Tim & Niai (CO Zambia)

Praise the staff of CO Zambia went from one to five in two months. Pray for Tim as he leads this group, and for his wife Niai and their three children to have peace and health. Pray for the local churches to get involved and for the students returning from last year to get connected with the staff and church as soon as possible. Pray for visas for Lenka and Laquanda who are coming from South Africa to join the Zambia group.


Aileen reports that despite the drought, the olive crop had an abundant yield enabling them to use some of the oil at the hospital, sell some and give some to their Bedouin friends who were especially in need. Praise most of the residency permits have been received. Pray future renewals will be a smooth and easy process. As God has opened doors at Annoor through medicine, pray for wisdom to envision new opportunities to reach the Bedouins in remote areas including the Southern Desert (Ras al Naqab) and the Eastern Desert.

For more info on Aileen see page 11 of the prayer guide.



Pray for Josh Berkey to finish the school year well at Sherwood Elementary and to be able to begin language learning in preparation for his new teaching job in Indonesia in July. Having never been there and to be teaching in an entirely different environment, pray the Lord helps him prepare in a way that enables him to settle in soon after his arrival. Pray for logistics to be worked out for his move.

For more info on Josh see page 33 of the prayer guide.


Gibson asks we pray for violence free elections in Malawi. Also pray for the devastation left by Cyclone Idai. There has been loss of lives, injuries, loss of homes and household items, food shortages, and destruction of crops and livestock. People are in extreme need. Pray for the World Relief Malawi staff as they work with the local churches to address these needs.

For more info on Gibson see page 70 of the prayer guide.

Theo / ICP Europe

Pray for the teams who have begun the two-year training for new intercultural initiatives and for the new ICP board members. Pray for the European Conference for Team Training by ICP Europe in Athens May 21-13. Pray for Theo Visser and the team working with different Christian church denominations, educational institutes and organizations to establish intercultural Christian communities.

For more info on Theo see page 7 of the prayer guide.

Steve & Marion

Establishing a new university is a daunting task and for Steve and Marion it has been made more so by family issues. They are grieving the death of her father who began African Bible College where they served for thirty plus years and where two of their sons now serve. Planning the move to South Africa and finding schooling for their three youngest children is challenging from the U.S. Pray for support raising for Genesis University, wisdom in schooling choices and comfort in family losses.

For more info on Steve & Marion see page 44 of the prayer guide.


Pray for Leslie Kuhn as she comes alongside new GEM missionaries helping them assimilate into German life and culture in order to be more effective in their work. She is grateful the group in Frankfurt is going well. Pray as she juggles ministry and family time and that her family will get used to the travel involved in the training she does.

For more info on Leslie see page 62 of the prayer guide.

Brian & Joanne

Pray that Brian will be able to move Covenant Hope out of its current building, where all Protestant churches share space, and into a location in the city they have targeted for ministry. It seems that government restrictions from meeting in rented space may be loosening, as one church recently received permission to meet in another location. The church has had a good number of visitors recently from Hindu, Buddhist, and Muslim backgrounds, pray they would be drawn to faith in Christ.

For more info on Brian & Joanne see page 14 of the prayer guide.


Pray for the church planting ministry in Buenos Aires and for Marcelo Robles’ role as overseer of four churches and current moderator of the denomination. Pray for wisdom and time management in his ministry role and university work. Pray for wisdom in being a single father to Vicky (15) and that the Lord would capture her heart. Life is made more difficult by the 47% inflation in Argentina, pray for the economy and for the gospel to shine forth.

For more info on Marcelo see page 50 of the prayer guide.


Haley was grateful for the opportunity to attend a two-week conference on the method of language learning that she is using. It was challenging and spiritually refreshing to come together with fellow workers from around the world to explore how God manifests himself through language learners. Pray for the two women she’s reading the Word with, that the Holy Spirit will open the eyes of their hearts and those of their families. Pray she will guard her time with Jesus with Holy stubbornness.

For more info on Haley see page 71 of the prayer guide.