The Persecuted Church

While Afghanistan has a population of over 36 million, only a few hundred people are followers of Jesus and are often isolated and face extreme persecution. New converts to Christianity can be disowned or even killed by their family to save the “honor” of the group, or committed to psychiatric hospitals, as leaving Islam is a sign of insanity. Pray for these dear souls to find daily strength and joy in the Lord and love for their oppressors, so that many will wonder about their faith and turn to Jesus for salvation.


Jeremiah shares that their Days of Prayer are a highlight for him as they fast and pray from 8 am to 5 pm. It showed him the need to be still and taste and see that the Lord is good. They prayed for the ministry, grew in knowing more of the Father and reflected and asked God to grow them. He asks prayer to have confidence through Christ and be open to many things this country and its people have to offer. Pray specifically that God will develop the relationships they make through these endeavors, and for the 13 first year students they met with.

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John & Dawn

John and Dawn serve in SE Asia deploying leaders and teams among some of the least reached people of the world. They ask prayer for the people of Myanmar suffering oppression. Praise God for increased spiritual receptivity due to pandemic fears and unrest, pray for workers as they seek to discern how to best respond and love those whom God is touching. Pray that the Lord would give John and Dawn boldness and creativity to love well amid much sadness and pain and pour out his Spirit to move in power through SE Asia.

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Roger & Abi

Roger and Abi Lowther serve in Tokyo as church planters working through the arts. Pray for the Lord to protect pastors in Tokyo and continue to plant churches amid the pandemic. Pray for Roger and Abi as they lead the Community Arts Tokyo team, that they would provide good direction and vision, and effective member care. Pray the Lord would use their gifts of creativity in music and art to advance His Kingdom. Pray for their oldest son Aidan who will attend college in the U.S., and for the family’s home leave assignment, for the Lord to bless this time and refresh them.

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Gibson started with World Relief Malawi in 2004 and has served as Country Director for Malawi for the last 9 years. Recently he was promoted to the position of Director of the Developing Countries Unit overseeing WR’s work in five countries (Burundi, Cambodia, Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda). Pray for Gibson and his transition into this significant leadership position within the International Programs Division.

Herb & Heather

Herb and Heather praise God that Herb’s residency visa has been approved! Pray for the salvation of the official who approved it. Praise God that they are seeing a new group of TB patients. Pray that the Lord would use the staff to bring comfort and healing, that He would reveal himself as the great healer and they would hear His voice and surrender to His call. Pray for a fresh work of the Spirit in their hearts at Easter. Praise God for protecting Annoor from Covid and ask that God would continue this.

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Enoch equips and trains house church leaders on a large scale. Praise God for effective ministry and growth in the church despite Covid and government opposition. Pray for pastors under constant scrutiny and surveillance, and many churches shut down and leaders arrested and imprisoned. Pray for a successful online pastor’s forum, and for Gospel DNA training in 2021. Pray for 10 new church planting coaches in 5 new regional church planting centers. Pray for continued good health for wife Karen, for son Calvin as he heads to college, and daughter Chara as she navigates high school.

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Norm & Ruth Ann

Norm and Ruth Ann live in France where his agency uses digital media strategies for church planting in the Muslim world, and she provides member care for their workers in Europe. Pray for imagination and perseverance for workers as much of Europe is in renewed lockdown from Covid. The French government is deliberating a new law which could affect freedom of religion for evangelical churches, pray the testimony of French Christians would be effective, and the rights of the church protected. Pray that the Lord would use the digital media to draw his people to himself.

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This year Marcelo Robles celebrates 30 years of partnership with 2PC. As pastor of LaMision Church and co-founder of church planting network Mision Beta, Marcelo is furthering three generations of church planters in Buenos Aires. Pray for the Lord to raise up leaders within their congregations. Pray for provision and blessing of their microenterprise job projects. Pray for God’s blessing on Marcelo’s marriage to Suzi, for their daughters Vicki and Brenda and blending these two families.

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Virginia is back in E. Asia teaching her classes. Originally, they arranged to have four classes all taught online, but when her students found out she was back in the country, they all wanted in person teaching. She has three out of four classes teaching on-site and the venues are far apart, making her commute a little hectic. Pray for uninterrupted travel between classes and for that time to be fruitful. Pray that her adjustment back into life in E. Asia is seamless and that she can quickly pick back up with her friendships.

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