Mike & Stephanie

Recently Mike traveled to Syria saw churches which had been totally or partially destroyed, some being rebuilt by the people, and pastors and leaders fiercely loyal to their country and to their remaining flock. With EPC’s ITEN (International Theological Education Network) he will be training, teaching, and writing, both across the US and globally in Muslim-ministry contexts. He has just completed an intensive course at a seminary, pray it opens eyes and hearts to the opportunities before Christian leaders everywhere.

For more info on Mike & Stephanie see page 16 of the prayer guide.

China Partnership

China Partnership asks for prayer focused on the needs in Xuzhou. One of the thriving, gospel-centered churches was forced to close last month. Pray for the harassed church members, wearied pastors and leaders under pressure from constantly dealing with authorities, and for new believers. Pray for safe new locations for the church to continue to meet, and for two campuses who lost their rented space because the government made threats against the landlords. Pray for renewal for all Xuzhou believers.

Steve & Lizzie

Steve and Lizzie are excited for opportunities to get more involved with the youth. Lizzie was invited by Emma, a university student from their church, to speak and spend time with teenagers teaching on God’s design for sex and sexuality. Pray seeds that were planted will grow. Steve has spent time with Filip, Remy, Kiliyn and Alexis, college students serving as interns with Josiah Venture in Romania. Pray the camps will bring Jesus Christ home to more young people as they teach and play together.

For more info on Steve & Lizzie see page 6 of the prayer guide.

Chris & Debbie

Chris and Debbie ask special prayer for a family who had to return to the states because of a child’s struggles, and a doctor overwhelmed by the emotional stress of so much death at his mission hospital. Pray for Chris and Debbie to be refreshed and refueled as they prepare to serve and provide counsel in Budapest. Pray for wisdom and insight as they walk with these servants making them more aware of God’s peace and presence as they serve Him.

For more info on Chris & Debbie see page 61 of the prayer guide.

Brian & Terri

Brian and Terri ask prayer that the fifty KKU and CMU unbelievers who attended CO Summer Camp will respond with acceptance to the challenge of salvation. Pray for the Chiang Mai leadership team to have wisdom in making decisions regarding their church partnerships as their SLIM2 goal necessitates partnership with Gospel –Centered churches.

For more info on Brian & Terri see page 83 of the prayer guide.

Jeff & Katie

Jeff and Katie Saunders need prayer for wisdom, guidance, and to rest in Christ as they face transitions and training for future ministry efforts. Jeff will begin a two-year internship with Suginami Church, one of the first churches they visited after arriving in Tokyo. He looks forward to the cultural and language training that will come from being connected there.

For more info on Jeff & Katie see page 76 of the prayer guide.

John & Dawn

John and Dawn are humbled as they have seen the results of faithful prayers in their ministry and family. Now, back on the field, they ask prayer as they visit and spend time with individuals and teams in their region. They have seen creativity unleased in many ways as teams have grown and matured unleashing the gifting of their members. Pray for strength, health, discernment, and wisdom in every conversation and that they would be an encouragement and blessing to those they serve.

For more info on John & Dawn see page 82 of the prayer guide.


While in the States, Aileen has been speaking and visiting various conferences and supporting churches. Pray young people meeting and hearing her will be called into Christian service. One of her real pleasures was the opportunity to visit her friend Glenise in Canada who cared for her in past years. When she returns to Annoor, pray there will be additional medical and support staff to serve there and that the clinic closed for lack of staff can be reopened.

For more info on Aileen see page 11 of the prayer guide.

Paul & Violette

Paul and Violette are grateful for the wonderful leadership and ministry in their church since Rev. Osaka came over a year ago. Pray as they reach out to kids and their parents with the gospel. Pray the new ministry to the elderly will help them find the Lord and that the English students will turn to the Lord for salvation. Violette lost two of her family members within two weeks, pray for comfort and grace for those who are grieving.

For more info on Paul & Violette see page 74 of the prayer guide.


Pray for Nicole as she arrived in Indonesia yesterday to begin her mission service. Pray for all the logistics of getting settled and for the Lord to go before her and prepare the hearts of those she will meet and work with. Pray that the language will come back to her easily and quickly. Nicole asks that we pray for Diana, from a very complicated family situation, to grow in her faith to seriously consider Jesus’ gift of salvation.

For more info on Nicole see page 35 of the prayer guide.