Herb & Heather

Herb informs us that they have hired a new staff person to pursue Annoor’s paperwork with all the departments of the government. Pray for the King of Jordan as he pursues security and stability with intense fighting so near their border. Pray for daily grace for the staff as they serve each person who comes to Annoor for healing and help.

For more info on Herb & Heather see page 8 of the prayer guide.

Steve & Marion

It was with great sadness that Steve and Marion put in their resignation to African Bible College leaving 30 years of experiences, memories, friends, colleagues, and family to begin a new work in South Africa. Pray for Jon Jon and Lauren and grandbabies whom they leave behind, and David and Katie and granddaughter moving to Malawi this month. Pray for Steve and Marion as they transition from their home of 30 years to start Genesis University in Johannesburg.

For more info on Steve & Marion see page 80 of the prayer guide.

Norm & Ruth Ann

Pray for comfort for Norm Leduc in the tragic sudden passing of his older sister in Ontario and that his and Ruth Ann’s sabbatical will truly be a time to “rest, reflect, and realign”. They are grateful for some time with their kids visiting favorite places in Provence and stirring up many fond memories.

For more info on Norm & Ruth Ann see page 9 of the prayer guide.

Brian & Terri

After waiting in line for twelve hours Brian F. received renewed visas for his family to live in Thailand for another year. Brian asks prayer that from the over 4,000 new freshmen at MJU, that the Lord will lead Brian’s team to meet at least 40 freshmen who are strategic influencers and whom the Lord would draw to Himself this year.

For more info on Brian & Terri see page 29 of the prayer guide.


Steffen reports that In their two-day vision planning session God gave the Mittendrin-Potsdam leadership team a vision for a second church service in Babelsberg. They will launch 6 months after a team-preparation phase. Steffen Weil has accepted a role as member of the Leadership Team for City to City DACH, opening the door for him to connect with more church planters in former East Germany to support planting 10 gospel centered churches in the largest cities there.


Praise for Covenant City Church’s first VBS and the team from Second who helped make this such a blessing to the community. Jackie asks prayer for continued spiritual grow for church members and for the staff to have wisdom and discernment on how to minister to members and visitors to the church. Pray for her friend Katelyn and for fruit from their ministry in the park. Pray for Jackie as she seeks to balance the demands of ministry with her home life.

For more info on Jackie see page 26 of the prayer guide.

Bob & Janie

Since Bob and Janie’s friend Amir has gotten his asylum permit he is able to travel outside of Germany to Austria for training on how to reach Muslims and is now in Poland sharing the Gospel and training others. Pray O’s wife and family will be able to safely travel to join him in Germany after two years of working and waiting. Pray for Bob and Janie as they mentor and encourage these workers.

For more info on Bob & Janie see page 54 of the prayer guide.

David & Lisa

David and Lisa are aware that details are important to God in the way He provided a native judge to write a legal document for guardianship of Bella before they left and that there were families who cared for Bella while they were in the U.S. David and Lisa are now back home. Pray the doctors in Haikou will be able to give some long-awaited answers regarding Bella’s health and positive ways they can help her.

For more info on David & Lisa see page 63 of the prayer guide.

Rob & Tunde

Youth ministry is Rob and Tunde’s number one concern for Cornerstone Church. Pray the recent Youth Camp provided strength and encouragement in that area. Pray for wisdom as Rob selects leaders for the church and for the planned outreach events including a picnic in the park, hikes, and marriage conferences. Give thanks for the productive time the family had in the US.

For more info on Rob & Tunde see page 44 of the prayer guide.

Thomas & Jennifer

Thomas and Jennifer give thanks for steady and slightly growing attendance at their Sunday service. Jennifer is busy leading Bible studies, music on Sunday, sharing stories in the park, evangelism, and managing details for the team. Thomas is doing pastoral care through home visits. Pray more men will come to the Friday tea night and for Thomas to be able to maintain his health day by day.

For more info on Thomas & Jennifer see page 61 of the prayer guide.