Larry Brown is waiting on word about his Permanent Resident Permit. Pray he gets this prior to his planned return to Malawi the end of June. If he doesn’t get the permit, the only way he can re-enter Malawi is to purchase an expensive return ticket to the US and then it’s a guess as to what he will need to do after he arrives to be allowed to stay and resume his ministry.

Cambodia ST Team

Pray for Jackie Burns and her team of 6 heading to Cambodia to teach English to the World Relief staff. They will also see field work in the outlying areas of Phnom Penh and build bridges with our national partners. Pray for safety, good health, team unity and clarity in their teaching.


Pray for Paul in East Asia who is publishing Christian literature, assisting in the seminary, and pastor at a church that is under surveillance by local authorities. Pray for his protection and ability to faithfully proclaim the gospel.


Pray for the communities affected by the flood in southern Mozambique, that they would be able to re-establish roads and communications and that the new crops would grow quickly. Pray for spiritual transformation group leaders to preach and live out the gospel in the Gaza district.


Pray for the Christian University UPH in Jakarta, the church planting network PARI, and the tribal groups in Papua that the 2PC team visited in March. Pray that God would lead 2PC into a strategic partnership in Indonesia that would result in an expansion of church planting among unreached and under-evangelized people.


Thank God for Steffen Weil’s church plant in Pottsdam, Germany that is now having services twice a month with 50-60 people in attendance. Pray also for his coffee shop, Zweitwohnsitz, which is expanding its hours and creating a place for community and outreach in the city.

Craig & Stacy

Praise that Craig, Stacy and the girls are settling into their new home in Chile. The girls are adjusting well, pray as Stacy begins their home schooling again after an extended break. Pray for wisdom for Craig and Chilean colleagues as they plan for the new academic year and work to extend the training and mentoring ministry of the Reformed Theological Institute in their region of Chile.

George & Anne

Pray for George and Anne currently teaching at the Indonesia Bible Institute. George is teaching on John Calvin and Anne is teaching a module on Religious Movements. Pray for many to attend with open hearts to learn. They wrap up their teaching on the 31st and return home to the Philippines to begin the new semester in June.

Judy F.

Pray for Judy Fenlason’s sister Alice as she seems to be slipping away in her battle with pancreatic cancer. She is currently at home with her husband and children caring for her. Please pray for stamina, sensitivity and wisdom, and for Judy and her sister to make the most of this time together.

Brian & Terri

Brian & Terri give praise that the Thai Summer project was a huge success with 3 girls in Terri’s bible study all attending and 3 boys deciding to study the Bible with Brian this summer. Brian & Terri ask prayer for their family over the next few months as son Will is making decisions about his future and college. Matt is praying for the Lord to provide extra scholarship funds in order to study at Northwestern in Minneapolis, otherwise, he’s going to Troy University this fall.