John M is grateful for the developing relationships in two unengaged villages and for permission from the government to move forward with the mariculture projects. Pray the fingerlings continue to grow and be protected from poachers and disease, and for open hearts and minds among the people with whom they are working. Pray Ezekiel, a local believer, will be led to the right decision in joining the team. Pray this very unconventional approach to missions will provide a pathway into villages in need of the Gospel.

For more info on John, see page 34 of the prayer guide.

Brian & Joanne

Covenant Hope Church began with 65 and now has 80 members from 10 nationalities as they meet on Fridays. Brian P. is grateful the school has allowed use of their facility for worship and prays that discipleship will flourish. Pray for continued growth and that more baptisms will take place as individuals come from other faiths.

For more info on Brian & Joanne, see page 13 of the prayer guide.

Randy & Martha

Pray for speedy adjustment as Randy and Martha return to their ministry site and reconnect with neighbors and friends in addition to moving from the home they have lived in for nine years. They ask for grace, mercy, and provision for the two national workers still missing after their abduction and for their families. Pray they can encourage and strengthen teams they are coaching in their marriages and see growth in spiritual development for the children.

For more info on Randy & Martha, see page 30 of the prayer guide.

Jeff & Katie

For Jeff and Katie the demands of language school are ever increasing. Pray for wisdom in discerning how to best serve and minister while continuing the labor of learning Japanese. Pray for openness and wisdom to share the Gospel with the classmates God puts in their lives every day and pray for their involvement with Grace City Church and parenting daughter Emerie.

For more info on Jeff & Katie, see page 54 of the prayer guide.

Juan & Maria

Juan Patt reports that the church plant ministry in Calcutta village continues to grow spiritually and in number. Three families have been faithfully meeting every Sunday and are raising funds to connect the electricity at the building. Juan is so grateful that Maria is now teaching in Orange Walk and both girls are in school. Pray for the ministry in Belize and for encouragement and strength for Juan.

For more info on Juan & Maria, see page 61 of the prayer guide.

Brian & Terri

Brian F. asks prayer for the CO staff in Chiang Mai as they grieve the death of long time staff member Rung’s husband leaving her and a two-year old child. Pray for the Mae Jo LEAD team to arrive shortly and for God to draw twenty-two more students in Khon Kaen and eight more in Chiang Mai to Christ by the end of the year. Pray Terri’s time with the staff women of COKK was profitable and encouraging to them.

For more info on Brian & Terri, see page 29 of the prayer guide.


Stephen shared with us that because of the mass exodus caused by unrest in the Middle East, there is a whole new harvest of MB believers coming to faith. ETC is training pastors and house church leaders at the Center five times a year and mentors these individuals for two years. Pray for Stephen as he travels extensively offering comfort and encouragement to new believers.

For more info on Stephen see page 8 of the prayer guide.

David & Aliece

Pray for the conference in Hong Kong to draw at least 500 leaders from the area to know more about Christ through the Gospel and Old Testament, in union with Him and the Church. Pray for David’s involvement and for the treatment of his ongoing respiratory problem. Aliece and her friend Grace are starting a counseling center to serve the locals and train more qualified counselors. Pray for ministry and family needs as they serve on various fronts.

For more info on David & Aliece see page 52 of the prayer guide.

Andy & Brooke

Andy and Brooke have moved from ELIC to join the Campus Outreach Intl (“COIN”) team in Birmingham. Currently COIN sends out 50 new international staff each year, and Andy’s primary responsibility will be to grow that number to 200 over the next five years. Pray for their partners around the world and quick approval of visa and work permit applications. Pray for Brooke as she recuperates from back surgery, home schools Esther, and assists Abbie in settling into a new school.

For more info on Andy & Brooke see page 51 of the prayer guide.


After spending the summer in language study, getting better acquainted with the local culture, and developing outside interests, Laura is well into the school year. Pray for wisdom and self-discipline to teach in a way that challenges each student at their own level in each subject, and that she will be able to balance language study, teaching preparation, and having personal time.

For more info on Laura see page 12 of the prayer guide.