Tim / Central Asia YL

Tim asks prayer for the Central Asia Young Life leadership conference/retreat in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan beginning tomorrow through 2/25. Pray all the leaders will be able to come, especially those from Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, and for God’s security during the retreat. Pray for God’s work through the topic, speakers, and seminars to encourage and strengthen these leaders to engage more youth for Christ.

For more info on Tim’s ministry, see page 19 of the prayer guide.

Jonathan & Sharon

One of our newest missionaries, Jonathan, is Raju’s son and works with Development Associates International training in servant leadership with an array of organizations. Additionally, he is pastor of Fusion Church. His wife Sharon founded and oversees Khushbu Project, an outreach empowering underprivileged women, as well as homeschooling their two daughters. Pray for Jonathan balancing time and energy as he develops the leadership in the area.

Look for more information on Jonathan & Sharon’s ministry in the new prayer guide – available Feb. 25th!

Paul & Violette

Paul and Violette Bridgman ask prayer for the new pastoral candidate to be accepted by the congregation and start serving at Sakuragaoka Church in April. The pastor who has been preaching once a month is now in the hospital following a mild stroke, which means Paul and the leadership team must take over more teaching responsibilities. Pray for the church as it goes through this transition, that the word of God will continue to penetrate hearts in spite of the circumstances.

For more info on Paul & Violette’s ministry, see page 49 of the prayer guide.

Bob & Janie

How God is working was evident to Bob Till as he spent time with people from Syria, Iran, Turkey, Iraq, Pakistan, and Germany visiting with Amir and learning of his work among refugees. A German lawyer, who was not a believer but who helps refugees, contacted Amir for a client from Amir’s home country. Subsequent meetings led to this lawyer’s conversion. Pray for Amir who is planting churches among refugees and recently baptized 12 in one week.

For more info on Bob & Janie’s ministry, see page 47 of the prayer guide.


Larry Brown rejoices in the increased number of students enrolled at African Bible College and asks prayer for political stability in the country which affects their ministry. Pray electricity will be regularly available and give thanks for the solar panels installed in some buildings by a visiting team. Larry had the opportunity to give Bibles to 50 men in the Maula Prison, where many must remain after their sentence is served because they do not have money to pay for the paperwork required for their release.

For more info on Larry, see page 67 of the prayer guide.

Rob & Tunde

Pray for Rob and Tunde Futo as they pour their energy and time into the church plant. The ten Bible Study groups are going well, pray the people would grow in their faith as they study the Bible together each week. The youth group leaders are doing a great job, pray as they work with the teens, they will grow wisdom and deepen their walk with Him.

For more info on Rob & Tunde, see page 41 of the prayer guide.

The Youngs

With their annual conference and home leave behind them, pray for the Youngs as they address some of the issues facing their team regarding visa platforms for each teammate and the best paths forward for future ministry there. Pray for time for the Youngs to get back to the Muslim area of town to follow up on activities begun before home leave. Pray for guidance regarding their rental situation and their relationship with their landlady.

For more info on the Youngs, see page 23 of the prayer guide.

Heath & Angela

Heath and Angela are grateful that the surgical residents at TenWek passed their board exams, and request prayer for these soon–to-be grads as they look for jobs and adjust to being on their own. Pray that they will take with them a strong knowledge of Christ and an ability to be missional with their lives. Pray for continued healing of Angela’s hip and Rees’ foot.

For more info on Heath & Angela, see page 69 of the prayer guide.

Dave & Robin

Dave reports that Servant Group, Int’l has been working with a large refugee community in Katerini, Greece helping with preschool for refugees, English classes for adults, and science & engineering workshops for refugee teenagers. In Iraq, they continue to help staff the School of the Medes and build a new ministry center for refugees returning to their home. Pray for Dave and the team to proceed carefully and wisely and for the situation In Iraq to stabilize soon.

For more info on Dave & Robin, see page 6 of the prayer guide.

David & Lisa

David and Lisa report on the childbirth training trip to the mountains for a special ethnic group. Weather, accommodations, illness, and cultural stumbling blocks affected the number and outcome of the training. However, they had discussions with the women and learned a lot about culture and relationship building. Pray for the translator, who was not a believer but asked many good questions, that God will work on her heart. The team learned how to work together and help each other, pray for them as they plan for future trips.

For more info on David & Lisa, see page 57 of the prayer guide.