The Youngs

The Youngs ask prayer for a colleague who is moving his travel business to an Asian country with unreached people groups. Pray his business will open doors to sending teams there. B4T (Business for Transformation) allows foreigners an option for Christian work when not otherwise allowable. Their teammate Kim runs an accounting service and recruits college business majors to come work as interns. Pray for these businesses to create outreach opportunities through B4T.

For more info on the Youngs see page 20 of the prayer guide.


Nicole gives praise that she and roommate Sol found a house to rent that is a 10-minute walk to language school and that family and friends provided furnishings. Praise she got a one-year visa. The team retreat was a success. Pray for wisdom as they decide which opportunities to focus on. Pray for safety in Jakarta in this time of political unrest, and for her language skills to quickly improve as she finds opportunities outside class to practice Indonesian.

For more info on Nicole see page 35 of the prayer guide.

Kyle & Claudia

Kyle and Claudia Zimmerman report the youth development program is growing and the youth are making tables for La Mision Merlo. La Mision Flores and La Mision Cabalito are working together to share Christ through the Alpha evangelism program. There is praise that Guillermo, a member of one of their small groups who is imprisoned far away, was able to be visited by his mother due to the support of La Mision Flores.

For more info on Kyle & Claudia see page 51 of the prayer guide.


Haley was touched her Arabic friends celebrated the birth of her nephew, the big event in her life, for her family back in the states. She is encouraged by the depth of relationships with her improved language skills and time taken to build trust. Her current roommate has richly blessed her. Pray for her good friend who was recently engaged, that she and her husband would seek Him together. Pray for the upcoming travel and transition as Haley prepares to move north to begin working at the Annoor hospital full time.

For more info on Haley see page 71 of the prayer guide.

Roger & Abi

The Lowther’s home is near all the Olympic and Paralympic events. The Grace Network has designated GRACE 2020 a campaign with 90 days of prayer, a café and event space as a ministry hub in downtown Tokyo, and the REACH Arts and Sports Conference to bring Christians and non-Christians together to celebrate. Pray for Roger and Abi, who have been appointed coordinators of a network of missionary artists working around the world, as they juggle daily schedules and family to fulfill this role.

For more info on Roger & Abi see page 75 of the prayer guide.


Steffen’s Mittendrin leadership team has been spreading out in Babelsberg, Cottbus, Rostock, and Mabdeburg. Worship services, workshops, prayer walks, discovery courses and fun evenings have been put together to gather residents in each of these areas. Pray for the team to have vision and the ability to implement appropriate opportunities for people to hear the gospel in ways that draw them into a relationship with the Lord.

Brian & Terri

CO’s End Game Retreat at MJU was a great success as thirty non-believing students had the opportunity to hear the gospel and interact with Christians. Pray for the LEAD Team as they transition back to the US and seek the Lord’s calling. Pray for Brian and his team trusting God to raise up SLIM movements throughout Thailand, and for their partnership with a Chiang Mai church to raise up a network of diverse and multiplying churches. Pray for the CO team as they pray and work to bring the gospel to university students.

For more info on Brian & Terri see page 83 of the prayer guide.

Bob & Janie

Bob and Janie ask prayer for two couples at GEM’s outreach and discipleship centers in Greece. The refugee camp in Lesbos is overwhelmed trying to accommodate over 10,000 in a facility built for 2,500. Pray for strength and safety of volunteers and refugees alike as volunteers try to provide food, clothing and housing to the growing numbers who continue to come hoping for a better life.

For more info on Bob & Janie see page 57 of the prayer guide.


Gibson shares WR’s efforts in Malawi: 1200 children attending Sunday school; 40 people attended a training session for Ndevu church network; and adolescent clubs reaching the youth in the community. CEZ leaders organized an “Ending Early Marriages” campaign and one church reported getting six girls back to school. Pray for these areas of ministry, continued peace in the country, provision for the people affected by the floods, and for good health and protection for Gibson’s family.

For more info on Gibson see page 79 of the prayer guide.

Juan & Maria

Juan and Maria Patt ask prayer for the leadership training he has started with four men serving in their church. Pray they will continue to grow in their faith and commitment. Jeremy has been leading the sports activities on Saturdays and teaching adolescents during Sunday school. Pray for the discipleship he is imparting upon them. Pray the Lord will raise up new leaders among the women to create a strong ministry and outreach to other women of the community.

For more info on Juan & Maria see page 47 of the prayer guide.