David & Aliece

Balancing family and ministry needs can be a challenge when you are involved in so many ways. David teaches, preaches, and mentors young pastors, while Aliece oversees the counseling center and supervises and assists the newest team member. The children still struggle with developing friendships locally. Pray for David as he works toward bringing 500 house church leaders to the Westminster Theological Conference scheduled this fall.

For more info on David & Aliece see page 25 of the prayer guide.


In coaching missionaries new to the field in Germany, Leslie encounters situations that need her input, counsel and encouragement such as the young woman who couldn’t purchase food because she didn’t know the language. Another needed help in adjusting to a new environment and to develop healthy and holy work/life rhythms, while a family with children has different needs in order to call their place home. Pray for Leslie as she helps and cares for those new to the culture and language.

For more info on Leslie see page 62 of the prayer guide.

Kazakhstan ST team

A team of women led by Catherine Burns leaves today for ministry to special needs kids through Young Life Central Asia. They will have a conference in Kyrgystan for the moms of special needs kids with whom Tim B works, then in Kazakhstan helping Zhanna with a camp for special needs kids. Making up the team are Roberta Eason, Lindley Jackson, Margaret and Jack Ziegenhorn, Julia Anne Jorgensen, Jeanne Damoff, and Madison Thompson. Pray for the team and for the kids and moms. They return July 1.

Scott & Tina

One of Scott’s favorite things in his work in Ethiopia is interacting with children. The eye clinic for street children in Addis Ababa provides screening and eye care at the community level impacting those with the greatest need in the city and beyond. Praise they are getting one additional surgeon who can help lead training as well as provide care for retinal disease. Pray for wisdom for Scott as he devotes more time to mentoring residents and young surgeons at St. Paul’s Hospital.

For more info on Scott & Tina see page 42 of the prayer guide.

Norm & Ruth Ann

Having just returned from Slovenia where they participated in EuroConnect, Pioneers’ biennial conference for 300 workers in Europe, Norm and Ruth Ann are preparing for relocation back to overseas service. Pray for the multitude of logistics in their preparations, sale of their home, visas, preparing for son Nathan’s marriage in August, etc. Pray for freshness in their daily walk with Christ.

For more info on Norm & Ruth Ann see page 55 of the prayer guide.

Roger & Abi

“God is making everything new” is the theme of the International Arts Festival tomorrow in Tokyo. Pray for Roger and Abi Lowther as they join musicians, visual artists, dancers, drama students, photographers, film students and other artists on the mission field to communicate missions in a visual way. Pray the Arts Festival will impact many Japanese in a way that draws them to the church and makes them want to know more about God.

For more info on Roger & Abi see page 75 of the prayer guide.


Jackie is back in Jakarta for her second term. Pray for her as she begins to implement the vision and preparations she made while on home leave. Pray for reconnecting with the girls in Bible study, and getting an apartment more conducive to hospitality. Pray she can identify an Indonesian woman that she could mentor to eventually move into her responsibilities at the church, thus freeing her up to assist with planting another church.

For more info on Jackie see page 32 of the prayer guide.

Michael & Caroline

Pray for God’s grace for Michael and Caroline as they transition from the mission field in the Middle East to life here and Michael starts a teaching position in Memphis. Pray for Jude and Gloria as they adjust to life in the U.S., where they have never lived. Pray the friendships and work relationships back in the ME, especially with F and Blake, will lead to openness to the gospel.

For more info on Michael & Caroline see page 15 of the prayer guide.

David & Lisa

David is recovering well from the removal of a tumor on his adrenal gland. He is grateful for the good news that his eye is doing well. Pray for a speedy recovery back to daily activities. Lisa had the opportunity to spend time with a heart attack patient, pray his receptivity to hearing and growing in love for Christ continues. Bella’s growth hormones are working, they have seen physical growth and she has the ability to read and write. Pray that connections with the mountain people will be fruitful.

For more info on David & Lisa see page 27 of the prayer guide.


Theo Visser has handed over leadership of the church to focus on the development of the LEEF network of church planting in Rotterdam. At a recent baptism of 9 people, 8 of them had a non-Christian background with amazing testimonies. He sent out a couple of people and a church planter to start a new church in an unreached part of Rotterdam, the leader had come from Sri Lanka 9 years ago. Over the course of time they are seeing more and more disciples who make disciples, pray this continues.

For more info on Theo see page 7 of the prayer guide.