The Shalom Church just turned 24 and Gabriel looks forward to the construction of new headquarters next year. Pray for the spiritual growth of the church. Blas Pascal School is now 17 years old and Gabriel asks prayer for wisdom to guide the staff and for an increased enrollment to facilitate better salaries. He is grateful that his son Diego passed the PT professional exam last month and asks prayer for his family, especially Norma, his wife of 30 years.

For more info on Gabriel see page 46 of the prayer guide.


Nicole had a great learning and bonding experience with other adult TCKs (Third Culture Kids) at the conference in Thailand. While foreign missionary kids have international member care networks, local Indonesian MKs have limited opportunities to be cared for. Pray for the Indonesian MKs who are being bullied by their communities and that God will show Nicole how to care for the Indonesian MKs. Pray for continued diligence in language learning.

For more info on Nicole see page 35 of the prayer guide.

Dave & Robin

Dave and Robin continue to send teams overseas to Iraq, Greece and Turkey but much of their ministry includes working alongside the local Church here to provide on-ramps for Christians to meet and build relationships with their Muslim and refugee neighbors. Pray this will encourage recruitment of overseas missionary work. Pray for the new team launched in Turkey working with refugees and persecuted believers from Iraq and Iran.

For more info on Dave & Robin see page 70 of the prayer guide.

Dave & Joyce

Joyce returned from an extended time in Indonesia where she and her friend Rita evaluated the math program she developed for the Bauzi people. Praise God all their goals were met plus others beyond that. Dave continues working on the Bauzi shorter Old Testament, but with injuries and family death he has fallen behind in his work. Pray he can get back to full speed and for comfort in the death of his sister, his last sibling.

For more info on Dave & Joyce see page 81 of the prayer guide.

Andy & Brooke

Campus Outreach is launching its new agency “Serve” building on the legacy of 40 years of reaching and discipling students around the world. Andy is excited with a new generation of ministry leaders committed to working in local churches. CO Serve has just finished pre-deployment training groups to S. Africa, Thailand, UK, New Zealand, and Australia while looking toward to pioneering into Greece, Zambia, Philippines and more. Pray for wisdom for Andy and the entire staff of Serve.

For more info on Andy & Brooke see page 54 of the prayer guide.

Tenwek ST Trip

Norfleet Thompson will be travelling to Kenya tomorrow to serve with the orthopedic residency program at Tenwek hospital. He will work with the local team, both performing procedures and instructing residents, as well as learning from our partners on how they practice medicine in that challenging setting. Pray that he will learn much about what God is doing through those partners and be effective in serving both patients and residents before returning on Feb.1st.

Nick & Amanda

Nick and Amanda are praising God that his visa came through without any difficulty this year. Stress in their country has become palpable especially for their Syrian refugee friends. Many of these displaced families feel the war in Syria was God’s way of giving them access to the gospel. Pray for the team to navigate the unknowns during this time and give thanks that the husbands of 3 women Amanda has been discipling for 3 years went to church.

For more info on Nick & Amanda see page 68 of the prayer guide.

David & Aliece

With a massive government crackdown on house churches and Christian stores and schools, life for David and Aliece has become even more stressful. He has been training underground churches and seminaries, preaching locally and via video, and discipling 50 students in 4 cities across the country. As Aliece runs the Counseling Center, supervises counselors, and oversees the new Masters Program, she also home schools their three children. Pray for God’s grace, strength, and wisdom, and for David to get a complete health checkup.

For more info on David & Aliece see page 25 of the prayer guide.

Dean & Kyria

Pray visas will be granted to one of our new missionary couples, Dean and Kyria, so they can depart for Central Asia to join Lenden and Gemma’s team. They were able to spend time with family and friends and catch up with Kyria’s former teammates in West Africa and Dean’s former teammates in the Solomon Islands. Pray for smooth transition and housing once they arrive at their place of service.

Look for more info on Dean & Kyria in the new 2020 Prayer guide coming out in Feb.!

Rob & Tunde

Praise for the Christmas concert Tunde led and for the long-term outreach it has for their church. Rob has been teaching a membership course, as he does twice a year, to let people know about the church and what membership means. Pray those who come will be drawn to worship and fellowship and become active members and leaders of the church. The youth groups continue to grow and the Futos are praying the Lord would awaken the young people of Hungary to come alive through salvation.

For more info on Rob & Tunde see page 60 of the prayer guide.