe. Leonardo di Chirico teaches and leads many outreach ministries in central Italy. Pray the old church building they often use for training and outreach gatherings will become available to purchase at a good price.

Brian & Cary

Pray for Brian, Cary and Mary Ragan as they plunge back into life in East Asia after a three month furlough. Pray for their Mom’s Conference at the end of March to minister to the moms they serve. Pray God will provide a forever family for Tony, an eight year old orphan with special needs, in their city.

The Youngs

The Youngs ask prayer for the MEDIC team as they address staff issues. The program is meeting needs in impoverished areas and even initiating church planning efforts. Continue to pray for a Rotary Club connection for the MEDIC program.

Thomas & Jennifer

Thomas and Jennifer are thankful for opportunities to bond with those they have been ministering to each week. Pray for a good number of new moms for the Bible Study, that the Saturday night church will help people grow in Christ, and for wisdom in their ministry.

Davy & Pey

Davy and Pey ask prayer for their fourth child due in May. Also pray for the truths of the gospel to penetrate the hearts of the seminary students and bear significant fruit in their lives. Pray for the fellowship group who are in the process of planting a church.

Daryl & Marlene

Daryl and Marlene Bussert are grateful for the progress made on planning the Indonesia Aviation Audit trip scheduled for April. Pray for discernment and efficiency as they incorporate the major changes taking place with the addition of new JAARS partnerships and relationships, and the new technological tools that leadership is putting into place.

Jason & Lisa

Jason and Lisa got much needed time to relax and refresh at their agency’s conference in Thailand. Pray the classes Jason is teaching this semester will provide opportunities to expand their friendship base and enable them to share more of Christ’s love to students, faculty, and neighbors.