Roger & Abi 80 days of prayer – day 61

Roger & Abi ask prayer for Community Arts Tokyo’s first ever Bach Festival this April through June to deepen relationships with musicians around the city, build exposure for the church and bless the community with classical music that all ages can enjoy. Also pray for the many opportunities and challenges facing Roger and Abi this year, and some hard decisions need to be made due to time limitations. Please pray God will direct their steps to where they will be most useful to Him.Lowther Family 2013

Paul & Violetter – 80 days of prayer – day 60

Paul & Violette ask prayer for scheduling of meetings and working out the details for leaving their home in Japan, and setting up a temporary home in the USA for their furlough in less than 4 months. Pray the Holy Spirit will work in the hearts of many English students for their salvation before they leave for the US. Pray for believers in their congregation to become disciples/leaders in the church and for a church organist and song leader by this summer, since those are jobs that only Violette and Paul have been doing.

Greg & Ginger – 80 days of prayer – day 59

Greg & Ginger ask prayer that they would be utterly dependent on the Lord in all things, not trusting in their own strength, for Greg’s language study as it needs to be at another level for him to do what he wants to do, and for their family to continue to find strength in Christ amidst the concerns they still have regarding their team. Finally, pray for godly men for the ministry in the church in E Asia.

Tim & Huilan – 80 days of prayer – day 57

Tim & Huilan ask prayer for their family’s health as the air pollution is bad in their city. Pray for WCCTS, their seminary that is growing fast and they are feeling understaffed. Students need pastoral attention in addition to their academic/training needs. Pray the recent marriage retreat in Thailand will have a positive impact on all who attended.

The Youngs – 80 days of prayer – day 52

Pray for the Young’s, who had a busy schedule while in the US and have just returned to SE Asia to a lot of visitors and potential teammates coming to see and participate in their work. Also pray for Munna’s marriage to Pushpa, and for the Youngs as they will probably be asked to help with all the arrangements since Munna’s father recently passed away. Finally, pray for wisdom in reaching out to the well educated, mostly English speaking, high school and college students in their city.