Jeff & Lynne

Jeff and Lynne pray their team can host another “Flourish” workshop and that Yanti will become a follower of Jesus. Pray for an effective media effort to make the Word available to Malaysians online and that men and women will encounter God’s Word and journey with Jesus. Pray for the return of Pastor Koh violently abducted in Jan., for his influence, and for his family. Pray their kids grow, adapt, and thrive in the new school.

For more info on Jeff & Lynne, see page 32 of the prayer guide.


Raju is currently traveling, so pray for wisdom for the leaders in Kachhwa overseeing the work in his absence, and for good health and strength for Raju.  Pray for the Kachhwa Bible Church to grow in love and holiness, and for protection against fringe elements attempting to disrupt church services under the relatively new government.

For more info on Raju, see page 18 of the prayer guide.

Mozambique ST Team

Mike Cross is leading a team to Mozambique to support the work of Pfuna Murrimi, a new organization led by former World Relief Mozambique Senior staff Pieter Eamst and Jamene Sangkalakula. Pray for the team as they help them in the transition to a new local entity, for effective witness, encouragement, and productive time before returning August 2.

Ryan & Glenda

Ryan reports an amazing week with Bedouins in the East and lots of new relationships to follow up on in the villages following the end of Ramadan. Pray for a fruitful summer as the staff is thin and there are fewer of them to fill the needs. Pray for “M”, a female patient with psychological and spiritual needs that Glenda is ministering to, and for her visits with the inpatient women to be eternally fruitful.

For more info on Ryan & Glenda, see page 4 of the prayer guide.

Tim & Huilan

Pray for Tim and Huilan, as he helps develop the model for the way elders and churches function, serve and support one another through encouragement and accountability in the presbytery. This is often more complicated than it would appear. Pray for wisdom and stamina as he simultaneously serves in a leadership capacity on his organizational team, in the local presbytery, and in developing the seminary.

For more info on Tim & Huilan, see page 56 of the prayer guide.

Brian & Terri

Brian and Terri and their kids are back in Thailand following five months in the US. The two universities they work with will be hosting over forty short term CO workers who will evangelize close to a hundred Thai university students. Pray for Thai believers to grow in their faith and build up the next generation of Thai laborers. Pray for the new team arriving mid-August.

For more info on Brian & Terri, see page 29 of the prayer guide.

Jonathan & Amy

Jonathan and Amy give thanks for their new home, and for unity of mind and vision with their new team. Pray the Lord will lead them to the right people in Casalecchio and grow His church. Pray the outreach event for teenagers and young adults and the English/sport kids’ camp provides opportunities to connect with kids and parents for further relationships. Pray for Amy to learn quickly in language school.

For more info on Jonathan & Amy, see page 45 of the prayer guide.


Randy & Martha

Randy and Martha presented leadership development modules to 70 international students. Pray for this to lead to spiritual conversations.  Pray for wisdom as Randy works more closely with the SE Asia leadership team to equip and encourage team leaders. Pray for them to end their sabbatical deeply encouraged and for wisdom in planning their upcoming season of ministry. Lastly, pray for Randy’s dad to heal from major surgery, and for Rachel and Joel to grow deeper spiritually as they grow academically.

For more info on Randy & Martha, see page 30 of the prayer guide.

David & Aliece

Pray for David and Aliece and their children to continue to adjust to life and ministry in East Asia. Pray they would be patient in the initial adjustment phase, that they can discern the key places to be engaged and not immediately be overworked. David is involved in his local church, preaching periodically, as well as designing curriculum for the seminary. Aliece is home schooling the children and developing a counseling ministry.

For more info on David & Aliece, see page 52 of the prayer guide.


Spending a month in Ammon taking a language course better equipped Laura to get involved with her church’s outreach to refugees and practice her new language skills. She is looking forward to the new school year and everyone being at the schoolhouse. Pray for teachers to come forward to fill similar needs in other ministry locations as it is a vital component of mission support.

For more info on Laura, see page 12 of the prayer guide.