Randy & Martha

Randy and Martha ask prayer for more opportunities to mentor local believers through times in casting a vision for the Ms, prayer meetings, prayer walks, sharing testimonies of divine encounters as well as showing how to share their faith by example. Pray as they enter into new M Communities, that the Father will draw people to want to read the scriptures. The new IT outsourcing business is complete, pray for wisdom to recruit the right people who’ll work in a company with Kingdom values.


Herb requests prayer that he and the staff would show God’s love to those around them. With so many refugees in the area, they have gone past the limits of their own human compassion and concern, and need to be daily renewed in God’s amazing love. Pray for the entire Annoor staff as they carry on the tradition of ministering to the spiritual needs and treating the medical needs of those who come to their door from many countries and with many ills.

John & Dawn

John & Dawn are filled with praise this month. At his last appt., John was told there was no sign of cancer anywhere in his body; they heard from a colleague that many Sudanese M*slims are coming to Christ and that one particular church had to limit baptisms to 20 per week; and there is continued growth of Christianity in Brazil and Peru.

Joe & Austia

Joe and Austia have made great strides in language learning; pray they will be diligent in listening to tapes while in the US and find the right people to teach them upon their return to SE Asia. Wearing native clothing and being able to speak the language of the locals opens doors to sharing the good news of the Gospel.

Brian & Cary

Pray for Brian and Cary as they lead a seminar tomorrow on conflict resolution and oneness in marriage. Pray God will soften the hearts of those He brings to the seminar. Pray for this seminar to provide an opportunity to share the Gospel with couples who want to build stronger marriages.

George & Anne

George and Anne Harper are excited that her new book on Iglesia ni Cristo was featured at the Manila International Book Fair last month. They ask prayer for the book to be used to change evangelical attitudes toward the INC and to reach INC members with the gospel. Pray for Anne’s health as her radiation induced colitis continues to be a serious problem.George & Anne Harper

John M.

John M reports that the sea cucumber grow-out trials have gone well and they are negotiating with six farmers to be the pilot group for community based trials. The project will provide a vehicle for church planters to work with these communities. Pray for the team as they balance the needs in the field, in the US, and transition to business visas.

Jim & Sally

Jim and Sally Foote serve in Siberia where God brought Nadezhda, the daughter of a nomadic reindeer herder, into their ministry. She came to Christ and learned how to translate the Bible into Russian. With the help of Jim and others, she built a chum (similar to an Indian teepee) on the grounds of the Cultural Center and uses it to bring others from her nomadic culture to experience some of “home” and introduce them to Jesus. Pray Nadezhda will bring many to know the Lord.Jim & Sally Foote web size

Daryl & Marlene

Daryl and Marlene Bussert ask prayer for the upcoming Fall Aviation Orientation courses to be pertinent and relevant to those starting their mission assignments. Pray for Marlene’s broken leg to heal without complications. Pray for wisdom, discernment, and provision with department budget finalization, upcoming Aviation Technical Conference sessions and interviews, and for the major audit in Waxhaw and New Guinea in the coming year.Daryl & Marlene

Thomas & Jennifer

Pray for a Malaysian couple joining Thomas and Jennifer for 3 months to determine if they want to be long-term missionaries. Pray for good follow-up as Thomas and Jennifer implement some of the things discussed with Chiayi church leaders. Thomas’ Bible story at the nursing home was so well received he was invited to another nursing home. Pray for deeper relationships and Gospel opportunities.Thomas & Jennifer 3-2014-2