Juan & Maria

Juan Patt reports that Prince of Peace Church is engaging in new ministries to women and men and seeking God’s guidance to fulfill the vision of the Church. Pray for the Church as they reach out to others and new opportunities to share the gospel seem to be opening up at the village of Calcutta. Pray for Carlos, Esner, Brian and four other guys who meet periodically to play soccer and build relationships.

Juan & Maria 8-14

George & Anne

George and Anne ask prayer that their students will continue to make progress on their writing while they are on home leave in the U.S., and that they can find the right professors to serve on thesis and dissertation committees. Pray for students from several different countries working hard to finish and graduate in June. Pray for Anne as she anticipates surgery on her right hand Jan. 6 and continues to regain strength and flexibility in the left hand operated on in August.

Christmas Prayer

As we observe the day that changed history and gave hope to the world, pray for our missionaries in many lands where neither Christ nor his representatives are welcomed. Pray for His love to be felt within their homes and communities, and for the realization that He is with them as they go forth in His name. Pray for missionaries that may be separated from their own families and without the warmth of Christian fellowship that we experience in this country. Make them a part of your family especially on this Christmas Day.


Pray for safety and effectiveness as Stephen K. travels to the Middle East for partnership meetings and to meet with donors for the European Training Center, which Stephen began. Pray for those who have been discipled there and for the mentors who continue to support them in their faith. Pray many more will be able to attend programs at the Center, and to grow in a faith that is new to them and their culture.


Pray the Lord will continue to give Tim Blaylock perseverance and diligence to continue making progress in his Russian studies. Pray that he would be able to work with both local and foreign youth in his ministries as a PE teacher at the Intl School, in the local gym as a trainer, and in Young Life as a discipleship group leader.

Tim blaylock

Steve & Marion

Steve Spencer gives praise for African Bible College’s largest graduating class of 72, largest incoming freshman class of 96, and graduation of 31 in the first class from the Master of Arts in Leadership program. Construction continues on the dental clinic and new gym at the high school. A recent ABC graduate is the country director of a new Christian organization working to assist the most needy.  Pray for training many more to be leaders in Malawi.

Stephen & Marion Spencer 2015


For Leonardo it has been a mixture of sorrow and joy as they celebrated Kyra’s life with a commemorative service attended by many non-believers. Since then many friends have come to the Sunday services; pray for open and receptive hearts for the gospel. They are rejoicing over signing a contract for a new space for Breccia Di Roma church, training center, and space for cultural events. Pray as God continues to work in the center of Rome.

Ronnie & Jane

Today Ronnie Stevens preaches his last sermon in the Danube International Church, a pastorate he has enjoyed immensely.  Jane has given her final lectures at the Art Museum, one of God’s great surprises of the time in Hungary.  Tomorrow they head to Memphis. Pray as they make plans for the coming year that God will clearly show them where He wants them to minister next, sharing Ronnie’s passion for the Word of God with those who need to hear.

Jeff & Lynne

In many countries hostile to the gospel visas are becoming harder to obtain. Pray Jeff will be successful in getting another three year visa. Pray for Lynne and the kids as they adjust to life without Lela, the family’s helper for the last 9 years. Pray that God would enable the team to make disciples among the Mly people.

Brian P.

Brian P asks prayer for A, a believer from Saudi Arabia injured in a terrible traffic accident; for his life to be preserved, for his recovery, and that he becomes a bold and mature witness in his country. Pray for new student leaders on each of the 19 campuses where they have work going on. Those who are Christian face discouraging family pressure; pray they will turn to Christ daily and be reminded of His love, sovereignty, and hope in Him.