John & Dawn

John and Dawn ask prayer for God’s love to flow through them to each other and the unreached and for God’s vision for their region to be realized as they grapple with these truths in their first ever regional retreat being planned for early January. Their children are settling into ministry there, and son Luke and Kim are going to serve in Papua near where Dawn grew up after a year of language study in Java.

For more info on John & Dawn see page 28 of the prayer guide.

India ST Team

A team will leave tomorrow for ministry in India. Camille will lead the team of seven who will work on the women’s conference. The medical team of three doctors will work with Dinesh and Raju at the hospital. Dan B. will lead a seminar for Church planters and leaders on the book of Proverbs. Teams will return Oct. 29. Pray for effective communication, shared knowledge and faith, and that all will remain healthy throughout the stay.

Steffen / Mittendrin

Praise that Mittendrin’s weekend retreat and the evening on “Faith and Science” drew people closer to the Lord and answered questions people have about faith. Pray for the core team preparing to launch the second service in Babelsberg and for God to bring forth a generous person to invest in a mittendriner’s business vision. Steffen Weil also asks prayer for protection of marriages and families.


Muslim cultural celebrations seeking the cleansing of their sins has shown Haley more vividly how the Middle East is filled with turmoil, pain, and the feeling of injustice as they live in darkness. Pray for her as she studies the language and culture to know how to bring light into the lives of the people around her. Pray for opportunities to share her faith and to be encouraged daily in her walk with the Lord.

For more info on Haley see page 14 of the prayer guide.

Ronnie & Jane

Pray Ronnie and Jane’s temporary visa has been rolled over to a better visa that will enable them to minister locally and travel to other countries to continue the preaching and teaching they are called to do. Pray governmental restrictions are loosened so they may share the Good News with their neighbors and colleagues without fear of legal entanglements.

For more info on Ronnie & Jane see page 53 of the prayer guide.

Brian & Joanne

Brian reports that because of changes in their country, Covenant Hope Church must meet in a building with 20-25 other churches which means they have limited time and opportunity to teach. He asks prayer for wisdom to figure out ways to teach more and train young men for leadership. Friends from a neighboring country came to the church in crises, pray for Brian and Covenant Hope as they minister to this family and pray the entire family comes to know the Lord.

For more info on Brian & Joanne see page 12 of the prayer guide.


Jackie is excited there were enough volunteers to start two children’s Sunday school classes as the number of children in the church has grown significantly. Pray for Jackie and the church as they minister to Ladeenah as she walks through many the challenges of living on the street. Opening up to foreigners is not easy, so pray Jackie can develop some genuine relationships from the tutoring she does on Wednesdays. Pray the study of Philippians in the Saturday women’s group will grow them in their love for the Father.

For more info on Jackie see page 26 of the prayer guide.

Steve & Lizzie

Pray for Steve and Lizzie Donley as they are on the final leg of raising support for departure to Romania in November. The summer experience gave them an opportunity to get to know their teammates better and to serve with them in their church in Cluj where they will be working. Pray for all the final logistics and details, and for sweet times with family and friends.

For more info on Steve & Lizzie see page 38 of the prayer guide.


Marcelo Robles reports the La Mision Palermo church plant is rapidly outgrowing their current location. Pray for the time and effort associated with finding a suitable location at a reasonable cost. La Mision Flores, the inner- city church, has a new pastor from Brazil. Pray for him to build relationships with the members of the church and the greater community. Pray for Argentina and its leaders as they attempt to stabilize the country’s worsening economy.

For more info on Marcelo see page 70 of the prayer guide.

Ukraine ST Trip

John and Marilyn Whittemore leave tomorrow for several weeks in Ukraine where they will work with orphans and follow up with trade school boys living in the dorm, as well as meet with Hope to People representatives. Dan Burns will join them to see firsthand this work as he visits missionaries and ministries Second supports.