Dec. 13th – David & Aliece

Pray for David to balance family and ministry needs as he handles administrative and teaching duties at the local seminary. David taught an orthodox Christian church group labeled and persecuted as a cult. He found them very Bible/Gospel centered and theologically Reformed, and asks prayer for them. Aliece’s primary role is homeschooling their kids, but asks prayer to open a biblical counseling research center in the future. Pray their children can develop more relationships with local children and for wisdom in parenting.

For more info on David & Aliece, see page 52 of the prayer guide.

Raju & Catherine

Raju and Catherine ask prayer for wisdom and peace as the government steps up persecution of Christians in the area, and puts stringent restrictions on monetary funds coming into the country which makes ministry operations difficult. Pray they can develop a strategy for raising support locally and for grace to face these new regulations. Praise for the hundred or so women who heard of God’s Kingdom, from beginning to end, through the Wms Conference, and for the two who accepted the Lord as a result.

For more info on Raju & Catherine, see page 18 of the prayer guide.

Steffen / Mittendrin Church

Steffen reports that the leadership team at Mittendrin-Potsdam is grateful for new multifunctional space to use for their ministry. The College and Young Adult Connection Night was a great way to welcome new people to the church. The Discovery Class started in November is a time for Steffen to connect missing information of the gospel and answer questions about God. Pray for Steffen’s health- mental, physical, and spiritual, as well as energy and joy.

Paul & Violette

Pray for Paul Bridgman as he preaches at Sakuragaoka Church until the new pastor arrives. Pray for the right pastor and family with the right gifts and abilities to lead the church. They are grateful the lay leadership team is developing well and helping to lead the church more. Pray for the English students to have the eyes of their hearts open to the Gospel as only a few are believers. Pray for the special events during the Christmas season when Japanese are more open to attending church.

For more info on Paul & Violette, see page 49 of the prayer guide.

Jeff & Lynne

Pray for Jeff and Lynne as they confront the challenges of ministry and family. They have learned that all five of their children have learning deficiencies that require Lynne to work with them one on one in addition to the International School they attend. Their live-in help returned to her country and they will no longer have household help. They are grateful three of their strategic projects are moving along. Pray for management of time and resources as they not only minister to others, but raise five children as well.

For more info on Jeff & Lynne, see page 32 of the prayer guide.

Bob & Janie

Bob Till attended a consultation with 90 others who minister across Europe focusing on refugees and immigrants. While there he met with Amir who has found an apartment and continues to travel, evangelize, disciple, and plant churches among the refugees. Pray for Amir’s safety as he travels, openness for ministry, and for a favorable decision regarding asylum status.

For more info on Bob & Janie, see page 47 of the prayer guide.


Aileen has been in the states for some speaking engagements and will be in Memphis for the weekend to attend her namesake’s baptism before returning to celebrate Christmas with her Annoor family and Bedouin friends. Pray for her continued health, strength, witness, and joy. Pray the truth of Christmas will greatly impact patients and visitors to Annoor and that those who leave will depart healed not only in body but spirit as well.

For more info on Aileen, see page 5 of the prayer guide.

Kyle & Claudia

Kyle and Claudia ask prayer for the church planting conference that trains Latin American pastors to prove fruitful in planting churches in Global cities in Latin America. They followed that conference with three nights of pre-evangelistic events at the Second Annual Jazz Fest in the LaMision Palermo church plant which enabled them to meet people in the area. LaMision is celebrating 20 years as a church and they give thanks for God’s faithfulness to the community and look ahead to what He will bring.

For more info on Kyle & Claudia, see page 65 of the prayer guide.

Brian & Joanne

Covenant Hope Church is a new church Brian P. began on the Arabian Peninsula that now has 80 members in the cross-cultural discipleship with 10 different nationalities represented. Pray for the recently baptized Hindu background believer who is facing challenges from her family. Pray more non-Christians will give their lives to the Lord, for favor with the government, and to be able to begin evening services to build community among members.

For more info on Brian & Joanne, see page 13 of the prayer guide.

Ronnie & Jane

The Moscow Bible Church has celebrated its 25th anniversary and Ronnie plans to sever his formal position there, but work informally with it and other churches he has connections with starting in January. Much of his time is spent teaching refugees from a closed country in a country with strained U.S. relations. Pray doors will open between the two countries so that others can obtain visas and join him in ministry there.

For more info on Ronnie & Jane, see page 46 of the prayer guide.