Tim & Tanya

Pray for Tim and Tanya as they reach out to kids in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan through their gym and Young Life. Recently, they have started weekly fitness and physical therapy classes for kids with special needs. They provide developmental exercises designed to meet their specfic needs, and they get to share the love of God with them. Pray for Tanya’s pregnancy to go well and for a healthy baby this spring.

For more info on Tim & Tanya see page 20 of the prayer guide.

Greg & Sally

Greg’s trip to Bagdad, a city of 8 million Muslims and only 8 missionaries, put fire in his desire, along with the leaders of two mission agencies, to launch an effort to get singles and couples without children to Bagdad. Pray for those whom the Lord is calling to respond and for Greg’s dream of re-establishing churches there to come to fruition.

For more info on Greg & Sally see page 32 of the prayer guide.

Bob & Janie

Bob and Janie have been part of a movement to pray for Syria and the many refugees their civil war has created, and to help on the ground in both Germany and Greece serving these and other refugees. Pray for those who have come to faith in Jesus and are reaching out to their own people. Pray for Amir, the former Imam, and his wife now living in Germany and leading others to the Lord. Pray for Bob and Janie as they give oversight and direction to these ministry efforts.

For more info on Bob & Janie see page 54 of the prayer guide.


Sometimes God uses sickness to bring us into a deeper relationship with him. Recuperating from a cold gave Haley time to reflect on the fact she had been relying on herself in the various areas of her life, rather than on God. Pray for her to guard her time with Jesus with Holy stubbornness. Pray for the two women she is getting to study the Word with, for miracles and for the Holy Spirit to open the eyes of their hearts, and for their families. Pray for this Generation in Aqaba to seek peace and justice in Jesus not in the government, wealth or other things, and for the poor and powerless in Jordan.

For more info on Haley see page 14 of the prayer guide.

Roger & Abi

God is providing many opportunities for Roger and Abi Lowther to share the gospel through music. Recently they had three concerts, special worship services with a celebrity guest, a gospel concert and talk with a New York Times reporter, a children’s piano studio concert, and a Faith & Art Leaders’ gathering. Pray as they use their gifts to warm the hearts of Japanese to Christ’s love for them. Pray for Abi as she continues rehab following surgery for a torn ACL.

For more info on Roger & Abi see page 60 of the prayer guide.

Steve & Marion

After spending the holidays with their huge family in Malawi, Stephen and Marion traveled to South Africa to meet with pastors, educators, Christian businessmen, and potential donors in preparation for moving there in June to establish Genesis University. Genesis will be South Africa’s only Christian liberal arts university. Pray for all the logistics for this much needed ministry.

For more info on Steve & Marion see page 80 of the prayer guide.


Pray for Enoch as he travels between the US and East Asia serving as international director of the East Asia Partnership. The arrest of many of his colleagues and partners deeply distresses him as he helps guide church leaders in their response to the government’s oppression of unregistered churches. Pray for protection for Enoch in his ministry as he encourages church leaders in their faith and strengthens those imprisoned to be faithful witnesses. Pray they will be quickly released.

For more info on Enoch see page 65 of the prayer guide.


After much prayer and discernment, Austin Smith has decided to transition from his ministry in Brazil and leave the Campus Outreach staff. Pray as he seeks the Lord’s guidance for what comes next in his life and that the Lord will give him clarity going forward.

David & Aliece

David is kept busy teaching in seminary, mentoring/walking with a few promising local church leaders, preaching 2-3 times a month, and offering 2 intensive theology courses. Pray for his health as he has been experiencing insomnia and dental issues. Aliece reports the Counseling Center is seeing much activity and has been accepted by the Ministry Alliance making gifts to it tax deductible. Pray for health, safety, wisdom, and balancing family and ministry needs.

For more info on David & Aliece see page 59 of the prayer guide.

Brian & Joanne

Brian P asks prayer for Sharon, from a neighboring Gulf country who is very close to committing her life to Jesus but is being pressured by her family to marry a Muslim relative. Pray also for Muhammed who appears to have come to faith but is afraid to meet with others in corporate worship. Pray that as the word is preached believers will extend encouragement to these and others facing hostile family or cultural pressures.

For more info on Brian & Joanne see page 12 of the prayer guide.